Help Needed w/ the Pebble Watch

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Help Needed w/ the Pebble Watch

Unread post by Lazurianis » Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:20 am

Greetings all, recently as a Christmas gift, I was given the Pebble Watch, and recently, there have websites explaining how to make your own watch faces.
I have done my own research and found out how to make still-non animated watch faces, (through however- I have yet to find out how to create animated watch faces, and although many people state it is through programming, there should be an easier way to do so? If not then how? Can I use a .mp4 file (without sound is a given) or do I have to make it a .gif file? More importantly, if I have to have a .mp4 file converted into a .gif, where is the best place I can do so, because - I want to test out and see how long I can actually make my .gif last. Any and all information helps, thank you guys.

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