Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

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Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by pengupuff » Tue Nov 16, 2010 5:06 pm

Just as the title says, I think it'd be neat if you all used your creative writing talents to describe your favorite/most exhilarating tame.


He had heard legends of the sly, wizened old carrion bird - of how it had been spotted tearing into sickly cattle and ravaging the prize pumpkin gardens of Westfall, and Linesk was prepared to put an end to the old vulture's treachery. Ignoring the glares of human farmers as he crept gingerly across the quiet fields, the Blood Elf hunter scanned the horizon with a carefully trained eye. There were many disappointments, many smaller, more common condors flapping about obnoxiously in the gardens. They all lacked the grace and cunning of the fabled Vultros, Linesk's current target. The hunter grinned viciously as he imagined the stories he could tell with a tailfeather plucked from Vultros' corpse, tucked fashionably into his hair.

It was well into the night when the vulture chose to show himself. Linesk, sensing movement, crouched low into the surrounding crops and focused, searching the darkness. He was about to dismiss the noise and shift into a more comfortable position when a shadow dropped from the sky and sunk its talons into a grazing calf nearby. The helpless calf groaned in horror as its flesh was rend, until it finally sputtered a final cry and toppled over. Vultros quickly began devouring its prize, and was so enveloped in the hardy meal that he didn't notice the net being cast over him.

His prey successfully withheld, Linesk lifted his victim into the moonlight and drew a dagger from his belt. He was surprised when the condor didn't squeal in shock, but rather just regarded the hunter with curiosity. Vultros, despite his compromising position, didn't seem scared at all.

"You kept me waiting for quite a while. Your tailfeather will be an excellent conversation-starter."

Vultros cocked his bald head to one side, his silver feathers shimmering in the dim evening light. Linesk levelled the dagger against the bird's neck, his forearm tensed before the inevitably slice... but then he paused. He recalled Vultros' stealthy attack and marveled at the complete lack of fear in the condor's bulging eyes. Defeated, Linesk gently tied a leather strip to the bird's leg and attached the other end to his own wrist before disentangling Vultros from the net. Unphased by his new bindings, the vulture fluffed his feathers and briefly spread his wings to stretch before returning to his meal. Linesk grinned down at his newest companion, knowing that together they would be unstoppable.

TL;DR - Bruce Willis was dead at the end of Sixth Sense


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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Raydex-of-the-dawn » Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:29 pm


"Why are we even here?" The wind serpent was coiled around a tree, hissing. "A few yards from Amberpine...why?"

"Shush, Deadlock. They say a legendary beast comes here, a star-bear, who appears quite rarely to heal his earthly kin." She gestured to the grizzly bears with one hand while keeping the other on her fishing-pole. She blinked and returned to Silent Speech. Now honestly, you'll scare him away.

Sorry. The wind serpent opened her mouth to yawn, simotaniously showing off an impressive row of sharp teeth. Mind if I take a nap?

Not at all. I'll wake you later, when - my lord, you're already asleep. She smiled softly, and was about to pull her fishing-pole out of the water when a sort, glowing mist blew past her shoulder. She wheeled her head around. Standing there, right behind her, was the legendary ghost-bear, Arcturis.

"You come here why?" His voice was soft, kind. "You've been here for many days."

"To meet you." Raydex was calm and collected. "I've heard you're ancient, wise, powerful. I wished to take one of your kin here as companion, and I did not wish to incur your wrath."

He smiled softly. "That is kind of you. However, you will not take one of these as your companion; I ask that you instead allow me to accompany you. With Ursoc cleansed, my prescence here is redundant."

She blinked, then nodded. "Then...Your name?"



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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Wark » Mon Nov 22, 2010 5:41 pm

It had taken years to hear the first rumors: a den of evil, populated by horrors straight out of nightmare.
It had taken months to pin down the rumors: a breed of worg more savage and vicious than found anywhere else, with a ferocious bite unparalleled among beasts.
It had taken weeks to prepare: plans to make, supplies to procure, kin to placate.
It had taken days to get inside: the guards were fierce, and guides functioned more on half-formed rumors and superstition than anything real.
It had taken hours to make it the last stretch, and she was still nursing an embarrassing number of burns, spider bites, and bruises.
It had taken minutes to find a suitable opening, wriggle her way into position, and finally, FINALLY begin.
It had taken seconds to tame the worg.
It had taken nanoseconds to start regretting it all.

"I said stop chewing on me!" She punched the worg's snout as hard as she could. Another beast would probably have fled from such a mean keeper; this one just gave her a hurt look, wondering why she wasn't letting it have any fun, and reluctantly let go of her bracer. The hunter rubbed her abused wrist, told herself for the nth time that this would be worth it and gee wasn't she going to be a MASTER of biting, and also for the nth time wondered if anyone would be suspicious if this worg "mysteriously" vanished once she was done with it.

Approximately fifteen seconds later, the worg grabbed her wrist and started chewing again.

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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Cozzene » Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:33 am

He new he was special, that he was different. His plumage stood out. He was a rock star. He stepped out onto the hillside, pink feathers now a lavender in the blue-tinted moonlight. His duller coloured cousins milled around, most slightly dismayed that they were, against their will, now forced to compare to his glamour.

Mazzranache raised his head, listening. A larger family member was nearby, a hawkstrider. His footfalls indicated e had a passenger. All he heard was a chance to show off. he strutted in front of the blood elf. He was practically smiling.

"Cozzene, hurry! He's here!" Mazzranache patrolled across the hill a bit, looking for his second audience member. She ran up, on foot, out of breath. The hunter looked at him admiringly, then... began to.. try to tame him? What was this?? Who was this silly orc, thinking she could command the flashiest champion of Mulgore?? He struck her, attempted to scare her off with a poisonous bite. She was, after all, only a level above him. Cozzene persisted; her hand and her words expressing little more than a desire for friendship. He allowed this. He'd stay with her, see where this bond took them.

"Well, since you helped me find him, I'll name him after you," the orc smiled to the blood elf. Gustiver. He thought the name had a nice ring to it. She hugged the bird, and fed him. Gustiver the rock star was now in love.

EPILOGUE; Though the rogue had left the orc, breaking her heart, the tallstrider had stayed. Sometimes she still looks at him sadly, then embrace him. He rests his head on her shoulder to assure her he won't be going anywhere.

(Ugh. Started crying writing this =( My then-bf/now-ex still stings 18 months later, and I still love Gus so much I made a little toy version of him.)

