Who Are You?

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Celeglad » Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:52 am

Myself: Paul, 22-year-old college student majoring in Wildlife & Conservation Biology. Former choir star in high school; Tenor 1 in full choir and Lead in a barbershop quartet. Singing was my life and is still a great love of mine when I'm not busy with wildlife/ecology stuff. But hey, ecology tends to pay the bills a lot better than music, and between my two passions there were a lot better ecology programs at nearby colleges than music programs, so whatever's meant to be I suppose. :P

My Characters:
~Celeglad, lvl 80 male Blood Elf hunter
~Thunderkitty, lvl 73 female troll resto shammy and my BC raiding toon
Blade's Edge-US
~Perendi, lvl 80 male troll resto shammy (old habits die hard)
~Greenhawk, lvl 77 male tauren feral (bear) druid
~Amonet, lvl 55 female orc arms warrior
~Zulaiya, lvl 0 goblin huntress, most likely my primary alt in Cata once Perendi or Green hits 85, whichever of them my guild needs more
~Diadem, lvl 0 Tauren Priestess (make a female tauren alt, use atlasloot to dress her up in any past or present priest raid gear. it looks awesome.)

WoW Pets: Cele's primary pet is Hel; tamed her from the quest wolf Ironjaw in Terokkar pretty much as soon as pets were equalized for WotLK. Others include/have included a Coilfang nether ray, rare Vile Sting scorpid from 1k Needles, ghost saber, blue WC wind serpent, and various other ravagers, serpents, cats, crabs, dragonhawks and spiders. My intent for Zulaiya is to taunt her by taming a number of beasts twice her size, such as bats, rhinos, hydras if they become tameable, and especially a molten core hound if, gods willing, they exist somewhere after Blackrock is redone in Cata.

RL Pets: Two cats- Ozzy (big fat black one) and Buddha (grey tiger pattern, not fat but has a cute, tubby little belly- though definitely not from parasites for anyone concerned by that description). My beloved baby Jasper, Buddha's twin brother, just passed on a couple months ago from heart disease. :cry: <3 Also somewhat mine is my girlfriend's 6-month-old border collie, Navi; she tends to respond to whichever of me or my gf's dad is physically closer when the name 'Daddy' is used. :lol:

Play History/Style: Different styles for different characters, really. Cele was my first character and I had a blast just leveling him on quests and dungeons, pugging groups for various things and occasionally getting help from my real life friend (mage named Kuroi in-game) who got me started on WoW. Around the time Cele was hitting Outland, my girlfriend and I started dating and she abandoned her first couple toons (still pretty low-level) on another server to join us on her new rogue, Vampshadow. By that time Roi was helping a couple in-game friends form a new raiding guild and I re-rolled my shammy, Kitty, to help Vamp level and fill a healing void in the guild's future raid lineup. By the time Wrath hit we were halfway into Black Temple and Cele was almost 70. The guild fell apart and I went back to Cele for the remainder of my time on Duskwood.
A few months into Wrath, Vamp's sister and brother-in-law began trying to get us to transfer to Blade's Edge to raid with them since we weren't having much luck getting back into the Duskwood raid scene. Vamp transferred; I sent a lot of my game wealth over with her and used it to powerlevel a new shaman because I missed the old-world content and her sis's guild was very casual and had no great need of me yet. Since then I've worked on my warrior, who I love leveling but honestly don't think i'll have much fun with at max level aside from a little questing and gathering, my druid who I hate soloing on but love tanking, and I'm itching to do a hunter again. The hunter class just feels right fighting alone out in the wilderness, in a way that no others i've played really do. I suppose they're designed that way.

But yeah, that's me. Sorry for the wall of text, I kinda get really into these little bio posts. Happy hunting all! :D

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Golden » Fri Jan 08, 2010 1:00 pm

Name: Riikka

Can also be called Saf(rienaer), Golden, Lena or Nani (Nanyana)

I'm a 20-year-old Finnish female who has just started her Business Information Technology studies. On my freetime I enjoy (besides of WoW <.<) the HoMM series, Dance Gaming, drawing, and role playing. I live with my parents and two awesome dogs, but am hoping to move away as soon as possible.

