Fallen London

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Fallen London

Unread post by SylviaDragon » Fri Aug 26, 2016 11:15 pm

So i stumbled across an interesting trailer last night for a game called Fallen London and was curious as to whether anyone else had tried it out yet. Its a (mostly single player) texted based browser RPG minigame (that should work on some phones as well) that lets you wander around a Gothic Victorian London setting hidden a mile beneath the earth. the game has a great feeling to it. Its odd, creepy, and full of interesting and funny details.
I only started last night so I'm no expert but i have seen lots of posts from people who have been playing for 6+ months and still have tons of stories to go through.

little trailer here ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7VfJXezMwDc

some details:
-you start with 20 turns indicated on a burning candle. when the candle runs out you have to wait 10 min for each new turn to recharge. despite this you still get quite a lot done and since you will be spending time traveling, reading and thinking about your choices you will probably end up with more turns than that initial 20 per session. but if you are really impatient you can buy a second candle with real money.
- fate is the real money currency. there are some things locked behind fate, such as extra quests, but its not mandatory to have. You can give Fate to friends.
- you can have multiple accounts so you can explore different quests and options and (I assume) kill time while candles recharge.
- still learning how friends work but you can invite them to little activities or ask them for help if you get sick. Maybe your friends will heal you... or maybe they will poison you. depends on how they feel!
- you can get married if you want.
- they have over a million words worth of story and keep adding more.
- they have clothes that give or take away stat bonuses. that way you can not only give yourself a boost for tough quests, but adjust your level so you continue to gain experience even if the quest would have originally been considered low level.
- lots of personality stats and sub stats that are gained depending on your choices and thus reflect who you are as a character.
- lots of odd, cooky and funny little details and flavor text that make the world feel magical and foreboding

As for my own Character, so far I have broken out of prison, milked a tipsy spy for information,gotten lodging with a sympathetic widow, then went out to loiter suspiciously around town with my sister who also started playing. I swam out into a muddy river for a barrel of wine simply because i was too stubborn to give up, killed a frighteningly large rat and some ice moths, and learned a bunch of secrets from some shady cats. Then met up with a mummy woman who gave me a rather stressed out pet raven after I pickpocket the pickpocket that pickpocket her.
Now I have returned home- where i hoped to rest and consider who i wished to side with on a matter of a man insisting he was trying to catch a devil disguised as a woman- only to find that an Orphan has more or less taken up residence on my rooftop and is trying to convince me to help him break into an old church so he can steal the candlesticks.

And that's probably only half of what has happened in my last four sessions. I haven't even started my Ambition quest yet! @_@ Its a charming little oddity. The art is nothing to brag about but the atmosphere is pretty neat.


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Re: Fallen London

Unread post by GormanGhaste » Sat Aug 27, 2016 5:22 am

I tried it a few months ago. Love the world-building, but found navigating around a bit tedious, especially when it wasn't obvious to me whether or not I had exhausted all my current options in any particular area.

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