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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Sei » Fri Nov 26, 2010 7:57 pm

Loved everyone's stories. I'm a big fan of writing, and love reading fanfiction. So I guess I'll try my hand at this.

What the day will hold.

Waking up early, Sei the ever persistent hunter takes flight leaving the safety of her warm bed in Dalaran. The city is still in darkness as the sun has yet to rise. Sailing smoothly away from Krasus’ landing, she shivers against the cold winds of Northrend.

“Today is the day I will finally tame that lightning wolf.” She whispers in the wind, flying swiftly over to Brunnhildar Village. Descending slightly the red haired hunter spots someone near the wolfs favorite hunting grounds north of the village. Descending to the snowy plains, she notices the hunter waiting patently.

“Has there been any sightings today?” she ask pleasantly.

The seasoned hunter sighs “Not today. I heard talk of sightings yesterday, but sadly a lightning wolf was slain by a rogue herbing in the area. There den is close by though, for they have been seen roaming around Storm Peaks from time to time.” Sei nods, and bids the hunter farewell -- for she already knows of other places the wolves like to explore.

Mounting her Netherwing drake, she heads to a cave near the Snowdrift Plains. Flying low, in hopes of spotting a lightning wolf, she find nothing. Sighing to herself, as her stomach rumbles loudly -- she decides to head back to Dalaran. On the way she remembers a spot near the Temple of Storms. Other hunters who had seen the beast reported sightings of one there, and deciding it’s worth a look she heads that way. Disappointed from her view from a distance, she spots an herb she needs for her Alchemy profession. While landing to gather it, blue electric fur catches her eye. There by the herb she meant to gather is a young lightning wolf.

Sei cannot believe here eyes. Quickly she leaps off her mount, and slowly approaches the young wolf. As she nears him, he slowly shy’s away. Being the bright hunter that she is, she slowly reaches into her frostweave bag and pulls out fish snacks she had prepared for this very trip. Kneeling, treats in hand, she offers a few to the young wolf. Curiously he moves closer, and sniffs at the air. As she inches closer, and he moves to her she slowly puts her hand out, gliding it through his blue fur. Ruffling it a bit, he begins eating the treats from her hand.

Smiling at her accomplishment, she realizes she hasn’t thought of a name for her new young friend.

“Raiden will be your name” She tells the young wolf, who reminds her of the lightning God of ancient times. And as she loads him onto the back of her drake, he howls in approval.


Sighing, Sei scrubs her living quarters restroom clean -- she didn’t take into account what a pain it would be to bath her newly found pet.

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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Makoes » Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:04 pm

"Whatcha wanta do taday young lass?" The gruff older dwarf inquired from his seat near the fire of the inn. The young night elf looked up from where she sat on the floor, a drooling craze-eyes barrens hyena was chewing up the floor beside her. "I was in Scarlet Monestary last week, I saw the most beautiful and sad creature there. He was half starved, and beaten, but I saw defience in his eyes." She looked over at the hyena and sighed.
The dwarf gave a toothy grin. "whel Whatcha waiting for then lass, lets go liberate the beastie!" The Drawf gave a Hearty laugh before he let loose an earsplitting whistle. Several bar patrons glared over at the two. The innkeeper was glaring at the young elfs hyena, but with the Dwarf there, he dare not say anything. The last incident had cost him more then the initial damage.
A huge rangy wolf came running into the inn to stand loyaly beside his master.
Makoes used it to help pull herself up, Nukitz was use to Elf and licked her hand affectionitly. Taking a piece of jerky from her bag she used it to persuade her hyena t ofollow her out of the inn. She left him with the stablemaster.
Catching a gryffin taxis to Southshore the two rode up through silverpine before leaving the road to enter Trisfal glades, hoping to avoid running into any horde. The dwarf wasn't afraid, but he didn't want to see any harm come to his young companion.
They finally reached the great scarlet monestary and Nukinfuts and Nukitz happily cleared the way for the elf.
Upon reaching the courtyard where most of the hyena's and thier keepers resided, Nukinfutz came to stand by Makoes.

"So lass, which one of these beasties is the one that caught your eye?"
She peaked around the corner, glancing from one hound to the other, before she finally spotted him near the back. While most of the other hound lay at thier master's feet, head in paws and blank eyes, this one lay staring up at the stars.
"There in the back, you see him? The one looking up at Elune"
The dwarf looked around the corner. "Well, can't be any worse then that mutt you've been dragging around since we hit the barrens! Ready?"
At the night elfs nod the Dwarf spun around the corner and opened fire. "Good morning Scarlet Monestary!" Bang Bang!! In the confusion, no-one noticed the elf moving stealthly along the wall. She got herself positioned near the Hyena's handler and opened fire, her arrows flying straight and true into the distracted human. The Hyena that ws by his side felt his handlers control slip and he was torn between joining the fight with his brothern and making a bolt for freedom. A whisper in his mind caused him to falter again, ad he glanced around. There, the elf, she was whispering in his mind, he lunged at her. No one would control him again, not when freedom was so close!

'Freedom?' The question said lightly in his mind. Visions of great stretching plains, and deep forests filled his vision. 'This I offer you. This, to see, to travel...I seek no pet. I seek a partner' Their eyes locked in silent converse. 'Partner?' 'Oh yes, and a promise, if we dont connect, f it doesnt work out. you may leave if you so wish. Partner?'
The sound of the gun was but a distant thing, something far from where they where.
'Partner' The Scarlet hyena said after what seemed like eturnity to the young elf. 'Nanaki, you may call me Nanaki'
'Nanaki...You may call me Makoes'

Three years passed since that day. Makoes stood upon the snow-swept tundra's of the storm peaks, Clad in raiders gear, a deadly crossbow held familiarly in her hands. she eyed the great blue dragon flying over head, aimed an fired. The great Blue beast cam rushing down with a mighty roar, charging the Mature elf, but was intercepted by a streak of Scarlet savagry.

It felt good to hunt!


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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Pokerfase » Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:26 pm

Uh... Can I turn a not epic story into an epic story?


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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Sei » Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:38 pm

Pokerfase wrote:Uh... Can I turn a not epic story into an epic story?
I think any story can be epic. It's all how you look at it. The only real epic thing about mine was that while people were camping spots for Skoll, I found him at a spot no one was at.

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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Azunara » Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:49 pm

Firewing tames the Prince of Sholazar

The huntress stood in the stirrups of her saber’s saddle, the cat growling quietly. “Shh,” She informed it and it whuffled in reply. The leaves of the jungle whispered a warning, something out there. Firewing prepared her bow, familiar arrow in its familiar place.

