Evolution of Paleoart

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Evolution of Paleoart

Unread post by Inay » Wed May 03, 2017 6:11 am

Givin' that we're all playing hunters here, I guess you're all more or less interested in animals, maybe biology and stuff, so I though the following video may interest you. This is a presentation on the evolution of Paleoart to be more an more accurate. (With a little bump to pop-culture like Jurassic World (or WoW) being trapped in the 70 while sciences keep on evoluing and being more accurate)
I found it pretty interesting myself, so here.

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Re: Evolution of Paleoart

Unread post by Vephriel » Wed May 03, 2017 10:14 am

That was actually a really fascinating presentation, thanks for sharing! :) I have to admit, even though I know better, I'm one of the people that has a guilty attachment to the classic JP-style iterations of dinosaurs. I know they're inaccurate, but having grown up with that image...man, they're just so cool. I absolutely love seeing the advances in science and dinosaur portrayals but I know there will always be a part of me that loves those big scaly raptors. They almost hold a dragon-like prestige of being awesome mythological creatures now which is why I don't mind seeing them (even while fully understanding how frustrating it must be to see that sort of inaccuracy repeated and prolonged in mainstream culture). I realize it's largely nostalgia and a product of mainstream exposure, by even recognizing that can't take away my fondness for those badass shrink-wrapped reptilians. :lol:

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