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Unread postPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:28 am 
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This topic will be my "adventures" in a Pathfinder campaign that myself and three others (plus DM) are in.

Today marked the first actual "day" of our game, the previous session was character creation. I play a Kitsune Druid.


War Priest (Lizardman)
Barbarian (Cassava)
Rogue (Sylph)
Druid (Kitsune)
-Tiger familiar

The Beginning:

So our group is newly formed bunch of adventurers who's group name is: The Forgotten Children
We have been selected to explore one of many newly available dungeons (previously closed to all access) in Osirion. Where the priests on order of the new Prince, have opened these areas for Pathfinders to come in and retrieve artifacts (while still being honorable to the dead). We have been tasked with one such dungeon and have now made our way there.

The door to the dungeon, we managed to get it open...found a room with a wheel...moved the wheel...Fought a scorpion, I got poisoned...sapped my strength. Wheeee, fun already!! Killed that. Next room had a nice big 60ft pit in it, great, we have to go down that...Tied my tuiger to the rope and attempted to lower him down...barbarian failed a strength roll and he plummeted to the bottom...Priest went down next and stabilized him, Great! My turn...I rolled a 1 and plummeted to my Death...

DM resets us back to the point when we first entered the room...after all, it will be rough going if 2/5 of the party is pretty much dead by the 2nd room. Yup, we are off to a WONDERFUL start!!! Ok, we manage to all get safely to the bottom!

Find two mystery flasks on a long dead body, I decide to hold onto them for now. Some burnt orange liquid in them.

Look, more doors, great, they lead to a corridor that ends in 2 more doors. Rogue checks for traps but does not find any, Barbarian decides to rush headlong to the doors on the other side...CLICK!!!

Everyone took 7 points of damage...we start to heal when...CLICK! 7 more points of damage, at this time (with 1 hp remaining) I open the doors and go into the next room before the trap fires more rounds at us...Rogues down, Barbarian is almost out, Priest ain't doing to good and neither am I and my Tiger...
Que 3 days of "rest" in this room...luckily nothing attacks us, the sandy floor is covered in Tic Tac Toe by the end of the 3 days...

Next room, stairs, another room with decorative chariot and treasure chest, traps found/disarmed. 2 blue vials and a silver vial found in chest along with 2 gilded books. Chariot will probably be worth a lot, but at this time we decide to leave it for the way back.

next corridor, some decorative masks, the barbarian takes those. The following room we are attacked by 4 tiny constructs...I miss, tiger misses, Priest hits, barbarian hits, rogue misses, I miss, tiger misses, Priest hits, barbarian misses, rogue hits. Constructs have been defeated.

I aquired a better spear in this room (then the one I had). The barbarian finds a shield that has some unknown magic (detect magic made it glow). And the campaign ended there for the night.

During all this session, the person who plays the Barbarian wants to see me (and my tiger) dead...The rogue and her spent more time flirting and goofing off then actually being useful, and the war priest was the only one who was competent.
Between me and the Priest, we seem to be taking charge of the group (though the rogue is suppose to be the leader...).

It was less then a desirable session today...I am hoping that the more sessions we do, the better our group chemistry can become. Or else we are pretty much all going to die horribly down in this crypt...(for some of s, again)



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