Some of my most important WoW toons
Nanyana - lv80 Night Elf Hunter (main)
Sulka - lv80 Night Elf Druid
Aool - lv80 Draenei Shaman

And truckloads of alts. Most of my toons are Alliance, as I haven't gotten into leveling a Hordie past 40. The server I play mostly on is Tarren Mill-EU, feel free to come and say hi if you're on the same server and happen to see me online.

For a very long time my playstyle consisted completely on soloing stuff and sometimes hitting something harder with my friend's Resto Druid. The new dungeon tool introduced me to grouping and since then I've done my best to run at least one heroic a day on my Hunter. All in all I tend to do whatever I feel like at the time, be it making gold, doing dailies or just exploring and trying stuff out.

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by skatoulaki » Fri Jan 08, 2010 4:24 pm

Name: Skat or Myst

Realm(s): Zangarmarsh-PvE; Stormscale-PvP

Characters (all on Zangarmarsh unless noted):
Mystrinixx - 80 Draenei Hunter (BM/SV dual spec)
Skatoulaki - 26 Draenei Paladin (Ret)
Petitemort - 55 Gnome Death Knight (my bank alt:)
Mystrinixxia - 56 Draenei DK (on Stormscale)
various low level Alli and Horde toons on both of the above servers and a few others

Hunter Pets:
Skittles - Devilsaur
Jynx - Spirit Beast cat Gondria
Junior - Spirit Beast cat Loque'Nahak
Merlyn - Spirit Beast wolf Skoll
Matoskah - Dun Morogh bear Bjarn

Favorite hunter pet: I love all my pets! I usually use Skittles in instances and alternate the SB's while questing or farming. Matoskah is who I leveled with to around Level 55 and I just can't part with him yet (which means I have no "official" SV pet yet LOL)

Playstyle: I love questing and exploring, leveling new toons, collecting non-combat pets (have Grunty, Li'l KT, Pandaren Monk, the Core Hound, all of the Shattrath fishing quest baby crocs, among others:), helping out new players; I'm not overly concerned about gear or DPS...right now I'm happy to just be learning my class since I still have a lot to learn:) My boyfriend had an 80 hunter when I started which he now rarely plays, favoring the paladin he leveled to 80 with me, and says I'm a much better hunter than he ever was.

Playing WoW Since: July 2009. I missed my boyfriend who was always in WoW, so when I got my new Dell XPS last July, he talked me into joining him in WoW... I think I am now more addicted than he is;) I started out on the PvP realm he was on, spent a LOT of my time being ganked (I have never ganked) but finally made it to Level 80 (in Oct 2009). About a month ago, we transferred our mains to a PvP server, which I am liking MUCH better. I like PvPing in battlegrounds, but when I'm just trying to level my fishing or complete a quest, it is such a frustration to be one-shotted by people who are 30 or 40 levels above me or who only attack when I'm fighting off a bunch of mobs. What was especially frustrating is that we were outnumbered by Horde 9.8 to 1 on the PvP server...so everywhere you went...ugh. So yeah, enough of my QQ'ing...we're on a care bear realm now:)

RL: Female, 36 (as of 12/30/09:)

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Doglover1335 » Sat Jan 09, 2010 1:27 am

Main:Allidog Alts:Áthena-Druid,Rhæ-Shaman "No offence to Horde but my name stands out for Alliance Dog" :?
Realm(s):The Sckryers (US) *Never come to my server to rp*
Favorite PvP Pet:Wasp Raiding Pet:Wolf
RL Pets:5 Dogs (I Hate Cats)
I have a life with alot of brothers and sisters.I PvP more then I raid. I don't rp much since no one ever does.
Aspect of the Adected.

