Hunter Pet: Broken Tooth and King Bang

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Hunter Pet: Broken Tooth and King Bang

Unread post by DixxieNormouss » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:48 pm

Okay so there are tons and tons of posts from vanilla and some for classic about these two but none with concrete information as far as I have found.
In most, Broken Tooth with his 1.0 AS comes out as the better pet for casters and frenzy uptime. But I have a couple people swearing that King Bang is higher DPS. Has anyone had the chance to tame either or both in classic? Is cobra reflexes on King Bang in classic wow and how do they compare (lets set aside the insane luck of the draw it takes to snatch Broken Tooth because yeah).
I've also seen some posts listing King Bang at 141.9 DPS and Broken Tooth at 132.7. This is from vanilla though and I'm assuming its taking cobra reflexes into account but not 100% sure.
Theres just so much info on BT but not enough on King Bang and my OCD isnt letting me settle on the easier catch lmao.

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Re: Hunter Pet: Broken Tooth and King Bang

Unread post by Mentakh » Mon Nov 11, 2019 3:17 pm

There are no more differences, there are many reports and confirmations that there are no more special abilities or different damage types.
So all pet families are normalized. Which means no Cobra Reflexes for King Bang. The only difference between pets from the same familiy ( cats in your case ), is attack speed. So if you want the BiS then you have to look for the fasted attack speed. Broken Tooth has the fastest attack speed. And no there is no difference in base damage between Broken Tooth and King Bang.
Now I haven't confirmed this myself in the case of King Bang, but all other pets I have tamed confirm that everything is normalized except attack speed.

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Re: Hunter Pet: Broken Tooth and King Bang

Unread post by Bowno » Mon Nov 11, 2019 6:49 pm

A lot of special stuff from Vanilla, like Lupos doing shadow damage and Cobra Reflexes on King Bang have been removed for Classic.

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