She had heard talk of an enormous green dinosaur that prowled the jungle. It would take mammoth packs whole, devour the corpses and leave only bones and bodies in its wake. It had teeth as long as her arm, they said. Its scales were as green as the jungle, and you never knew it was there until it was too late.

Her saber tensed, a strange scent on the wind. Firewing knew the beast would appear soon, and the gorlocs had requested she put the noble beast’s spirit down. After all, it threatened their way of life and destroyed the sparklies. The huntress had tracked the beast all the way to the shadow of the one of the great pillars. She had been here before, and had chased away the Cultists. Now, the pillar was silent.

There was a whisper of sound, and Firewing had just enough time to spur her cat before a set of jaws snapped where she was. There was a roar of frustration, and the huntress wheeled around. There, a green devilsaur stood staring her down, screeching. Still…something was off with it. This was the legendary King Krush?

A large gash ran along the beast’s flank, and it reeked of fel. Firewing blinked, using the bit of druidic magic her cousin taught her to heal it. The beast roared, charging, and fear grasped at Firewing. But a rage settled in, the primal rage she felt when she thought of Midnight leaving her, of Azunara’s careless and near death, of her discovery at her dead parents.

Giving a roar to match the dinosaur’s, Firewing aimed her bow, when there was a pleading look in the dinosaur’s eyes. He was a hatchling, a young one. This wasn’t a king. He had been driven mad by his pain, and now, he looked scared to die. Firewing understood his feeling, and steeling herself, made the mental connection.

‘My name is Firewing. What is yours?’ The night elf asked the devilsaur, and the soft, scared reply was: ‘Prince Bayne. My father is the king of this jungle. I’ll be king one day.’ The night elf nodded, edging closer to the beast. ‘Why are you here? You’ve caused chaos.’ The dinosaur whimpered, placing his nose into the hunter’s palm. ‘I went exploring, and I got scared. Then these scary people attacked me, and I was really angry. So I decided to fight back and hurt them. I think I hurt the frog-lizards instead though…’

The huntress nodded, head tilted. ‘Bayne…Would you like to stay with me? As a partner? I will keep you safe from the bad humans,’ She said, and the prince of Sholazar paused. ‘Why?’ He asked, and Firewing gave him a grin, ‘Well, do you really think your dad will be happy to know you hurt the frog-lizards? He’s like a protector to them.’ Bayne gave her a toothy grin, ‘I suppose. I’ll come with you, I guess.’

Firewing smiled, placing a hand on the large dinosaur’s shoulder. “Bayne, I swear to protect you from whatever may come, and I only ask your aid in fighting those who dare hurt us.” The dinosaur grinned, wagging his tail. ‘Okay!’ With that, Firewing mounted her saber. “Come on, let’s go back to camp. I have a few friends you should meet…”

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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by TygerDarkstorm » Fri Nov 26, 2010 10:51 pm

Venjin was a fairly experienced troll huntress. She had traveled much of the world and seen a great many beasts, but none had struck her so much as the befriending of her beloved Rotface.


On one of her many travels, Venjin traveled through Western Plaguelands. Normally, she hated the place; everything dead or dying, the Scarlet Crusade and Scourge overrunning it...but this time felt different. She felt as if she had been called here for some reason. Curious as to what anyone or anything would need from her in this loa accursed place, she had her raptor mount travel slowly so she could think.

Absent minded, she didn't notice as she began veering her mount off the road and into the hills and trees. As she started to realize what she was doing, she heard a tiny howl of pain echo through the woods. Curious, she clucked her raptor to follow the sound, pushing the mount to go faster. As she came upon a small opening, she saw what looked to be a young, disease ridden wolf caught in a trap with a human standing over its head with a dagger in his hand. Venjin snagged her bow off its spot on her saddle and jumped down from her raptor, firing an explosive arrow in the man's face. "I tink not," she growled, landing on her feet, pleased to see her aim was true.

She slung the bow over her shoulder and approached the puppy slowly, not wanting to scare it. "'Ey der lil fella," she whispered soothingly to the wolf, "ah not gon' to hurt ya." The young wolf whimpered a bit, but let the troll approach it, fear and pain in its eyes. Venjin's heart went out to the little guy, not only had he been infected by the plague, but he had been caught by a hunter in a cruel trap. She set to work breaking the trap and getting the little guy's leg out as gently as possible. As she worked to free him, the little wolf licked her arm in thanks.

Once she got him free, Venjin pulled her bandages out of her saddlebag and began wrapping them around the wolf's bad leg. "Der be not'in ah can do fer de plague, mate, but ah kin bandage ya up 'n' take ya wid me if ya be wantin."

The puppy barked and licked Venjin's face. To her surprise, he made mental contact with her. Me want...go wif you, he said with another bark. Venjin chuckled.

The happy moment was short lived as an angry bear came charging at the pair. The little wolf leapt out of Venjin's arms and rushed the bear, barking, growling and biting at it. Venjin laughed. "You be as fierce as Shirvalla himself," she said proudly, unslinging her bow and firing a shot into the bear's head. Still chuckling, she went over and skinned the bear, cutting up some of the carcass to use as meat for her new wolf friend. The young wolf wagged his tail and brushed against Venjin, woofing happily. "Ah be callin you Rotface 'n' ah be takin good care o' ya."


Venjin looked over to where the now grown Rotface lay by her side; her loyal companion to the end. She lay a gentle blue hand on his head, smiling at the memory.

((Sorry bout the bad Trollish, this is the first time I've given life, so to speak, to my troll huntress.))

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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Pokerfase » Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:54 am

Taming Shadowclaw (VERY loosely based on a true story)

So there's this one huntress called Casandrau who wears much too much wood for her own good (Seriously, a Fireball should be giving her a debuff that slowly destroys her armor.)

One day, the wooden lady was traveling through China...Greco...Glowyland. She sought a new Nightsaber to assist her in her battles. Only the best Nightsaber would do, so the one she was tracking down was a breed of saber cat that she had heard was stronger than all the other Nightsabers in Chinagrecoglowyland: a Shadowclaw. She had seen a few cats similar to the Shadowclaw that were being ridden by Night Elves, and she had noticed how fast and powerful those Nightsabers were. Thus, she figured that perhaps she could take her distant cousins' own weapon and use it as her own.

As she stormed through the forest on her trusty Worg steed, she cut through the territory of some nearby Boomkins. Next thing she knew, Moonfires were raining down from the sky like rain! She attempted to evade the storm, but her wolf was worn down by the storm.

