Beware - Wizards IRL scam [frostmourne]

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Beware - Wizards IRL scam [frostmourne]

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Just a heads up - this was posted on the Oceanic wow FB page I mod. A guild on Frostmourne <Wizards IRL> has been scamming people out their loot in Mythic carry runs. These guys handed over 6 million gold for specific loot drops which they never get - then pay again for a run next week and so on and so forth. The scam is the RL tells everyone not to loot so that piece of loot never shows up in chat and therefor cannot be traded to the paying player. It then goes to their mailbox where they can collect it later.
The entirety of Frostmourne now know about these guys and as far as selling runs goes I think its over.

Someone has posted the streams and youtube of how they got busted doing it:

Only the person scammed can report this to Blizzard. If you have paid for a carry by this guild and did not see loot in chat please report them. This is top notch scum behaviour and I don't want any petopian to be scammed out of their hard earnt gold.


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