Need help to report a clothing related bug

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Need help to report a clothing related bug

Unread post by Shepard » Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:49 pm

Greetings fellow hunters!

2 Weeks ago i stumbled upon a rather large bug that ruins the Mail-Set of the Chosen Dead for me.

The "Chain Leggings of the Chosen Dead" cause a rather ugly bug in collision with the female Worgen model. The kneeplates on the leggings float in the air,not even close to the legs of the charakter model.

I have reported this 2 Weeks ago to the european coustomer service via ingame bug report but nothing happned at all, which is not suprising considering one female tauren in Mt. Hyjal still talks with a Nightelf voice even tho i reported it 3 years ago with precise discriptions.

Thats why i am writing here now.
I would kindly ask someone who has a american account to report this bug, maybe even in the bug section in the forum because we dont have this section in the official european forums, no matter the country. I would do it myself but you need an american account to write in said forums which i do not possess.

I would be forever greatfull to whichever kind soul would be willing to submit a quick bug report in my stead and want to thank you in advance.

Oh,and also...Merry Christmas

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