Once dismounted, Casandrau found herself surrounded by those owlbeasts. They were just about ready to blast her to oblivion. They fired endlessly at her until the ground was pummeled by arcane beams, but it was no use; the huntress just wouldn't die. She let out an arcane torrent that interrupted their onslaught and then leaped backwards out of the circle. Once she landed, she fired a barrage of arrows from her bow that made quick work of the owlbeasts. Wasting no time, Casandrau summoned a raptor mount and continued through the bleak forest.

Meanwhile, in Auberdine, a bunch of Chinagrecoglowylandishanese elfypeople noticed a Blood Elf in their territory. "That brash interloper is invading our forest!" one of the elfypeople said, his mouth flaps not matching his dialogue. "Send out our sexiest Sentinels to deal with her" another responded. "Why the sexiest Sentinels?" "One word: catfight." "Brilliant!"

So then, Casandrau was on the run from a bunch of Sentinels that want to kill her. They ran for her... and then turned back after hundreds of yards of running. Whben the Sentinels returned, the elfyman from before berated them. "Why did you stop chasing them?" "She ran too far away from us, so we had to reset aggro" one of them replied. The elfyman paused and then stated, "You're fired."

Casandrau arrived at a beach north of Auberdine and found herself within a habitat full of saber cats. She prowled through the forest, searching for a Shadowclaw among the Moonstalker population. Around the corner of a tree, she noticed an invisible figure leaving behind paw prints.

Casandrau began to use a common Hunter technique that allowed her to sway beasts to cooperate with her.

A voice echoed within the thoughts of the shrouded beast. "I have chosen you to battle alongside me. Come, and together we will make history!" The beast sensed a hint of Fel energy from nearby and turned around, noticing a Blood Elf behind it. Unconvinced, it leaped out of the shadows at the Huntress. Casandrau countered by blocking the Shadowclaw with her harpoon. "You will never go hungry again" Casandrau's disembodied voice said in the Shadowclaw's mind. The Shadowclaw jumped again and tore apart Casandrau's harpoon. Casandrau barely evaded the attack and fired an icy trap at the Shadowclaw. The beast avoided the trap and returned to the shadows.

Casandrau watched her surroundings to figure out where her opponent could ambush her from. She heard a disembodied roar from the shadows which alerted all of the nearby Moonstalkers. As the Moonstalkers surrounded the Blood Elf, she revealed her bow and called upon a ghostly Jormungar to assist her. As the Moonstalkers charged, Casandrau's pet retreated underground as its master fired another barrage of arrows at the oncoming Moonstalkers. Her Jormungar then caused the ground beneath her to rumble. As the Moonstalkers neared Casandrau, they were struck by the flying debris thrown by the tremor. The Jormungar emerged from below to finish off the survivors.

Once the worm's work was done, Casandrau dismissed him and revealed a pair of bladed knuckles. Suddenly, she was slashed from behind, creating a tear in her armor. She countered with a sweeping blow to the Shadowclaw's legs, reducing its mobility. She then slashed at the beast's face, causing it to roar in pain. The Shadowclaw lunged at her once more, but its energy began to falter. The stumbled to keep its balance after missing its target. Casandrau fired one more trap at the beast, causing the Shadowclaw to become encased in ice. Casandrau set up a campfire before the beast and began to cook a chunk of meat over the fire. Once the ice block melted, the saber cat bowed its head, admitting defeat. Casandrau knelt down beside it and used another magic technique to heal its damaged body. She then offered the Shadowclaw half of the meat that she had prepared and the two had a meal together. "Together, we will overcome any obstacle that stands in our way" Casandrau asserted.


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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Daranara » Sun Nov 28, 2010 7:04 pm

Roughly based on true events!

It was cool beneath the trees in the weak morning light of Terokkar Forest. The tall night elf pulled out the scrap of parchment with the hastily scrawled map on it, peering at it with a frown. Surely the mage she had gotten it from had not been wrong in his directions? Of course, she mused to herself quietly, they -were- only mages. They had been complaining about the strange reptiles, these "warp stalkers", and how their ability to shift their location was interfering with their own magical attunements, but seemed worthless at giving her anything more than a vague handwave as far as directions went.

The sound of a twig snapping and a low hiss caused the hunter to whirl, drawing her bow in case of an attack. She found herself face to face with what appeared to be a large lizard, the spines on its back erect in a threat display, and its fangs bared as it hissed.

Twisting around, the night elf leaped backward, throwing a trap at her feet as she did so. It had been magically designed to hold whatever stepped over it in place without harming it, an ideal way to allow her to capture some of the more dangerous beasts she came across. She smiled grimly when the creature advanced, still hissing, and stepped squarely on the trap. The device responded instantly, magical ice forming around the enraged reptile and stopping it's advance. It thrashed violently, snapping at the air and thrashing its tail, enraged that its midsection was held fast. Settling into a crouch, the hunter reached out to the beast with her heart and mind, calling out to it in an attempt to soothe the wildness, the rage. She touched its mind with her own, trying to calm it and coax it into joining her, to become her partner in this wild and shattered world.

Quieting, the reptile seemed to be responding. It stopped it's thrashing and stared at her, it's middle still encased in ice. The night elf smiled, certain that as soon as the trap dissipated she would have a new companion at her side. It was a shock to her to see the beast seem to grin toothily and vanish completely, leaving behind an empty trap.

Startled, the hunter stared for a moment at the air where there had once been a beast. The trap remained a few moments more, then vanished as well, it's stored magic depleted. Shaking her head, the hunter sighed. They had warned her about this strange ability, and she assumed the creature was now surely far away, pleased that it had outsmarted her.

Without warning, the beast was suddenly behind her, once more on the attack. So sudden was its reappearance that the elf had not time to turn before it had leaped onto her back and knocked her to the ground, it's teeth sinking into her shoulder. It bit down, grinding its way through the leather straps that kept her shoulder guards on and kept biting. She thrashed beneath the weight of the beast, trying in vain to get it to release her shoulder and get out from under it. When it gnawed through the armor and broke skin, she cried out and scrabbled for the dagger she always had on her belt with her free arm.

Finding it, she ripped it from its scabbard and stabbed up and back behind her blindly, hoping that she did not harm the creature too badly, but needing to distract it enough to release her before it chewed off her arm. She must have connected with something, for it suddenly made a sound of pain and it rolled off of her.

