Name That Pet Instructions

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Name That Pet Instructions

Unread post by Mania » Mon Jan 04, 2010 10:36 pm

Welcome to the Name That Pet forum! This forum is here for a very special purpose -- to help hunters find the perfect names for our pets! This forum also has some special rules, so please take a moment to read over these guidelines and instructions before posting.

First off, if you haven't read them already you should take a quick look at the forum rules. Respecting other posters is especially important here. In particular, this forum is about naming pets, not criticizing equipment or grammar.


If you have a pet that you need some help naming, all you need to do is post a new topic in this forum:
  1. Please start a new post for each pet (unless you are naming multiple pets at once and want to keep them to a single theme). In particular, don't pile into someone else's request with your own pet picture and story.
  2. The title of the post should include your character's name and the type of pet: for example, "Mania's Cat" or "Mania's King Bangalash" would both be appropriate (assuming you are Mania, of course). If you call your post "My Cat", it'll get mixed up with everyone else's "My Cat" posts!
  3. Make sure you include some basic details, including:
    • A description of the kind of name you want: mythical, funny, serious, silly, lore-related, up for anything, etc.
    • A short description of you/your character so that readers can suggest names that fit you better. For instance, what's your playstyle and personality like? Or if you roleplay, what kind of personality does your character have?
  4. You should also include a screenshot of you and your pet together if you can. Artistic shots that graphically represent your personalities are much appreciated, but any screenshot that lets us see how you and the pet look will do.
Thanks! And let the naming begin!