War of the Thorns Tames

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War of the Thorns Tames

Unread post by Slapperfish » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:06 pm

With the War of the Thorns finally starting this week, the first thing that came to my mind was obvious: Find any and all new tameable beasts!

I've scoured the entirety of Darkshore and Ashenvale during the first week of quests, and have only found three new tameable beasts, all of which can be found in the area just south of the Ruins of Auberdine. Surprisingly, the rest of Darkshore is completely devoid of wildlife, tameable or otherwise, barring the pccasional stubborn snail still occupying the coastline.

First off are the Displaced Chimaeras. Currently, they're the only other chimaera to use the beige skin, the other being the Mistwing Ravagers in Azshara (one could assume that these are meant to be the same chimaeras, but that's one hell of a displacement!) They fly above the battlefield and are otherwise your run-of-the-mill tameable.


Next are the Whitetail Stags, who are upscaled versions of the preexisting Whitetail Stags that inhabit Darkshore. The Whitetail Does that occasionally accompany them are sadly - and expectedly - not tameable.


Lastly, the Moonstalkers are a little more difficult to find. They're prowling around the area, stealthed, and I've only managed to stake out a couple of them so far. Again, they're merely max-level versions of their pre-war counterparts.


I'll be cataloguing these and any other tameables I find within the coming weeks.

Were there any beasts I missed? Did you happen to find anything special about the ones I've found so far? Share your screenshots and discoveries below!

So until then, see you next week, same tame, same place!

~Slapperfish >*)))>{
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