Solo Farming Pet Skills?

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Solo Farming Pet Skills?

Unread post by seb89 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 10:04 am

I mostly got my Hunter for Outdoor Farming. Maybe run MC/BWL just for Fun but not to be Top in the DPS List. But thats not my main Goal for my Hunter.
I am Beast Master and i got myself Broken Tooth. And so far everything works fine. But i was wondering.
I looked into some different Guides. But its mostly the same. They tell you what Skill YOU should use. But none really talk about the Pet. Sure if you know you are going into MC get some Fire Resistance.
But what about everywhere else? What about someone like me who is mostly outside farming or running a Dungeon here and there?
Dash and Growl are essential for Farming. But should i go full Armor? Or full Health? Or Both only up to a certain Rank? Should i only use 1 Damage Skill or Both?

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Re: Solo Farming Pet Skills?

Unread post by Thor » Thu Oct 22, 2020 7:22 am

You have 3 stable slots and it's ideal to use each slot for a different type of pet. By that I mean a different job, like a pet for solo/farming, a pet for raiding/dungeons, and a pet for PVP. You can use the same pet for all 3 jobs but it would mean constantly unlearning its skills to teach it the ones you need for the job.

My general rule is to only teach a pet 1 damage ability. Claw and Screech are abilities that will eat all your pet's focus, so also having Bite kind of a waste as it will never have focus to use both Claw and Bite; well, other than when it charges in (so just once). So, (for me) birds get Screech, Dive, and Growl. My cats would get Claw, Dash, and Growl. So forth and so on.

An exception to this would be a Gorilla. That would get Bite and Thunderstomp since Thunderstomp's cooldown is a minute, so you need an attack to fill in the cooldown.

For solo stuff, once that's done, the rest goes into armor and stamina. How you spread that is your call, but I try and go 50/50 as much as I can between the two. Some people prefer to max stamina as much as they can and then dump the rest into armor. The idea being that caster mobs ignore armor so having more stamina is more universally useful. While that's true, you're going to encounter far more melee mobs than caster mobs. Those melee mobs will chew through your pet if you lack armor quicker than a caster mob will without maxed stamina.

If you're running a raid, like MC, then yes - get your pet max fire resist. The rest of your points would go into stamina once you've got your attack and resists taken care of. Armor isn't needed in a raid since your pet should not be getting focused on. It will get hit though, AE attacks and spells, hence the stamina, but it won't get focused to need the armor.

So, for raids you want to max out whatever resists are needed for that raid, get your attack, and the rest into stamina. The same is true for dungeons; same principle applies there.

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