I can't focus on work.

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Re: I can't focus on work.

Unread post by Tsiya » Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:41 pm

zedxrgal wrote:Nothing compares to Wrath. NOTHING I TELLS YAH. :lol: :hug:

I'm not excited. Yet. I am however hopeful and enthusiastic.

But I will say. Mucking around in the beta is the ONLY thing keeping me hopeful /enthusiastic about Legion. I'm also excited for those who are excited. I feed off other's excitement.

Hhhmmmm that sounds creepy. :lol:
You can feed off me any time hon. And yeah, I'm trying to get the cash for a yak and failing miserably. Got about 80k 'cause I only had 2 100s for a long time, and I didn't do much with one of them.

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