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The Patch Notes Are Missing Something

Posted: Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:58 pm
by Rawr
Mainly the 40 yard bump to KC and Hati movement buffs. Did I miss something or are they just not there? :| :mrgreen:

Re: The Patch Notes Are Missing Something

Posted: Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:42 pm
by Novikova
PTR notes are kinda unreliable. I'm hoping they left those in though. Hati needs dash so bad.

Re: The Patch Notes Are Missing Something

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 3:57 am
by Rikaku
I remember reading something last week or so where they discussed how not everything goes into the patch notes, even though it is included in the patch. I think MMO-C even had a post from Ghostcrawler talking to/about Dev Lore on the subject. But basically they said that sometimes things go into the patch, but for tidiness reasons or whatever, they don't actually include it in the Patch notes. Something like if every bug or fix was included in the notes, it'd be an unending mess of notes.

I just double checked on the PTR (release candidate version):
Hati does charge when my active pet uses "Dash", you can even see the same Dash spell/effect on Hati when it happens. However, if you hit an ability that is out of range (like Kill Command at 41+ yards), your main pet will make their way over to the target and Hati will stand at your side... with Dash going off on him. Once your pet is in 40 yrd range and you hit KC, Hati will charge in like a pro and keep up with your pet. So it's not perfect if you're 41+ yards away, but if you're in your max range, then Hati's response is a definite improvement.

Hati is also charging forward to KC when my main pet does, not lagging behind (unless you are out of range, see above). Kill Command is 40 yards. They will also charge without Dash.

However, according to the notes; Hati should also be charging when I use Dire Frenzy:
"Kill Command and Dire Frenzy will cause your pet/Hati to charge up to 40 yds (up from 25 yds) to the target, matching the max range of your ranged abilities."

Dire Frenzy changes do not seem to totally be in effect. The range does not seem to be 40 yards. When I am at 39 yards, my pet will not trigger DF, giving me the error "Pet not in range of Target". It seems to be 30 yard range, because at 30 yards my pet will immediately apply DF and attack the target.

However, that charge they mentioned is kind of funky. If you use it at 30 yards (like mentioned above), then my active pet will charge up to target and immediately apply DF. Hati on the other hand will run just as slow as always up to the target. If you use DF at 31-40 yards, then your active pet will begin to run to target (but not apply DF due to out of range) and you'll see Hati get the 'charge' buff like he has Dash. But once you hit DF a 2nd time, with your main pet finally within the 1-30 yard range, then you will see Hati charge towards the target. Sometimes he charges to the target quickly with a speed boost, sometimes he goes halfways and then lags the rest of the way.

Since DF's "charge" mechanic that they supposedly added in the note I linked above, my main pet will not use "Dash" at that time unless I manually command the pets in using something other than DF. If they main pet doesn't dash, then Hati won't dash.

Personally, if thats how weird Dire Frenzy is gonna be, I'm gonna stick with Stomp. Using Stomp I just see Hati and my main pet charging and/or over to the target with no problems, regardless if I use Dire Beast or Kill Command to send them in, they seem to respond more accurately then DF.

Edit: Some clarifying notes on what I saw in testing just now. For all the points I said "charge", please note I'm referring to an unnamed/unseen "buff" to pet/Hati's speed that looks like Dash, but is not Dash. It is also not the pet "charge" ability :)

Re: The Patch Notes Are Missing Something

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:34 am
by Aggannor
Seems like that Blizzard missed Hati with their Bestial Wrath buff. Its duration was increased from 10 seconds to 15 seconds both on hunter and main pet, but Hati's Wrath still lasts only 10 seconds.