Find a Deth home.

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Find a Deth home.

Unread post by KutiePi » Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:02 pm

Well as I do my dailies every day, keeping an eye out for Skarr, got a crab instead but still hoping, I saw that Deth had spawned near the Shadow Warden's dailies. I announced that he had spawned and that he was looking for a good home and a nice little troll hunter came along and tried to tame him. But was only and very badly kiting him, and ended up dying because he thought he could deterrence the deth strike. I had to feign death as I was laying traps and sending my own lil deth to help out.

As I waited for him to res, this scrub human hunter came and just tried to tame him up front over and over again. She kept dying of course and after the troll resed he tried to tame again, and this time I gave him a few more pointers. And she kept coming back to steal the pet again and again and ended up dying every time. After a while I got fed up and just kept killing her while we slowly kited Deth, sending our pets in and just as Deth was tamable she popped and tried to kill us to steal him yet again. Of course she died and thankfully the tame went off and now there's a nice shiny little friend who has a good home. He even offered me gold but I told him to just keep an eye out for Skarr.

Things like this make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yes this does mean he'll be seen more out in the world but who cares? Its nice to see them with a new owner who loves them.

On a side note this shit DK keeps spaming trade selling the tears he gets from killing Molten Front rares -_- so glad a nice home was found.

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Re: Find a Deth home.

Unread post by Sarantha » Tue Jul 12, 2011 8:22 pm

I had a similar situation. Deth had spawned on top of me while I was afk (thankfully did not aggro) and I came back and was like "HOLY SHIZ! FOR REAL!?" so I started my kiting dance and a nice little undead warlock starts helping me dps after I told him what I had to do to tame it. He didn't have to help or anything, but he stayed for the entire thing until I had it tamed, he even managed to keep aggro on it and run around while I dps'd it and dropped traps. He let up near the end so I could aggro and tame it. A rogue came in to help a bit late, but I still appreciated the gesture. Nice people ARE out there...they're just hard to find.

The warlock helped so much that I paid him 2k. He declined three times until I told him if he didn't take I would just mail it to him. I offered the rogue a little gold too, since he had tried to help, but he politely declined, saying he had more than enough already.

Also, alliance dbags were trying to either kill Deth or gank the tame and failing horribly. I don't know if they just can't read Petopia/WoWhead or what...but seriously, it seems NO ONE on alliance on my server knows how to tame this guy. I have an alliance DK that was doing Firelands dailies when Deth popped and I alerted a hunter guildie. He had NO IDEA wtf to do. I had to hold his hand the entire tame. I just kept it rooted with chains of ice, knowing he'd never be able to kite it anyway, and he ended up with a happy little purple spider through no real effort of his own. At least he was a guildie. I'd do that for no one but a guildie.

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