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Zanidar » Sat Jan 09, 2010 5:12 pm

Realm: Vashj

Characters: Zanidar- level 21 Blood Elf Hunter

Pets- Sunscythe the raptor from Durotar, and Selukon the wolf from Ashenvale

Playstyle: Leveling, some battlegrounds, I plan to PvP when I hit max level

Playing WoW since: last week :lol:

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by VelkynKarma » Sat Jan 09, 2010 6:26 pm

Hey there!

I'm Heather, 21, currently going to college for game design and animation. It is a fantastic excuse to play WoW. I'm studying you see. 8-)

Realms: Mostly Quel'Dorei (US). Flitted to other realms but never stayed long.
Characters: I have quite a few, but only a few I play often/have the patience for/repeatedly go back to:
Saor BE Rogue, and also my main.
Kalos BE Paladin
Sophos BE Priest

And of course
Silinrul my NE Hunter!

In addition to WoWing, I also love reading, writing, and drawing--pretty much anything creative I'll take a stab at. :)



Silinrul and Jiaphyon of <Ominous Latin Name>

A big thanks to Vephriel for the awesome signature :)

Help my Dragons

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by peloquin » Sat Jan 09, 2010 9:41 pm

Name: Jeremy
Toons: Peloquin 80 lvl troll hunter
Appoloin 80 lvl undead lock
Taheo 80 lvl tauren druid

Peloquin is my main.I pvp and run instances. Since I work as a paid firefighter dont have time for raidin. Love the game been comin here to petopia since its start. Thanks Mania for all you've done here.What else to say i go and kill allies. good times :twisted:
better to burnout, then to fade away!

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Aquillian » Mon Jan 11, 2010 11:30 am

Oh fun.

Character: Aquillian, on Cenarion Circle. See also: My icon. He's grumpy! :D

Playstyle: I enjoy it all. I love raiding, doing heroics, PVP, arenas, RP, exploring, mount collecting, and minipet collecting. Which is why I don't really have any alts, other than my old druid! (Corvidia, feral/resto, in case you're terrible curious, just recently transferred her and got her to 80.) Aquillian is Marks/BM. I absolutely adore marks, and it is my raid spec. But I love BM too, because the pets are incredible (Spiritbeasts and devilsaurs are far and away my favorites.) Currently I'm sorta hunting Krush, but I'm not hopeful. >.<' I got incredibly lucky earlier though and watched Arcturis spawn right before me... his new name is Borealis :3 If I had to summarise my playstyle though, it'd be simple: I play to have fun, the end.

RL: I'm a 22 year old biology major that lives with her fiance (who is the proud player of Sularyn, a holy paladin, and Rykos, an SV hunter) and 3 cats. I like art as well, but just as a hobby. I love biology, always have, always will.

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Kalasha » Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:57 pm

Name: David

Realm: Karazhan (Allies) Teranas (Horde)

Faction: My favorite races in terms of looks, voices and architecture are in the Alliance. I have nothing against the Horde, but Alliance fits me best.

Characters: many, but i ll stick to the ones I actually focus on. Kalasha 80 dranei hunter BM/SV. Aeryn lvl 80 paladiin Prot/Holý. Qiryn lvl 80 Night Elf DK blood/frost. After years of playing outnumbered alliance on Karazhan I figured wth I ll make a mage on a pve server for when the ganking gets to me. Enter my baby Blood Elf mage 23 Naraja (frost)

Hunter Pets: Blue Serpent (Dagon) Blue/White Gorilla (Avalanche) Winterspring Sabercat (Aurora) Tan Wolf (Dunya) Red Core Hound (simply named Core Hound)

Favorite Pet: This varies a bit, but I d have to say Dagon, who was with me all the way from lvl 17 into my first Black Temple raids. Also helped me for the first bit into Northrend, after which Avalanche took his place because I needed more threat. My shaman sidekick Xalladra kept overaggroing my poor snake :)

Real life pets: well I ve had quite a few: rats,cats, dogs, chickens, frogs and a python. I would love to have a dog or cat again but nowadays i live in a apartment and it feels wrong to force an animal to live in a place where they cant go outside when they want to. Maybe I ll get two or three rats again... we'll see

Hobbies: Reading, drawing toons and writing stories for them. I also roleplay with some friends if we can find the time in our busy adult schedules. God, to be a kid again...

