The Rarespawn Bar- 2

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The Rarespawn Bar- 2

Unread post by Fworbin » Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:13 am

The long awaited* sequal!
Using various meanings of 'long' and 'awaited'.

Edit: Occurs to me it's been some time, so here's the first. The Rarespawn Bar

[It is a quiet night in the bar, not many rares being off-spawn. The beast corner is notably sullen,
though only due to one member.

[Anthriss]..And BAM, down he goes, like a sack of rocks.

[Karkin] Oh man, classic. Right into the lava.

[Anthriss] Yeah, but then he shouted at me for a bit, and called his guildies.

[Karkin] Aw.

[Sewer Beast] Could be worshe, you could shpawn in a godshdamned SHITY.

[Karkin] Yes. We know. You tell us. Every night.

[Sewer Beast] CAUSHE IT'SH TRUE!
*Solix returns from speaking with the bartender*

[Solix] Oh give it a rest, you lush.

[Karkin] Could be worse, at least Loque's not here. That guy's gotten so obnoxious lately.
*Door slams open, and Loque strolls in. He's accompanied by several Zul'Drak snow leopards, all notably younger than him, and he's somehow gotten a pair of sunglasses to fit on his face.*

[Loque] HEY GUUUYYYSSSSS!! Didja miss me?
*Solix mutters "No" under his breath*

[Karkin] Uh, hey buddy. We, uh, we thought you were on duty tonight. Says so right here on the calendar..

[Loque] Oh ya, I was. SIX TIMES, SON. All tamed. Shit was so cash.
*SB is openly glaring at Loque by now, struggling to stand up. Anthriss is quietly trying to calm him down.*

[Solix] Yeah, that's great. Really great. Good for you.

[Loque] C'mon girls, let's go get some drinks. On me.
*Loque flashes stack of Titanium, girls giggle and gasp*

*Loque abrubtly stops, and wheels around.*

[Loque] ExCUSE me?! WHAT did you just say about my groupies?


[Loque] Come over here and say that to my face.

*SB leaps off the table, bowling into Loque. A brief but furious fight ensued, the sloshed SB being no match for Loque. Trigor the bouncer comes barreling in at the sound of a fight. He yanks Loque off the now cowering SB*

[Trigore the Lasher] I think time's past for you ta get goin', pal. Don't make me force ya.

[Loque] Psh, whateva guy. *Snaps his claws* Girls, we are leaving! This place is a total bust.
*Loque slowly walks out, glaring all the while. Trigore resumes his customary spot, just outside.*

[Karkin] Well, that was pretty much inevitable. He always did like bragging in front of SB.

[Solix] Poor bastard. How is he, Anth?

[Anthriss] Fine, just out cold. I'll drag him home, he's not going anywhere.
*Anthriss straps SB to his back and scuttles out, nearly tripping over Sambas and Karoma coming in.*

[Anthriss] Oh, sorry.

[S@K] Don't sweat it, man. Don' worry 'bout it.
*They take a seat, still holding hands*

[S@K] What the hell happened to him? He didn' look well at all..

[Solix] Loque. Was here a few minutes ago, made an ass of himself. SB never had a chance.

[S@K] That's awful. Poor guy. Anyway.. Oh, let's tell them! Do you think we should? Yes, do it! Alright, tell them. No, you! But you were so excited about it. Yes, but-

[Karkin] Guys, guys. Just tell us.
*Solix rolls his eyes, muttering 'Lovebirds.'*

[S@K] Okay, ready? Yes, let's. We're getting married!
*There is a brief silence in the bar, during which the bartender himself walks over*

[Captain Placeholder] That be wonderful news, mates. C'ngradjerlations, and good luck to ye. Now, listen..I want ye to have this brooch. Belong'd to me mother, it did, and I think she'd want ye to have it.

[S@K] Ohhh, thank you Captain! Thanks, mate.
*Karoma hugs him, and Sambas highfives him.*

[Karkin] That's great!

[Solix] 'Bout damn time. Congrats, hah. So when's the reception?

[S@K] Two weeks from wednesday. Everything has to be perfect! It will, honey. It will. Now we gotta go, just stopped by ta tell ya. Byyyye! See you there.
*They leave, Karoma giggling, Sambas just smiling warmly at her.*

[Karkin] Good for them. He'll do right by her.

[Solix] Crazy kids. Be one hell of a wedding, if she has her say.

[Karkin] That it will, hah, that it will.

[Solix] Gotta get going myself, things to do. Just came in for a quick drink. Later.
*Solix walks out, stopping to chat with Humar coming in with his son, Darmesh.*

[Humar] Now remember, take it easy.

[Darmesh] I know dad, geez.

[Karkin] Hey! Over here!

[Humar] Tell you what, son. Go talk to the bartender for a bit, I'll only be a minute.

[Darmesh] That's what you always say..
*Humar saunters over, shakes hands with Karkin.*

[Humar] Been a while, huh? How've you been?

[Karkin] Good, good, But nevermind that, you need to hear this! Sambas finally popped the question, they're getting married in a couple weeks!
*Humar's eyes widen, and he utters a quick laugh*

[Humar] Well, it's about time! He's perfect for her. I'll have to pretend not to know when she tells me..
*Karkin grins sheepishly*

[Karkin] Oh, uh, sorry about that, heh.

[Humar] Don't be, no need to keep good news to yourself.

[Darmesh] DaaaAAAAD!
*Humar sighs*

[Humar] Yes son, I'm coming. Patience. Listen, I'll talk to you later. Nice seeing you, though.
*Karkin grinned, this had been quite a night. It was time for his shift though, so he paid his tab and left, ruminating on what had happened.*

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Re: The Rarespawn Bar- 2

Unread post by starkittens » Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:17 pm

wow, ok, that gave me a funny kicker. You should do more.

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