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Looking for someone

Unread post by Iowawolf » Wed Oct 09, 2019 7:43 pm

*hangs a wanted sign on the wall*
Upon closer inspection you all notice it is asking for the whereabouts of a certain Vulpera.

I am wondering if anyone has seen of heard anything lately about a Vulpera named Nisha she went missing before the PTR hit because I have on file that she survived the Voldun storyline yet is no where to be seen on the PTR.

I have inquired many times at many places, the WOW forums Vulpera threads even twitter Wowhead among others yet no one has seen or heard from her since Voldun.

With Vulpera being playable now I am thinking she will be the one helping to recruit our new fox friends but even that is just a guess so if anyone has any idea where Nisha is located please let the Vulpera lost and found know so we can breathe easier.

Thank you for reading and For Vulpera and Voldun.

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