Age: 29, im not ancient, but 'serious' life has caught up with me im afraid. So much to do, so little time...

Occupation: Will not be mentioned. I really feel that nowadays people define other folks to much by what they do for a living. Every time i go out or to a party I meet new people and you can bet 9 out of 10 times their first question is what I do (meaning what I do to earn a paycheck). I really hate that and usually answer along the lines of:

"I read. What do you do?"

Playstyle: What I love most of all is cruising on my hunter netherdrake from daily to daily, raking up the gold and seeing the sights. I also raid quite a lot as I am one of the core progress raiders for my guild Singularity. I like running heroics with the new dungeon tool but I hardly find the time for it. On Kalasha I avoid pvp usually, but my DK does run into a BG or two when im up for some frenzied Horde chopping.

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Nikrosnil » Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:28 pm

My name is Nikolai, Nikk for short, I'm 17 years old, male, and Norwegian but i've lived in the UK all my life.
I'm an aspiring architect, currently studying A-level Art, Maths and Physics.

I play on the US realm Aggramar.

My characters are:

Alyssía, a level 80 Female Night Elf Hunter, Who has a pet Frostworg and Icepaw Bear.
I collect vanity pets on Aly, and my favourites include my Phoenix Hatchling, Blizzard Bear Cub, Onyxian Whelping, and Tirisfal Batling.
Favourite Mounts: Quel'dorei Steed, Headless Horseman's Reins, Attumen's Warhorse, Swift Palomino.

Arymis, a level 70 Male Blood Elf death knight. Mounts: Ravasaur, Black War Wolf, Acherus Deathcharger.

and a future character...

Lyxia, A female Goblin Hunter, Who has a pet fox. Mount: Black Wolf.

Played WoW since: August 2006

Hobbies: Sketching, Art, Photography, Skiing, Shopping, Riding, Reading, Hanging out with mates.

RL pets: Two Dogs ( A gorgeous red/blonde border collie with hints of black and white called Penny, and an adorable and handsome boxer called Sandie.)
A Stunning Apaloosa Horse called Smuggler.


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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Sochi » Mon Jan 11, 2010 9:03 pm

Hi! I've been reading the forums for a long while now and have learned much about being a Hunter through this marvelous resource. And given that, I have decided to join in.

Name: Rachel

Realm(s): Crushridge Horde, Zangarmarsh Alliance and now Nesingwary Horde.

Characters: I’ve, um, rolled a few toons in my gaming time. In the majority, they are hunters. What can I say, I love the class. I could list them all, but I shall stick to three here.

Sochi, level 80 Blood Elf Hunter. My first character and my main even if she is on the back-burner at the moment. She has done much in her 80 levels. She’s got an Ambassador title under belt, hunted Loque’nahak successfully, manged to track down Skoll and at one point, had Gondria, too. She has known the folks of two good guilds and has led a pretty nice existence on Crushridge.

Vasi: Night Elf Hunter, currently level 51. Vasi was not the first night elf hunter I have created. I had tried once before and could not “get into it” with a night elf. So I shelved her, and later deleted her. A little while back, I created Vasi on the Zangarmarsh server, as a work friend had gotten into the game. I created her to say hello, maybe give a few general pointers and just chat. At first, I wasn’t quite certain how long Vasi would survive, I knew I’d get her to level 10 as I love the hunter taming quests. But she was an alt, I told myself, a change of pace. I didn’t quite know what to do with Sochi at that time and I still wanted to play. I don’t raid and I find no joy in PvP diversions, but I planned to return to her at some point. Vasi survived longer than expected, until the point came where I decided to keep her. I enjoy the PvE environs, the lack of tension. Vasi dosen’t have to be so wary of her surrounds all the time. She’s a lot more relaxed than her predessesor.

