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Secret Minipet found: Phoenix Wishwing

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2023 5:10 pm
by Magnakilro
Didn't see anything hgere so thought I'd share that the secret minipet, the Phoenix Wishwing, was recently discovered!

Here's how to get yours:

1: Search Spires of Arak for Small Piles of Ash inside the little cookpots scattered around. Gather 10 Sacred Phoenix Ash from them.

2: Kill Scorching Elementals in Un'goro Crater's Fireplume Ridge area until you loot 20 Inert Phoenix Ash

3: This is the urgent part: You need 1 Glittering Phoenix Ember. This drops off Alysrazor in Firelands. The catch? IT ONLY DROPS ON TIMEWALKING MODE!

4: Take the items to an NPC named Zektar in Spires of Arak (npc only available if you completed the Cult of the Ravenspeakers questline). Trade them for a Phoenix Ash Talisman

5: Buy an Ash Feather Amulet from Griftah in the Obsidian Throne area of Waking Shores.

6: Use the amulet. You will now be able to see Ash Feathers on the ground . Loot 20.

7: Gather 15 Smoldering Phoenix Ash from phoenix mobs on Dragon Isles.

8: Take the Phoenix Ash Talisman, the Ash Feathers, and the Smoldering Ashes to Tarjin the Blind in Waking Shores. He will have a quest to trade everything for the Phoenix Wishwing pet.


Re: Secret Minipet found: Phoenix Wishwing

Posted: Fri May 19, 2023 1:43 pm
by Magnakilro
Update: As per a hotfix, the Inert Phoenix Ash now drops from all fire elementals on Fireplume Ridge in Un'goro, not just Scorching Elementals.