Spirit Fox

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Spirit Fox

Unread post by Sei » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:16 pm

I'd been kinda disappointed at how many people were camping the Spirit Fox. Figured I'd have to wait forever to get it so I didn't even both going for it until today. I kid you not, in under 30mins of camping one bush, it spawned and I tamed it. Shocked to all hell. I let the other horde hunters in the zone know it had been tamed because I was reading some people were following the spawn timer of sorts. Random dude invites me to group, flies over to where I am and says "Son of a @#$%&" before leaving party.

Anyone trying to get it and using wowhead tomtom ways, there's one guy who posted on there with specific sighting locations (not just every bush with eyes) and that's what I was planning to go by if I wasn't lucky at the bush I was at.

My location was /way 30.23, 41.71
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