Shaon: New Blood Elf hunter on Nesingwary Realm

All my hunters wish we could have at least two more stable slots. Heck, we’d be happy with just one more, but would find two more delightful.

Favorite pet: Very hard to choose, and I really cannot pick one. Sochi has her Mercado, a red springpaw lynx, the first pet I have ever taken as a companion. Mercado holds a special place in the pantheon of pets I have tamed with my hunters. Vasi has her wolf Maugrim as her pet of choice.

Playstyle: Casual. Not a raider, not a PvPer. Love to explore, quest, and see what I can get away with solo. I prefer the BM school of huntering. I love tracking rare spawns and I enjoy leveling reputations for some reason. It might be the mounts and I suspect I just might have the collecting bug.

Playing WoW Since: 2007. I picked up WoW as my prior MMORPG had gotten rather dull. I loved Final Fantasy XI, but the waiting around for a party was getting to me, and at the time, I had very little playtime available. I found I needed a game and after hearing from a friend who played, I decided to try it. I admit I went in blind to both realm type and class, but liked what I found enough to stay.

In RL: I’m a 30 year old woman and happily married to a wonderful man. He once played a fine Horde Paladin, but is on hiatus from the game. I have had pets in my life, but don’t have any currently. I work retail until I return to school once more to advance a new career path. My hobbies include reading, writing, sketching, and all things archery. My love for the bow and the arrow is what led me to the hunter class in the first place.

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Yaone » Tue Jan 12, 2010 6:28 pm

Name: Stacye

Realm: Lightbringer (US)

Mains: Yaone (pronounced: Yay oh knee) and Ayani my 80 raiding druid.

Alts. I don't want to hit you with a wall of text so passing this. xD

Favorite pet: My Ghostpaw Alpha that I have had for five years <3

Other favs: Loque, Arcturis, Skoll and currently a panther, but sometimes I have Snarler, Rak'shiri, and sometimes a bear.

Been playing since launch! And my wow hunters hobbies include tracking down rare beasts and sharing the info with the rest of the hunter community be it alliance or horde =) Light raiding, pvp nah... collecting pets and mounts to xD'

Oh and my real life pets include a Australian Shepherd, two betas, and a guinea pig.

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 Community Resource
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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Maria » Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:57 am

Name: Maria, Smurf, Tøf :D

Realm(s): Argent Dawn, Chamber of Aspect and Thunderhorn (plaining on moving all my char on Chamber of Aspect to ArgentDawn)

Characters Argent Dawn:
Naitha - Druid, Mainspec Restoration, Dualspec Boomkin
Tårnfalk - Hunter, Mainspec Beastmaster, Dualspec Survival
Nougat - Mage .. only lvl 10 havent desided spec yet

Kahlua - Hunter, Mainspec Beastmaster, Dualspec Survival

Chamber of Aspect
Steelghost - Rogue, only lvl 28 and so fare she is subetly specced

Pony - Hunter lvl 19... twink.. this one i think is gonna stay on this server.. just to keep her name

Anadra - Druid, Mainspec Restoration, Dualspec boomkin considering Feral
Tivoli - Hunter, Mainspec Beasmaster, dualspec survival

Hunter Pets:
Tårnfalk´s pets:
Müsli - Juvenile snowleopard
Azeitae, Sapphire Hive Drone
Dingosniffer, beige Prairie Wolf
Cappucino - Tan silith
CutiePie - Golden Worm

Tivoli´s pets:
Chicken - White croc
FatCat - orange stranglethorn tiger
Gigli - Purple Hyena
Sharkbait - blue raptor (not outland skin - normalworld)
NoBrainer - White 2 headed carion bird from outlands

