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Warcraft/Starcraft/Heroes of the Storm

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:26 pm
by Vlentana
For Heroes of the Storm, they are going to start "Live" beta signups at BlizzCon and the developers are going to have a live battle to the death at 4:45pm today (Pacific Time). Heroes of the Storm (For those that don't know, is a MOBA that uses ALL of the characters Blizzard has created over the years from all their games. You can play as Kerrigan, Nova, Jimmy Raynor, Diablo, Arthas and many others. No release date was given. Yet.

PS: I'll continue to update this as things come along. So It'll be like a "Live" update. So some posts may be short and sweet.

The Warcraft Movie presentation will be tomorrow at 4:00pm Pacific time. The director of the movie apparently has a level 90 character and has played WoW from the beginning.

-New character models
-Level cap raised to 100
-Immediate boost to level 90 (we'll learn more on this later)
-New world: Draenor
-And much much more!

I will touch on the biggest points of the new Warcraft expansion:
-As stated the new character models. The new models, for what we saw on the Virtual ticket were absolutely beautiful (an Orc, Dwarf, and Gnome - Gnomes are still puntable *snerk*). They talked about keeping the "soul" of the character. The look. The specialty of the hair, face, etc. The fidelty is increased as well as the polygon count. I have to say that what I saw was absolutely amazing looking. The hair and beards, and even moustaches, move when you move.
-The entirity of the expansion is that you are going back in time. Back in time to stop Grom Hellscream from uniting the Orc clans to destroy the Eastern Kingdoms. (Grommash Hellscream).
-PLAYER HOUSING!!!! Yes, you heard me right. But it's called a Garrison. And if you played the old RTS's, you can build up the garrison over 3 tiers. (Remember the old Town Halls and upgrading them to keeps?) You can place these garrisons ANYWHERE in Draenor. With these garrisons, you can recruit "followers". These followers can be sent out on missions (think TOR Crewskills.) These followers can level up and be level 100. You can give them gear with ilevel. There is so much detail with these followers.
-PvP: Remember the old Alterac Valley? Well, that's sort of coming back. But in another iteration. There is an island off of one of the zones (Let's call it the old Hellfire Pennisula). Open world PvP my friends. You can even build SIEGE WEAPONS!!!!
-Word on Dungeons. UBRS is going to be a heroic dungeon like Scholo and Scarlet Monestary!!!
-Raiding is being adjusted.....slightly. Nothing that's going to hurt or hinder. LFR = 10-25, Flex = 10-25, Normal = 10-25 and MYTHIC (NEW) = 20.
-No new races or classes.
-Heirlooms, Toys and MAYBE tabards will be treated like pets and mounts. Account bound, put in the same "book" as the others, and used across servers!!!!!
-Level 100 Talents (but they never showed any at this point)

Re: Warcraft/Starcraft/Heroes of the Storm

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:47 pm
by MaximumOverdrive
I'm still trying to figure out what this is...