Scrambling to her feet, she faced the creature again, her right shoulder bleeding profusely from her injury and her dagger gripped tightly in her other hand. The beast stared back at her, once more in a defensive stance, the side of its snout marred by a gash that had torn open it's lip and across. It hissed at her, but with no real threat. It eyed her suspiciously, but did not advance again. Quietly, the hunter reached out again, once more calling to the beast to join her. This time, she felt the beast respond, it's fierce nature somewhat mollified by their brief combat. Slowly, inch by inch, she reached out her right hand to the creature, though her shoulder screamed at the effort. The creature stretched out its neck, eventually touching her hand with its nose.

She smiled as it ambled up to her side peaceably, as though it was the most natural thing in the world. Reaching to pet between it's eyes, her smile turned to a yelp of pain as it instead bit her hand, thumping it's tail happily. It released her hand when she recoiled, then headbutted her leg gently, as though that had been meant as an endearment. She thumped its nose soundly. "The hell you doing, ya jerk?" she growled at it, then sighed and ran her fingers across the wound she had given him, mouthing the words that would speed up the healing there. It would still scar him, but at least it would heal better and faster now.

Stooping to pick up her fallen shoulder guard, the elf whistled for the creature to come to her before turning towards Shattrath, swigging a potion as she did. "C'mon, Jerk," she muttered at her new companion, "let's see if we can't get someone to undo -your- handiwork."

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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Layiaissa » Mon Nov 29, 2010 1:49 am

Based on true events. I hope it isn't too long, but it was a long tame. Much respect to Griff, who corrupted me as much as I corrupted him.

"You can't be serious," the handsome night elf said to the tauren, breathing heavily, his hands on his knees. "Frostsabers?"

Layiaissa smiled and looked down at the ground, trying not to laugh. Griffon had just decided to take the tauren's challenge two hours ago, and had already hunted down the strongest bear and chimera in the area. She had taken it a little slower, doing it over a couple of days. She still marvelled at how quickly the beasts in the area re-established a heirarchy in the frozen hills of Winterspring.

The two night elves had been introduced a couple of weeks before, by a draenei mage both had become aquainted with. The shared a love of the hunt, and when she had run across this challenge, she sent a messaged to him, knowing he'd appreciate it. It had taken him a couple of days to get up here, and he wasn't wasting time trying to impress her with his skill.

"Not just any Frostsaber. The queen. Shy-Rotam. She hides in the shadow of Frostsaber Rock with her cubs, secure in her strength. You must kill her." The cow-man looked at Layiaissa. "Your woman wasn't able to."

Lay choked, and Grif jerked upright, holding out his hands. "We are not mates," he protested, stepping away from the other hunter. Lay was shaking her head violently, her normally purple complexion turning red. Between them, her ghostly companion radiated feline amusement. "Oh, shut up," Lay said, and strode out to the stable to pick up her mount. "Just for that, you're staying here."

We weren't going anyway, Remy, her black lion said from the back of the stable, where he was cuddling with the nightsaber Lita. Grif's companions were also in the stable. He hadn't been able to convince any of them to come, either. Apparently, they all wilted in the cold.

"Fine, you pussies," Layiaissa said. Getting three feline 'duh' feelings, she got on her cat as Griffon came out. "He tell you about the hearts?"

"Yeah. Let's do this," Griffon grinned, getting on a white hawkstrider. Layiaissa smiled back, and the two took off cross country. By the time they had collected enough of the sacred meat, they were cold, bloody, and on a complete adrenaline high. Lay went to place her bait, when she caught movement in the cave. A flash of blue and green caught her eye, and stopped her in her tracks.

"What's wrong- whoa," Grif said, coming up beside her. Four green eyes glowed from in the cave. "Wow." Lay met his eyes, and smiled. Knowing he was thinking the same thing. The kill was the last thing on thier minds. One game of rock, parchment, blade later, and Griff was laying down an ice trap, smirking at the disappointed woman. "Hey, we may get lucky, and they'll both come out."

"Right," Lay said under her breath, and placed the bait. A couple of seconds later, the blue tiger emerged, jumped the trap, and made a bee-line for the other hunter. "Want help?" she called as he went from a meditative communication to running across the frozen lake they were on. Suddenly, Shy roared in pain, and another roar answered. She turned to see a magnificent white lion step right on the ice trap.

"Kill her!" he yelled, and that quick, she had her bow in her hand, an arrow hitting the blue tiger in the side. Those green eyes looked at her, then her mate, then turned and ran back into the cave. Lay turned to see Griffon throwing bear meat at the white lion, who kept glancing back at the cave. "Well?" he asked her.

She nodded, and dropped her own ice trap. It didn't sit well with either of them that Shy-Rotam had got away with crippling wounds. A real hunter either killed thier prey, or made it a companion. She dropped her own pile of hearts, and stepped back.

Once again, a blue tiger came charging out. This time, she hit the trap squarely, and froze in a block of ice. The night elf settled into a meditative stance, reaching out with her heart. A whirl of emotions engulfed them both. Rage, concern, pride, admiration. She heard the ice shatter, the the other was closer. A bow string pulled taunt, and then they were two again, and they were face to face. "Hello, Bobbie," Lay said softly, petting the blue frostsaber, reaching into her sack and bringing out some fresh meat. "This isn't Shy-Rotam," she said to the other hunter.

"I know. There's no wounds on her," he said gravely. He looked at the growing light on the horizon. "There's a village on the road south," he said.

"I know," she replied. They retreived thier mounts and made it to Starfall just as the sun crested the mountains.

The next evening, the four took a quick breakfast, and parted ways at Everlook. Two night elves took the same path they had to the night before to Frostsaber Rock, and made quick work of getting the sacred meat. There was no discussion about who went first, as Griffon put down his trap, and Lay her offering. Once again, Shy-Rotam came charging out of the cave, this time with the arrow hanging out her side. She jumped the trap, and once again sent Griffon running across the lake. When Lay lifter her bow, she suddenly felt terror like nothing she had ever felt. She released the bow string to turn and run, and heard Griffon say some very fowl things. As her mind cleared, she saw another white lion running toward Griff, who was trying to communicate with the wounded matriarch. She dropped a ice trap and began reaching for the lion. He roared and charged her, defiant, landing right on the trap. Determination, protective resolve, fierce joy in reaching a goal. When Lay separated herself from him, she hugged him. "Micha," she whispered.

You will help her?, Micha asked, far too clearly for the new bond. Lay's eyes widened, and she nodded. I will help.

