List Of New 5.4 Minipets (so far)

For discussion of the upcoming 5.4 patch, and any finds on the PTR.
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List Of New 5.4 Minipets (so far)

Unread post by Kurasu » Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:03 am

Wishing very much that Blizzard would let me transfer over my pet list from live to the PTR, so I could more easily sort through the list of minipets and let you lovely people (and myself!) know what is new there.

Many (if not all) of these have already been reported on, though most of them were still uncertains. As the PTR's not over yet, they're likely *still* uncertain, but at least they are in the journal which gives more likelihood that they will be released to the public.

Note: 'More' does not mean 'total'!

NAME: Ashleaf Spriteling
TYPE: Humanoid
LOCATION: Drop: Leafmender (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "The Ashleaf Sprites of the Timeless Isle tirelessly protect the vegetation of the island from the burning fury of Ordos and his minions."

NAME: Ashwing Moth
TYPE: Flying
LOCATION: Pet Battle: Timeless Isle
TEXT: "Jinyu assassins employ this moth as both a portable decoy and a light source to reveal weak spots in their enemy's armor."

NAME: Azure Crane Chick
TYPE: Flying
LOCATION: Drop: Crane Nest (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "Crane chicks of the Timeless Isle sometimes sing a curious song that calms the nerves and soothes the soul."

NAME: Blackfuse Bombling
TYPE: Mechanical
LOCATION: Drop: Seigecrafter Blackfuse (Seige Of Ogrimmar: No difficulty listed)
TEXT: "The first bombling created in the Underhold, Seigecrafter Blackfuse couldn't bear to see it destroyed, and kept it as a friendly, if explosive, pet."

NAME: Bonkers
TYPE: Humanoid
LOCATION: Drop: Kukuru Chest (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "Some young and rambunctious hozen are trained from an early age to use boxing gloves so they don't accidentally kill their tribe members, and more importantly, to keep them from picking their noses."

NAME: Chi-Chi, Hatchling Of Chi-ji
TYPE: Flying
LOCATION: Vendor: Tournament of Celestials (Cost: 3 ? [looks like a sword of some sort])
TEXT: "Chi-Chi tries to inspire hope with her loud squawk and by chasing, and eventually eating, butterflies."

NAME: Dandelion Frolicker
TYPE: Humanoid
LOCATION: Drop: Scary Sprite (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "While fascinated by flowers, the frolicker has also been known to dance with blades of grass and the occasional weed."

NAME: Death Adder Hatchling
TYPE: Beast
LOCATION: Drop: Imperial Python (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "Late in life, if the environmental conditions are correct, a Death Adder may shed its skin and undergo a transformation into an Imperial Python."

NAME: Droplet Of Y'Shaarj
TYPE: Elemental
LOCATION: Drop: Sha Of Pride (Seige Of Ogrimmar: Flexible, Normal or Heroic)
TEXT: "A small remnant of the power of Y'Shaarj that spawned the Sha, a single Drop of Y'Shaarj can magnify emotional states for thousands of yards, causing entire towns to shut down in fear or doubt."

NAME: Flamering Moth
TYPE: Flying
LOCATION: Pet Battle: Timeless Isle
TEXT: "Cats and other curious critters often have short-lived play sessions with this moth that end with a face full of singed hair."

NAME: Gooey Sha-ling
TYPE: Elemental
LOCATION: Drop: Sha of Pride (Seige of Ogrimmar: LFR and Flexible)
TEXT: "Sha-lings reflext the emotional state of their handler, becoming agitated, depressed, fearful, or doubtful depending on the magnitude of negative thoughts around them."

NAME: Gu'chi Swarmling
TYPE: Critter
LOCATION: Drop: Gu'chi the Swarmbringer (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "Swarmlings of Gu'chi spin an ancient, and very powerful, form of silk that has not been seen in Pandaria in ages."

NAME: Gulp Froglet
TYPE: Aquatic
LOCATION: Drop: Bufo (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "Gulp Frogs of the Timeless Isle can feast upon prey several times larger than themselves by slowly digesting the victim externally with a toxic slime."

NAME: Harmonious Porcupette
TYPE: Magic
LOCATION: Vendor: Mistweaver Ku (Timeless Isle) Faction: Shaohao - Pathwalker
TEXT: "Prolonged exposure to Shaohao's tranquil mists has calmed these spirits, which act as peaceful companions to the Mistweavers."

NAME: Jadefire Spirit
TYPE: Elemental
LOCATION: Drop: Spirit Of Jadefire (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "The Jadefire Spirit is thought to be a living embodiment of Yu'lon's own jade breath."

NAME: Jademist Dancer
TYPE: Elemental
LOCATION: Drop: Jademist Dancer (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: The Jademist Dancers of the Timeless Isle have a curious attraction to the steam vents of the northwestern shore."