Pony´s pets:
Spindler -Shanda the Spinner, tarantulaskingrey
Raptus - Takk The leape,raptorskingrey
Blocking - Grey Owl
Oinkinator - Black Pig
Shelby - White crab

... i really hope that blizzard will let us hunters have unlimeted pets, like the mount and vanity pet system.... i want a pet of each colour... but that requires ALOT of hunters :)

Playing WoW Since: it was launced :) previous my husband and i have played Everquest, Totaly played MMORPG for 13 years

RL: Female, 31 years old.. Birthday 5th of april.
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HUGE thanks to Makoes, Syleye, FeralClaw, Pingupuff, Karin,Bowno, Varethyn, Ashaine, Kishay, Aki (Täräin13), my friend Marie and some lovely ppl on Fligth Rising for my lovely sig

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Karathyriel » Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:44 pm

Hi everyone!

My name is Werner, almost 40 years old, male and born, raised an resident in germany.

I'm a roleplayer and I only roll toons on RP-Relams. My home realm is Die Nachtwache [EU] and my toons worth mentioning are: I do have some alts on other relams but they are not played anymore, mostly hunters of all races but HORDE ONLY!
I play WoW sind August 2006 and hunters since Burning Crusade, when I rolled Karathyriel to be hunter because I thought pets to be soooo cool! :D

I'm currently looking for a new job as I can't do my old job anymore due to health reasons.

Playstyle is mostly soloing as I don't stay in guilds very long. Raiding has seen me through almost all heroics and Naxxramas, but Ulduar and Ice Crown Citadel are yet untouched.
  • my music: Heavy Metal
  • my books: fantasy novels
  • my hobbies: Wow, roleplaying, tablotops & Blood Bowl

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Voodoou » Sat Jan 16, 2010 8:11 pm

I I'm Ari, 34 years young and I have been playing WoW since open beta. I actually met my husband in game and we have been together 4ish years at this point. With him I lead <Endeavors> of Emerald Dream(we have coined it a friendly raiding guild) which just had its one year anniversary! I have a condition called Fibromyalgia which in my case means I use a wheelchair when I have to go farther than my car so I play this game too much but have met so many amazing people. If you ever find yourself on ED and want to talk hunter.. look me up!

Level 80 Characters: (main)Voodoou - my day one troll huntress who I'd love to be BM but Survival is just way more damage for raids
Twistedrose - Pally tank
Twistedvoo - stubbornly fire mage
Defiante - farmer warlock
Seratna - Tree druid... an example of how easy it is to gear up, 80 4 days now and healing ToC >.<

Favorite pets: Mania mentioned her Twilight Runner... haha I used that cat from 23-59 when I went with ole Amethyst the Frostsaber Pride Watcher. I used her in all of vanilla WoW and she caused her share of wipes and other trouble. In BC I LOVED Spike my Thornfang Ravager. Now in Wrath I have had to let my old pets go free :cry: and managed to tame the first Devilsaur on Emerald Dream who is still my main BM pet but also I love my Nicodemus the Vargul Blighthound who raids with me when I am forced to go Survival... which these days is most of the time. I cherish my spirit beasts(Loque'nahak, Skoll and Gondria) but more as trophies rather than usable pets.

Real life pets: I have just about everything from horses to frogs to fish. I have bred rats, horses and fish. Currently though I am down to two cats... Baby and Cow who were born under my desk during a raid.

That about sums me up!

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Suicune » Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:08 pm

Hey all, my name is Danielle, I'm a proud girl gamer, and have been for pretty much my whole life. I am 29 at the time of this post, have 3 cats whose pictures are posted in the pets thread who are the loves of my life. I live in good ol' New Jersey in the USA, been here my whole life. Before I got into WoW I skipped between console games and pet sims online, and upkeeping my now defunct site and blog (sadness, but such is the life of the non-rich). I love to draw, I have a deviantart account, but haven't added much to it. I really need to get back into it, I've been feeling inspired lately :) I have too many hobbies and interests, but it's safe to say I love cats, Dragons, art, RPGs and games in general, and computers. I hate retail, but unfortunately I manage in a retail store hehe.

