The Happy Thread

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Re: The Happy Thread

Unread post by Varethyn »

As a follow-up to my previous post, and just as random but amusing, I recently found out that one of the Venthyr in Tazavesh is named Verethian. I highly doubt it's anything more than coincidence since there's been other similar-sounding names but I just can't stop giggling at my stupid revelation.

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Re: The Happy Thread

Unread post by Wain »

Pretty close 😊
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Re: The Happy Thread

Unread post by Maria »

That's very close!


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Re: The Happy Thread

Unread post by Falcon »

OMG, I finally managed to breed a blue rose on Animal Crossing: New Horizons!!!

I started this project back at the tail end of spring earlier this year and had to redo a few of the steps once, since the game uses real world genetics for how flower breeding works for the rarer colors, and I wasn't expecting to see the desired results this soon! Now to see if I can get it to duplicate itself.

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