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Pet Discussion - Resource Threads [Updated Sep 7, 2011]

Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 12:24 pm
by Vephriel
Instead of having a large amount of stickies cluttering up the top part of this forum, we're going to try something a little different. This will be a stickied post that will list all helpful/informative threads so that they don't get lost, but at the same time they will no longer take up space at the front of this forum.

If you have a suggestion for a thread you think should be listed here, either report that thread for a sticky or PM me directly.

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Re: Pet Discussion - Resource Threads

Posted: Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:20 am
by Kalliope
How To: Tame Pets With Appearance Buffs ... 96#p193596

If you're having trouble getting abilities to stay on your pet's bar, try one of these methods: ... 33#p213033 ... 38#p213038

The official word regarding these pets from our resident lurker dev Noah (paraphrased):
- Any retained features that are actual buffs are a definite no-no. Anything that affects class balance by buffing your pet is out.
- For anything that just affects cosmetics/appearance, you have to use your best judgement. If another player could conceivably get upset because it somehow affects gameplay - making it difficult to target, obscuring vision, (maybe looking like a worgen player? ;)) etc. then the upset player could conceivably report it and the pet would most likely be taken away. It's very unlikely anyone would get banned and it wouldn't be very nice if they were. If you did get banned over a purely cosmetic buff, he said to mention it. If it's just a little blue aura or something that you use for pve or solo or wehatever, it's highly unlikely anyone will care.

Addendum from Wain, our resident liaison:
Then again if you already had a pet removed because the cosmetic buff was causing issues that made players report it, and you went and did exactly the same thing again, I imagine you'd be treated with less sympathy ;)

Source post ... 60#p188760