Lay turned to Griffon, who looked beat up, scratched, and like he was about to throw something. "Oh, no," she whispered, and Griff nodded, clenching his jaw.

"She's so strong, it's amazing," he said. He went to the rock again, and put down another trap. Lay and Micha went to stand behind him in case either Griff or Shy needed help. The man put the offering down, and Shy stumbled out again, and pratically fell on the trap. Micha lunged forward, but stopped at the restraining hand from his new partner. The trap shattered, and Griffon ran forward, chanting the healing spell all hunters knew. Lay handed him some bandages, and Micha tore a hole in Griff's pack to get to the meat to feed her. Finally, the great frostsaber pulled herself to her feet, and Griffon laughed. "She wants to see Siam, her mate, now," he explained, and Layiaissa joined in on the chuckle.

"Well, lets not keep her waiting," the female night elf said. They mounted, Micha running beside, Shy across the hawkstrider's back. Together, they made thier way to the goblin city. They hadn't finished the challenge, but they had one something far greater.


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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Kurasu » Mon Nov 29, 2010 3:54 am

It was cold, in Dun Modir. Then again, it was always cold in Dun Modir. The dwarves were used to it, though. Kurasu Ironbinder was no different than any of these dwarves. He had been training for many years to become the hunter he was today, and only this day had he finally first learned the ability to be able to tame the creatures of the wood.

"Remember," the man had said as he sent the dwarf off to bond with his life's mate, "a hunter may take many allies, but they take very few true friends."

This was echoing in Kurasu's head as he walked with the bear by his side to the lake, rod in hand to catch it some fish. The creature was simply a follower; there was no bond with the creature, but yet it followed him. Such was the way of the hunter: some creatures would come and go. They were allies. They were acquaintences. They would leave when the need came to them. The bear had simply not seen a need yet.

As the dwarf fished, he caught sight of a small pack of wolves. Two of the creatures were lean, starving, and looked to be coming down with a disease that had plagued the other wolves. Deep within, Kurasu knew that to save the rest of the wolves, he would need to destroy them. But then his eyes laid upon the pack's leader, and his heart leapt into his chest. The white worg was like nothing he had ever seen before, aside from the specially bred creatures of the orcs. it looked strong and healthy, and yet Kurasu knew that it would soon need to die if the sickness took it. There could only be one thing to do.

With the black bear at his heels, Kurasu fired his gun, attracting the attention of the maddened pack. The bear's strength was great, helping to tear into the two great creatures, even as it ignored the rips that the muscular creature put in its hide. Perhaps it understood Kurasu's need. But whatever the answer, the bear's strength helped to keep the ill wolves distracted as Kurasu mercifully shot them down, consigning their bodies to the snows. Then his attention turned to the greatest of tem.

Whispering apologies, Kurasu lifted his gun, firing past the creature's ear to distract it from the thick hide of the black bear. Angered and terrified, the worg turned to face him, charging the dwarf with murder in his eyes. But Kurasu braced. He stood his ground, even as the wolf tumbled him over. ~One must never harm the one that will become their companion, Kurasu. You must prove to them you will bring them no harm, and meet their mind with your own.~ So even as he felt the fangs savaging his arm, the dwarf stood firm, keeping its teeth from his vulnerable jugular as the terrified wolf fought.

Soon, the hunter's charm had its effect. The gnawing slowed. The great creature relaxed. It stepped off the tiny dwarf, allowing Kurasu to rise to his feet. Already, the dwarf noticed the black bear had wandered off, its duty done and wanting nothing more than to return to its cave, satisfied. His eyes fell to the wolf at his side.

"Timber," he said to it, finding the creature's name in his heart. "You are now and forever Timber. And we are as one." The wolf's tial moved, and the pair left the lake, to seek healing for both their wounds.
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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Raloth » Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:37 am

Thought I'd give this a shot..


Sitting on his deep red hawkstrider, next to his mate, Raloth, a young blood elf, eyed the area reported to be inhabited by a dark creature few had ever seen. He wasn't at all sure going after this particular beast for his first pet was a good idea, but his mate constantly re-assured the young elf, from her stormsaber's back. He started to respond to a question, when a huge black lion made himself known, stalking his way towards them. Raloth's eyes went wide as they could go.

" the lion you want me to tame? You can't be serious..!" he protested, to no avail. His mate, Sharandra, insisted again that he could do this, and that she believed in him.

"You can do this Ral....I know you can!" Raloth nervously bit his lower lip, but soon realized she was right. He could do this. He was no slouch in the art of beast mastery, and he had the will to fight. He slid off his mount, and Sharandra grabbed it's reins to keep it from running off in the other direction without him. Raloth lifted his hand and began to cast the spell that would sooth the lion, and hopefully sway it to his side. The huge black form jumped at Raloth, but missed, and Sharandra's saber roared it's direction. The lion ignored it and turned to face the young blood elf, crouching to prepare another attack. As it began to launch itself forward again, the soothing spell took over, and Raloth looked the lion in his piercing golden brown eyes. A bond was forged right then and there. Those eyes gave him his name for the lion as well, instead of what the locals had been calling him. Humar didn't work...but...

"Pierce....that's what I'll call you..." After those piercing eyes. The lion huffed and sat down, as Raloth tossed a fish his way. Sharandra smiled from her sabre's back.

"I knew he could do it..." She then walked forward to greet the new team member.

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Today was the day.

Unread post by Beneli » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:35 pm

((Think of this as a journal entry of sorts. I love the idea of undead trying to reclaim what they once had.))

Francis Beneli wandered Lordaeron's woods for six years, searching for a memory.

This is the tale of finding it.


Day 2165-Today was the day.

After helping Morganus tend to the cats, I head west again. I walked for hours, this time, for the first time, I decided to ignore the Bulwark's warnings and continue west. As I breached the make-shift checkpoint, I heard a voice from within myself. Yet, I did not speak it, nor did consciously initiate it's thought.

"Go west young man."

A memory!? Or was it merely a realization of what my body was currently doing? Perplexed, I continued.

Movement in the sky overhead caught my attention. As my vision moved skyward and objects focused, a slide show of images both present and PAST came into view. As a cat hunts a mouse, or a bee seeks a flower, instinct took my actions.

Unconsciously, I uttered a noise, a low guttural whistle. Even as I write this journal entry, I must remember (what a joyful word! REMEMBER) this from an outside perspective, so that I may accurately account these glorious details.

As I whistled, a hawk much as I am, circled.