WoW info-

Been playing since 2007, run my own Guild, Dark Swarm on the Azuremyst US server, Horde side. We have an Alliance branch, and a branch on Demon Soul US for when our server used to go down a lot. We are a casual PvE/PvP guild composed of mostly adults with wacky schedules due to real life. My main is Suicune, my hunter, and I have a host of other characters I enjoy playing, my current 80s being Suicune, Absol (male Tauren DK), and Suikun (my Alliance main, a Draenei hunter lol). I collect pets, mounts, TCG loots, and other bizarre items. I love doing achievements, and hunting rares. Because Spirit Beasts seem to enjoy finding me, I've acquired the title 'Queen of the Spirit Beasts'. I had 3 Loques on Suicune at one time, but changed things up as new Spirit Beasts were added. I had first tame of Gondria Hordeside, second tame overall, and server first of Skoll. My stable is pretty much stuck atm, with Skoll, Loque, Gezzerak, Gondria and my wolf for non BM spec. My Draenei has all 4 Spirit Beasts and Rak'Shiri, and my baby Tauren hunter is too low to tame much yet. Love hunters and no matter which class I enjoy, my hunter will remain my main. I managed to stay competitive with my DPS as BM for quite a long time, but sadly, the gear doesn't scale well enough, and not too long ago I began to raid as MM before just recently swapping my dual spec to Surv., which I shockingly enjoy a lot. I long for the day BM pulls the DPS Surv. can. I miss Loque.

I think that is it for now, I would be happy to answer any questions anyone has, or would enjoy just shooting the breeze, so feel free to drop me a line :)
~Queen of the Spirit Beasts~

Follow me on Twitter @GoddessSuicune

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/a ... e/advanced <-Main.

http://goddess-suicune.deviantart.com/ <-Rarely updated, too busy playing WoW. :lol:

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Aweena » Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:57 pm

Name: Henriette

Main Character: Aweena Blood Elf female Hunter Terenas EU

Favorite pet: Snappy my turtle and natasja my wolf/dog

Playstyle: mixed really Casual raiding and altoholic aweena is my Pet & Mount Collecter

Playing WoW Since: some time in 2004

In RL: 30 yr old female unemployed

RL Pets:My dog Tasja 2 cats quark and jackie love em to bits

If love is an illusion to hell with reality

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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Ungoro » Sat Jan 23, 2010 8:07 am

Name: John

Realm: Khadgar - EU
Faction: Alliance

Ungoro - Hunter
Pets: Humar, Sewer Beast, Shattered Hand Warhound

Borzar - Death Knight

Dalader - Hunter
Pets: Echeyakee, Mazzranache

Mcshaman - Shaman (Can't wait to change that name)

Magicmidget - Mage

??? - Worgen Hunter
??? - Worgen Warlock
??? - Worgen Druid

Favourite Pets: Every pet i've ever had, and every pet i have now will always be favourites (That's why i spent a few extra days camping Stormwind to retame Sewer Beast)

Playing WoW: Since 2007

Playstyle: All over the place! When i get back on WoW i'll do what i've always done; Daily heroics and heroics (if possible to get), Chat to friends, get into the occasional raid. Probably never will get in a raiding guild as i put put my friends guild before raiding guilds.

RL: I'm a student, i'm learning guitar, the ukulele, and the clarinet when i get mine fixed. I started to learn the Cornet years ago but when i got my braces two years ago, the band i was in put me on tuba incase of any pain that could occur (but without braces, it could be safe to say that i could play baritone, tenor horn, euphonium and with a bit of practise get back on the cornet as it has a very small mouthpiece compaed to the tuba). I'm self teaching myself to play keyboard, but so far i've only taught myself a few intros with the majority being The Beatles. My favourite genres of music are: Classic Rock, Rock, Psychedelic rock/pop, Arena Rock, Alternative, Punk, Hard Rock, Easy Listening, Oldies, Classic and much more (You would'a thought someone like me would of chosen music for GCSE? Not choosing it was probably one of my hugest regrets so far! the ridiculous thing is, is that i'm shy and don't like performing infront of people by myself but when i'm in my band playing infront of an audience of 600+ i'm fine!!!). Studying Spanish (regret), Graphic Products (regret), Business Studies and Media studies which i enjoy. I like to read Fantasy, Fantasy Horror, Manga (The authors of my favourite books: Darren Shan, Tolkien, Terry Goodkind, Paolini etc...)

