Racial Aesthetics and Playstyle...???

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Racial Aesthetics and Playstyle...???

Unread post by Tiger_Bite_Style » Thu Feb 11, 2021 12:15 am

Is there such a thing as racial aesthetic bias when it comes to hunters...? I have noticed I enjoy playing certain races for varying racial aesthetic reasons. For me I feel like some of my aesthetic bias mostly comes down to...

1. Height/size as it relates to camera movement/field of view. I always felt like taurens, trolls, draenei and worgen were too big/tall aesthetically and took up a whole lot of screen space. I have always felt like the camera never moved efficiently enough when in tight spaces or small caves/rooms when playing tauren, troll and draenei. On the other hand, I prefer undead the most when it comes to size/height. I feel like undead are the perfect size for a hunter. Not too big and not too small although they are the thinnest/skinniest profile in the game so that helps out a little too.

2. Movement animation as it relates to strafing, kiting and jumping. In my opinion tauren, troll and worgen movement animations like kiting and jumping feel clumsy, slow and somewhat robotic. Because they feel so robotic and slow, they make me hesitate a little and I have a hard time timing my shots and therefore never fire my shots off at the times I would like. On the other hand, I feel like orcs and dwarves have the best animations as it pertains to movement for strafing and kiting mobs. It feels fast, responsive and natural. In my opinion, goblins have the best jump animation and I seem to have the best timing with my jump shots when playing a goblin hunter.

3. Bow firing animation as it relates to how a real human would fire a bow in archery. I don't like the way tauren, troll and worgen hold the bow when firing. They hold it really low near their waist at a horizontal and it kind of irritates me because it feels/looks awkward compared to how some of the other races animation when firing a bow. On the other hand, I like the bow firing animation on goblin and undead hunters the most as it feels somewhat normal/natural when compared to how a real human would shoot an arrow in archery.

So do you prefer the way a certain race looks/feels when kiting, running or jumping...? Do you prefer how a certain race fires a bow/gun...? Or maybe you do not care at all for aesthetics...? Really curious as to what some people's opinions or preferences are on racial aesthetics and if they feel it has any significant bearing or affect on their playstyle.

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Re: Racial Aesthetics and Playstyle...???

Unread post by Talihawk » Fri Feb 12, 2021 10:15 pm

I like the way the Pandaren are animated for pretty much everything except for the female's dance. But yes, that type of thing can matter. I've chosen male or females on various races based on what certain movements do. Like I don't have any female blood elves because I really dislike how a lot of their animations are done. I don't really care for the female nelf idle animation, (what's with that bouncing????) but it wasn't enough to make me avoid them completely. :D

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