survival hunter glyph/xmog idea

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survival hunter glyph/xmog idea

Unread post by Xota » Fri Sep 04, 2020 12:41 pm

Survival is getting more and more ranged abilities, and they seem to all use the same animation (pistol shot) and the same weapon (scavanged pandaren crossbow). There should be a way for survival hunters to customize their ranged weapon. And both the xmog system is getting updated (including a virtual slot for xmogging each shoulder). And it looks like there may actually be some glyphs this expansion. Hopefully. BfA was mostly diappointing for glyphs. Three ideas, all would take more than trivial programmer and/or designer time.

Idea 1:
Add a virtual xmog slot, let it use bow/crossbow/gun models. Change the animation to be a normal ranged attack. The downside is the pistol shot animation is good for the instant ranged attack when the weapon isn't wielded and ready, but normal ranged attacks would look kind of weird probably. The upside is you'd get to use any of the weapons you've collected. And when posing with your gear, you could toggle which weapon was sheathed, like hunters used to be able to do so long ago.

Idea 2:
Keep the pistol shot animation, and unlock a select few weapons that could work as a left-handed 1h weapon. Either as an xmog slot, or use the glyph system. Most of these could be used for combat rogues too.
Here's a few that I like for that:
Nine ranged weapons that could be used like pistol shot.
Nine ranged weapons that could be used like pistol shot.
surv - guns.png (258.54 KiB) Viewed 44 times
Left to Right, Top to Bottom: 1. Rogue pistol, there're four colors. 2. Lady Ashvane uses a custom pistol. 3. an axe that looks like a gun. would be cool for rogue's offhand + pistol shot.
4. Titanstrike pvp skin, only usable if unlocked. 5. Mechagon ray gun, might need its barrel shortened. 6. Unused Ulduar gun.
7. Titanstrike MT skin, only usable if unlocked (sadly not me). It broadcasts "serpent sting" perfectly though. 8. Kul Tiran crossbow, good for order of embers RP. 9. Zandalari "crossbow". siege weapon model, would need modifying. I wanted a tribal looking crossbow, though.

idea 3:
ok, this one is very unlikely, but: Idea 1 + throwing weapons. Several ranged units in WC3 had iconic throwing weapons. The first hunter I made was a troll, because I wanted to throw axes/spears, like in WC3. I abandoned it when I found out the hunter abilities didn't work with them. The Night Elf huntresses used three pointed glaives, that alliance DH got from the darkshore pvp season. They don't make a lot of sense for DH, but would as a hunter's throwing weapon. And also shadow hunters (not quite hunters, but for RP purposes they could be) had a 2-bladed glaive they threw. Same downside as idea 1, the animation might look bad. Also, spears are held with the pointy end the wrong way for the throwing/ready animations.
Four throwing weapons.
Four throwing weapons.
surv - throw.png (69.26 KiB) Viewed 44 times
1. ax from exile's reach 2. alliance pvp glaive from darkshore. 3. warglaive from exile's reach. 4. spear from nazmiri blood trolls.

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