Ungoro of Khadgar

<Disturbing The Peace>



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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Alex » Mon Jan 25, 2010 3:50 am


All my characters are on Terenas. I only have one hunter, my level 80 tauren, Deathlyholow, but that's only because I probably couldn't get through the strain of leveling another one again. I also have an off-hand main, my level 58* tauren druid, Harpier. Then there's my alt warlock Redead in all her rotting, undead, level 27 glory that probably won't go anywhere till I'm able to get her a heirloom item like Harpier has.

*Currently leveling up Harpier. Her level is changing frequently.


Byron - Male - Loque the Spirit Beast
Squelch - Unknown gender (seriously, how could this thing have a gender anyways?) - Ooze that thinks it's a crocodile
Odjit - Female - Plague Hound from Zul'Drak
Sparta - Male - Albino Devilsaur*
Amitola - Female - Pretty n' Pink Dragonhawk from SMV*

*These pets may be abandoned for others. Only the top three are the ones I'd keep for sure.


Solo, occasional groups & raids (mostly because of my guild :p), acheivement, mount, and vanity pet whore. Seriously, I'd spend hours trying to get all of those.


My name is Rose and I'm female. Fourteen and feisty, pretty much the only thing I hate is how my school hours cut into my WoW ones (can you say "addict"?) and homework. And gym. I hate gym too.

RL Pets:

I have two cats, a female (spayed) calico, Fuzzy, and a male (neutered) mix-breed siamese, Sake (pronounced like "socky". Or at least that's how I pronounce it).

Battlenet: Alex#13558
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Re: Who Are You?

Unread post by Sonata » Mon Jan 25, 2010 7:39 am

Hi everyone, nice to meet you all! I hope we will get along with one another nicely and even be friends!

Name: Susanna

RL info

I am a 20 year old girl residing in Finland, studying information technology. Going to finish in the year 1012, wish me luck I need it!
Some of my hobbies are drawing, reading, gaming in general, occasional writing and spending time with my friends. Sadly I have the "I like anime/manga/japanese"-stuff illness, please don't hate me.
I have a bad habbit of making typos, I don't mean to do it honest, just so you know.
Considered fun company, a little bit too nice for her own good. Yes talking in third person is fun.

I had real life pet's sadly they have all passed away, and the other member of the household doesn't want a new one, not even a hamster.

WoW info

My playstyle currently is that I'm scared shirtless from my main because of a rare disease called "Afraid of Dungeons/Raids"-disease, this actualy applies to any toon I have even the little dungeons like SM scare me.
Yes I see you laughing, but if you'd known me for years you would undestand maybe. (If you have any tips on a good cure for it, please note me)

I used to have the playstyle of doing dailies and running HC's like a madman. I enjoy running dungeons or raids and being in a guild full of fun happy people. I love questing with my friends, I'm not much of a grinder unless it's not with my main who is a healer not a grinding machine.

My most notable characters:

Tarren Mill (Eu):

Latarir Lvl 80 Night Elf Druid
Paratiisi Lvl 72 Draenei Priest

The Quel'thalas (Eu):

Sinaen Lvl 80 Blood Elf DK
Anotnaar Lvl 44 Blood Elf Mage
Vesi Lvl 32 Undead Warlock

Blood Hoof (Eu):

Siliner Lvl 37 Blood Elf Hunter
Hauki Lvl 58 Orc DK


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