NAME: Kovok
TYPE: Beast
LOCATION: Drop: Paragons Of The Klaxxi (Seige Of Ogrimmar; no difficulty listed)
TEXT: "The tiny terror of Dread Wastes, Kovok prefers a steady diet of "brain food:" mushan brains, human brains, any brains really. This strange nutritional requirement may be tangentially related to his enormous head."

NAME: L'il Bling
TYPE: Mechanical
LOCATION: Drop: Blingtron Gift Package
TEXT: "This handsome little robot is the spitting image of his "Dad", Blingtron 4000. As a Blingtron's generosity circuits don't mature until they have been built to maximum specification, you shouldn't expect any free handouts from him."

NAME: Macabre Marionette
TYPE: Undead
LOCATION: World Event: Day Of The Dead
TEXT: "These possessed puppets are given a semblance of life by whimsical spirits of the departed."

NAME: Moon Moon
TYPE: Beast
LOCATION: Drop: Moonfang (Darkmoon Island)
TEXT: "Moonfang's cubs grow into massive, slavering, black-furred killing machines...except for Moon Moon."

NAME: Ominous Flame
TYPE: Elemental
LOCATION: Drop: Foreboding Flame (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "The odd blue flames found within the Cavern of Lost Spirits have led many unwary adventurers to their doom."

NAME: Pierre
TYPE: Mechanical
LOCATION: Profession: Engineering
TEXT: "Every cook's dream wrapped up in a perfect bundle of metal and bolts. Too bad what he cooks up isn't suitable for humanoid consumption. According to Jard's notes, he intends to make this little guy for his friend, Emily Cole."

NAME: Rascal Bot
TYPE: Mechanical
LOCATION: Profession: Engineering
TEXT: "This little guy seems to like to hang out at the fringes of cataclysmic events. There is no evidence to suggest he has anything to do with the cause of these events, though - he's probably just an observer. Or maybe he just gets lost on his trek to other places."

NAME: Rotten Little Helper
TYPE: Humanoid
LOCATION: World Event: Feast of Winter Vale
TEXT: "Fed up with long hours, low pay, and entitled adventurers whining about sub-standard Winter Veil gifts, these nasty little creatures fled their magical workshops to join up with the Abominable Greench."

NAME: Ruby Droplet
TYPE: Elemental
LOCATION: Drop: Garnia (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "The water of Ruby Lake are colored a strange reddish hue, possibly due to the ruby crystals found deep within the mountains of the Timeless Isle."

NAME: Skunky Alemental
TYPE: Elemental
LOCATION: Drop: Zhu-Gon The Sour (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "When the village of Pi'jiu was attacked by the Ordon Yaungol generations ago, the villagers bravely erected a keg in the center of the village. The following morning, after the celebration had died down, the still-drunken Yaungol blearily agreed to a peace treaty."

NAME: Sky Lantern
TYPE: <Cannot battle>
Location: Vendor: Ku-mo (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "A candle inside the kite heats the air, causing it to rise into the air without need for wind."

NAME: Skywisp Moth
TYPE: Flying
LOCATION: Pet Battle: Timeless Isle
TEXT: "This curious moth is sometimes found interrupting the spells of a wandering mage or warlock."
NOTE: As of yet, I've been unable to find these anywhere except on top of the ridges in the zone. I managed to get there by riding an albatross, though.

NAME: Spineclaw Crab
TYPE: Aquatic
LOCATION: Drop: Monstrous Spineclaw (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "Spineclaw crabs of Pandaria have existed for thousands of years and remain one of the continent's oldest creatures."

NAME: Vengeful Porcupette
TYPE: Beast
LOCATION: Vendor: Speaker Gulan (Timeless Isle)
TEXT: "One of the beasts left on the Timeless Isle when it shifted through time, most likely sacrificed by the Ordon to their demigod, Ordos."

NAME: Xu-fu, Cub Of Xuen
TYPE: Beast
LOCATION: Vendor: Tournament of Celestials
TEXT: "Fierce and loyal, Xu-fu loves to hunt by moonlight. Once during a full moon, he killed and ate an entire Ironfur Great Bull, prompting a two day nap."

NAME: Yu-la, Broodling of Yulon
TYPE: Dragonkin
LOCATION: Vendor: Master Li (Tournament of Celestials; cost 3 ? [looks like a sword])
TEXT: "A master sculptor devoted her life to creating an incomparably beautiful statue, inspired by her love and reverence for Yu'lon. When the sculptor passed away, Yu'lon breathed a fraction of her essence into the statue, bringing Yu-la into the world."

NAME: Zao, Calfling Of Niuzao
TYPE: Beast
LOCATON: Vendor: Master Li (Tournament Of Celestials)
TEXT: "Always on the lookout for a fight or some tasty grass, Zao keeps his head down and his eyes forward."

As of yet, Gahz'rooki hasn't got a listed location other than the purchased one. So it's still unknown how to get him.
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