BiS Pets

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BiS Pets

Unread post by Errupt » Sat May 09, 2020 1:22 pm

Hey everyone,
Guys i've been searching for ideas/suggestions about BiS pets for Raiding/Farming/PvP.
I also would like to know which pets are better in Tanking/DPS/Buffing raid/group.

I am new as a hunter.Never acually played Hunter before and i happen to find it really fun and proffitable.I'd easly put this class to Tier 1 class of gold farming.

The current pets i am using are Broken tooth.I happen to find this kitty really usefull in pvp.That kitty is most hated by casters in general cause of it's attack speed and the DPS it does is really good aswell.My 2nd pet is a wolf i tamed in LBRS and i use it for Raiding.It's good for group buffing since most of the times pets usually die in every pack you pull in raids cause of cleave dmg.I always have my wolf on passive and spam that group buff.It greatly improves the DPS overall i'd say.And 3rd that's personal opinion since i grind alot with my hunter,i'm using the wind serpent from ZG (Son of Hakkar) cause of it's Dive spell and Lightning Breath those fast tags for elementals/Essences and many more other mobs for grinding become really easy specially when the area is contested.

But what other options you guys have?Any suggestions?Something that you believe would be better than my set up?
PS:I really wanna know about the ZG bat.I've been thinking replacing my Son of Hakkar for a ZG bat.But im not sure yet cause those fast tags in a farming area are truly gold.

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Re: BiS Pets

Unread post by PrimalTazza » Mon May 18, 2020 4:03 am

Broken Tooth is your best bet for most PVP situations. A wind serpent is my go to for world content, though a bat or owl would be a close second. They do good damage and tank well with their AOE attack power debuff. A wolf might be good for some groups because of their party buff for melee DPS. I typically avoid tankier pets like turtles because their higher HP and armor comes at the cost of damage, which makes it harder for them to hold aggro.


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