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No one told me!?
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Author:  Nessixo [ Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:08 pm ]
Post subject:  No one told me!?

This is my first time posting here, thought I'd start getting more involved in the pet forums seeing as thats the most favourite part of my hunter. As I was joining I actually had to look on Petopia to check all the pets by their untamed name I had so I could list them and just earlier today I was thinking how much I would really love a spirit beast fox and what do I find on the Petopia site?! Sure enough a spirit beast fox which has only just been out since January!

Now I'm convinced I'm getting sloppy, since I rushed to get Bulvinkel the minute Legion was realised I haven't really been looking at pets and in my laziness missed that there was a new spirit fox, I missed the puppies that got hotfixed (I know it's naughty and I'm sorry but, puppies), missed the spirit gryphon and raptor and I'm now finding out that Fenryr is tameable too.

Anyways, I rushed over to Duskwood at the time on my fathers computer who has no addons - couldn't see anything so I swapped to my own computer so I could put the co-ordinates in and what happens when I get to the most southern and last spot for me to check? Lightning Paw is there! At this point there seemed to be no one around waiting for him - coming back every hour now to check when he respawns again and if I see him I'll either call my boyfriend over or whoever is around to tame him :hug:

Quite happy with my little surprise today and while I already have a Floki (Karoma) I think I'm going to call this one Loki, simply because I think it would fit a mischievious fox :D

Also want to add that if anyone wants an extra pair of eyes looking out for the fox I'm more than happy to help on Stormrage EU - let me know and you can add me on battle tag :)

File comment: Myself with newly tamed surprise at the gryphon roost <3
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Author:  Rhyela [ Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: No one told me!?

Congrats! He definitely looks better up close in-game than I expected.

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