"REMY!" I cried out, followed by another whistle. My left arm rose to shoulder height, extended and parallel with the grass. The raptor dove. Shrieking, the bird gently wrapped its powerful talons around my forearm.


My long lost friend tilted his head, in recognition.


Day 1:

Remy and I hunted game today, a gnome rogue...


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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Quiv » Wed Dec 29, 2010 2:47 pm

not to bump an aging thread, but I wanted to give a crack at this, hope its not to long. it is slightly embellished :D

My name? My birth name isn't important. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be like my father, a great hunter and master of beasts. Everywhere I went, I had my little homemade quiver with me, full of sticks I called arrows. For this reason, I have been called Quiv, and have been ever since.

I want to share a story that I have never spoken of til now. The story of how I came between two mortal enemies.


The Storm Peaks were particularly frigid that day. The cold did not bother me though, I was well prepared for my stay here. It wasn't the history of the titans that brought me here, nor was I doing errands for that eccentric Bronzebeard.

In fact, my time could very well be spent in vain. Chasing legends often ends in disappointment, after all. The stories I heard about the mysterious creature that lived in these mountains were simply too compelling to not investigate. So here I sat, bound tightly in warm clothes, nestled beneath the large wing of the proto-drake I flew on up here... watching... waiting...

The drake grunted oddly, breaking my attention from my watch. Someone had walked up on us riding a nearly frozen wyvern, a young blood elf bundled just as heavily as me. A fidgety imp sat next to her.

"Bit of a cold day for drake watching."

"It isn't the drakes that I am watching for."

The warlock scoffed. "Surely you don't believe in the legends of that storm worg." I cracked a small smile, never letting my eyes stray from the fields.

"Well, suit yourself," the blood elf remarked as her wyvern perked up and begin to hover a few feet above the snow, "I will make sure the goblins from K3 send for your frozen corpse."

And with that, the warlock was gone. I didn't expect her to believe the stories. I couldn't say I was completely convinced myself.

It seemed hours passed. I watched as the rhinos that roamed this mountain field fought helplessly against the giant proto drakes that swooped in for them and flew them back to their young ones.

Suddenly without warning, the sound of thunder filled the air, a loud echoing boom. The drake I was using for shelter (and travel) was startled as well, so much so that it rustled fee from its tie and flew off. I yelled for it, but it was no use. With a loud sigh, I decided to pack up and walk back to K3 and try again later. I knelt down on one knee to begin collecting things into my backpack, when I heard a faint sound that was neither the whip of the wind or the cries of the herd in the distance.

It was growling.

I froze in place. I knew there were wolves in a nearby cave, so I suspected one had wandered out and found me. I slowly reached my hand down for my bow, when again the thunder occurred, this time louder. The sound seemed to radiate through me, and knocked me to my side. Luckily I landed near my bow, so I was able to quickly grab it and a nearby arrow to draw back toward my attacker. It took a moment for me to focus and realize I was pointing my weapon straight at large glossy blue eyes.

The creature of legend stood before me, defensively growling and looking ready to jump at me. It was easily twice as large as any worg I had ever seen. Its fur was a brilliant blue, and bolts of lightnings snaked all throughout. Its teeth glowed white, the air around it crackled. I was filled with fear, surprise and wonder all at the same time.

"You know not what you tamper in, troll."

I heard the voice, but no one was around me.

"Y-you.. you can talk?" I asked the beast.

Suddenly, it's demeanor changed from defensive to passive. It looked at me with a tilted head, I could almost make out the inquisitive look on his face.

"More importantly," the voice spoke again, " can listen."

The spirit beast walked back and forth in front of me, never breaking his gaze from me. I finally lowered my bow as I watched him pace.

"You're here because you think you can subdue me, aren't you? You want me to be your companion. I assure you that plenty have tried, hunter... and plenty have failed."

"I'm only here because I wanted to know if the legends were true." The creature stopped pacing.

"So it seems." He turned and begin to walk away. "You have seen what you came to see, hunter. I suggest you leave before you see more than you expected."

"Wait..." I stood up, and reached out to the beast. "There must be more you can tell me."

The worg turned his head back to look at me.

"Bring me the hide of the runed cat of Sholazar Basin, and I will tell you everything."

Suddenly a flash of light, a cloud of snow and a third booming sound of thunder was all that was left of my encounter. To my surprise, my proto drake that flew off moments earlier lighted near me. I still heard the faint crackling sound in the air, and I knew this creature was somehow to thank.

"Am I glad to see you! Wasn't sure how I was going to get off this mountain." I said as I patted the head the drake. I loaded my things on his back as I hopped on. I took a deep breath, leaned forward and patted his head again, letting him know I was ready to take flight.

"So tell me... have you ever been to the basin?"

"Yes I have, friend. We will be there in no time." the drake replied, and took off. It took me a moment to realize that I just heard the drake's reply.

My eyes widened in awe as I realized my encounter with the legendary storm worg had a much greater impact on me than I thought. It was in that moment I knew I would never be the same.

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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Lazurianis » Fri Feb 18, 2011 4:04 pm

Setting: Sholazar Basin
Level: 76
Race: Blood Elf

*Laz wakes up from a long fulfilled rest and stretches*
"Ah another day." He saws half yawning and looking down at Shango.
*Laz pets Shango gently and he yowls before hopping on the Tawny Wind Rider*
"How beautifal the basin is. Amazing." he said with a half smile apon his face.
A Gust of Wind half knocks him off his Wind Rider.
"Bloody wind." he muttered to himself.

A Few Hours Later.

"This hunt is exausting. Im going to take a break." Hopping of his Windrider lying down apon the grass and looking up at the sky.
Laz hears a rustling noise and slowly gets up getting down on the grass shooing Shango away. Heart pounding, enthralled by the hunt.
Peeking his head over the grass he notices its just a gorilla, annoyed he killed it skinning its corpse and raising the Artic Fur to the sky.
"Well atleast its not a total loss." he said putting it in his pouch and continueing on.

A Few More Hours Later...

