Preymantis invasion!

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Preymantis invasion!

Unread post by Divixon » Wed May 27, 2015 3:44 am

These might not be my real pets ( 23 )
but they do make a good pest control to have arround

This happened today while i was at tafe doing jewellery, get a txt from bf saying : help! little grasshoppers swarming our room! - :lol:

was mean to laugh at him, but hes not much of a creepy crawly person, even screams/shouts when theres a bush cockaroach rushing across the room - *house is going a little construction, just had water tanks fitted in, holes in the wall for the pipes n such, solar heat fix and so on... lets just say alot of little holes that any bug can fit in to get in the house XD

as i get home he said 1 went on his hand and flicked it away, it was sitting on his GTA5 game case, i dont like grasshoppers much.. my sister is to blame on that.. used to love them as a kid, mainly to catch and tie up in spider webs.. we had alot of good spiders back in the 90s.. and an hopper infestation.. our plants had lots of holes.. lol..
anyway.. i find one.. but.. it wasnt a grasshopper.. turned out to be a baby preymantis.. it was doing its little wiggle - wich i find is cute tbh -

we have this plant outside the front door that has those sap eating bugs, think they might enjoy eating those.. i searched the entire bedroom *its not that big tbh - fits a computer,big bed,big cuboard* i found 15 of these little mantis all over the place.. some in the bed.. the rest scattered all over the place.. i was looking for the egg sack that they usualy have.. couldnt find it.. but cant find where they come from.. still looking >.<

as i was looking for the egg.. i kept finding more babys.. 23 ive found in the end.. all safe outside with those sap bugs for dinner :lol: hopefully they all will grow up and hunt for all the unwanted pests we get like silverfish, roaches, spiders n such - all our spiders do is make a heck of a mess with the webs, caught nothing but dust tbh..

so yes.. 23 little mantis in our room haha.. it sucks i cant keep 1 as a pet - i have 2 cats.. i know both will try to attack the bug box if i did keep some.

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Re: Preymantis invasion!

Unread post by Wain » Wed May 27, 2015 6:23 am

Oh how cool :) It's also a funny coincidence as I found a preying mantis in the garden today and it's the first I've seen in ages. I only found one though ;)
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Re: Preymantis invasion!

Unread post by Makoes » Wed May 27, 2015 9:17 pm

I love preying mantis!!! I use to have a few as pets in a tank until the BF put what he thought was a "cricket" in with them (turns out it was a black beetle...he couldn't understand why the cricket kept biting him on the ways home :roll: ) and it ate the mantis'. I was not happy, I loved my little "dancing" bugs :D

If ever I get a chance to get some more, I will take it! They are so awesome :D


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