Just tamed Loque'nahak, need a name!

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Just tamed Loque'nahak, need a name!

Unread post by Jasmer » Fri Dec 26, 2014 9:17 am

So the last few days I've been making a circuit or two around Sholazar on the off chance I might stumble on Loque. This morning while spamming my target macro over spawn points he unexpectedly appeared and I tamed him without any kind of competition. Yay!

But I'm stuck on a name! I'm on an RP realm and nearly all of my pets follow a Draenei-esque naming convention i.e. Zori the wasp, Rumaani the Netherskate, Mishaal the raptor, etc. As I've only just now tamed Loque I'm unsure of any "personality traits" he evokes. He looks like a Jaguar and is named after an Aztec god Tloquenahuaque which means Lord of the Near and Nigh according to Wikipedia. All in all very interesting pet that deserves a very interesting name. :)

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Re: Just tamed Loque'nahak, need a name!

Unread post by Rhyela » Thu Feb 05, 2015 3:29 am

Congrats on the tame! I've just started half-heartedly searching, myself.

As far as a name.....unfortunately, I'm not all that great at coming up with "meaningful" names. I do hope that someone here can give you some ideas!


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