"Six painful hours. Im going to go around one last time." He said disapointed with his progress so far.
He looked down and finally decided its time to go back to Borean Tundra.
Rustlining again, he thought 'Another damn gorilla?' swooping back down. But he notices its not a gorilla, he rubs his eyes thinking its some sort of blasted trick. It wasn't.
"By the name of Quel'thas.. its her, Loque'nahak." immediatly not wasting another moment he ran to the beast.
"So... your here to.. take me at your will hunter?" a loud booming voice echoed.
"By the lord..." he gasped.
"I notice you carry that, stickling with you.. to dominate beasts I suppose?" the voice boomed again.
"Y-yes.." the Blood Elf quivered.
"Dont be afraid little one, only know I am here as a protector, a mate, a soul." he said.
The Blood Elf on his knees now: "I will never control you.. you will control me." Laz whispered to the great beast.
"You are a god.." he said again.
"I am no god mortal. I a simply a Beast of Spirits, a soul of eternity. You can listen to my words.. you understand my tongue. You are the Prophet of Spirit Beasts. YOU are The Spirit Handler." Loque said once more.
"It is sealed... you are to catch every Spirit Beast and prevent harm to them... use them for the rights of good and to protect their hides." The Beast said once again.
"I obey you great beast." Laz said.
The longest thirteen seconds of his life.. to convince the beast but in the middle of that he spotted a dwarf hunter watching closely. He pleaded him not to touch the prized position but he was lucky enough for him not to touch it.. he flew off.
"Moonfrost.." he said to the newly handled Spirit Beast.

And there his journey began..

Haha well I hope y'all enjoyed my Mini-Story :D yes this is a true story I did tame this beast and it was a 6 Hour Camp. Fun fun GL to y'all camping this elusive beast. :headbang:

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Re: Describe your most exciting tame IN EPIC DETAIL.

Unread post by Chimera » Wed Feb 23, 2011 4:38 am

Ay it was a lovely day in da frozen hills of Dun Morogh when I had been traveling astride my Timber Wolf, killin' dem pesky dwarves an' hoping to discover da Frostmane Tribe. I be an Ice Troll ya see, I be Beast Handler Xakaal'rin Prowlblood of the Winterfang Tribe, a small warring tribe against dem blasted Drakkari. I be a traveler but also a member of de Horde, took many years it did to be accepted but I proved ma' worth. I was in Dun Morogh to talk to da Frostmane Tribe, try to make a pact with dem an' crush those blasted dwarves right where it hurts.

I had just been finishing up lootin' a camp I just slew when I heard gunfire and shouting not far from my position an' slipped behind some trees to avoid detection. I dont be speaking much dwarf but I did learn some of the tongues of the Alliance to serve de Horde better and I overheard sumthin' about a polar bear that just killed and ate several dwarves. HA! Imagine a pet like dat! I snuck through da snow and trees to a clearing and I could see dem dwarves cowering at the entrance to some small nook, cowards. Also, never corner an animal, dey will tear ya apart in seconds haha!

Dem dwarves were too cowardly to shoot da thing, prolly new recruits I figure. Trying to not blow ma' cover I keep my bow down low, itching like I was in a flea infested pelt to shoot der heads right off those stubby bodies though. After about half an hour of de standoff da bear roared in anger and dem dwarves ran faster den I ever be seein' before! I quickly ran across de large pathway made by many years of wear and crept into da nook to see oe hell of a gorey sight. Dwarf blood splattered everywhere, entrails and organs dangling off tree branches an' all over de snow, was one of de goreiest things I ever be seein' in ma' life.

I crept a little closer to get a good look at dat bear, teeth, face, paws, chest stained bright red and black souless eyes staring blankly as he was calming down from his rage. We sat in our own stalemate for at least an' hour when da wind changed an' he caught ma' scent. Oh Sh^*(%t! He charged for my position an' I knowin' I wouldnt be able to survive the encounter if I ran away strung ma' bow and aimed it straight for between his eyes but couldnt shoot. My arm locked up out of fear, my instincts suddenly vanished as if my body knew i was good as dead.

Da great bear charged till da arrow was but a foot from his head and stood there. And stood. No growling, no snarling, no attempt to maul my being into a bloody mess. We stared at eachother and suddenly those black souless eyes werent so souless afterall. In his eyes I saw dat he wasn't such a terible beast. Der was a savage will to live, he mutilated de dwarf corpses to show he was not to be trifled with, not because he was a terrible monster who thirsted for flesh and blood.

I drew back my bow and put it away, knowing da beast wouldnt harm me. I kneeled down before him in respect an' he gave me a gentle headbutt. It was enough to send me backwards onto de snow an' when I rose, embarassed and a little startled, he headbutted me again. I rose once more uttering a growl of frustration an' he laughed. He laughed. He gave out low gutteral growls that resembled laughter. I knelt down in a more sturdy position and stared into his big black eyes once more to show dat I didnt like being pushed. he blinked at me, cocked his head to the side, then stepped forward an' placed his head on my shoulder.

I lifted up my arm and wrapped it around his large, gruff, snow white and blood stained neck and squeezed tightly in a rough but gentle expression of love dat a hunter and her bestial companion share together. I realized we were still in a very hostile area after a few moments and quickly mounted my wolf, the polar bear now running alongside me and made a quick dash down de mountain to safer territory to begin my search for de Frostmane Tribe anew in de morning, today I was concerned about escaping danger and finding shelter.

We made a quick dash down and made it safely, having only killing a few trail guards along the way and found an old cave void of life to rest in. I quickly gathered wood and bark and woke a fire deep within de cave to avoid anyone seeing the light and sat down with a large sigh, exaused. The bear padded up and sat down beside me, faint bloodspatter still lining the tips of his fur coat where it had stained and he gave me a large grin, his teeth sparkiling in the firelight. I thought dat quite hilarious and burst out laughing an' ruffled his scruff, trying to think of a name for him.

I looked deep into his eyes once more and I saw something shocking. I saw within his eyes the same familiar gaze of a human I once met up in da frozen wastes of Northrend when I was scavanging bones from young dragon remains. Instead of killing da man or leaving him to perish I made a shelter an tended to his wounds. He was a good man, was very thankful for ma' help even though I be an Ice Troll. Jus' when I had been thinking he was ready to start walkin' I discovered him dead in the shelter. After some voodoo magic I determined he had died to a virus dat he caught while he was out in da cold, wounded an' it had laid dormant for much time.

I never forgot dem eyes of his, dey were so brown dat dey seemed black an' dat was what I saw in dis bear. Brandon had returned to ma' in the form of a bear, our souls linked forever because I saved his life, and now, once more, I saved his life a second time. I kissed de bear on de forehead an' whispered in his large fluffy ears.

"Brandon, juu have returned to me, I never be leavin' you again I swear upon ma' ancestors. Juu were my only friend an' now juu be back once more." I hugged him once more and we lied down, his large remarkably soft fur serving as a pillow and we watched the fire dance away as we slowly fell asleep.

Frostmarrow by LupisDarkmoon

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