A Heads-Up for Levelling Hunters (Bug - Pet Growl)

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A Heads-Up for Levelling Hunters (Bug - Pet Growl)

Unread post by Acherontia » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:37 am

Gonna bug report this, but it seems that periodically, in dungeons, the hunter pet (in BM and in Surv both), the pet will begin to use Growl on cooldown despite it being toggled off.

This seems to mostly start happening just after you level up, and I think it's a new bug? It's also happened a few times on my 120 hunter, but I suspect that's after I manually hit growl to control some mob or other.

TL;DR When you ding in a dungeon, keep an eye on Growl. Otherwise it may be used on CD (despite being toggled off) and you'll look like a fool and your pet dies. RIP. You can fix it by toggling it on, then off again.

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