Magnakilro's guide to the Red Proto Drake

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Magnakilro's guide to the Red Proto Drake

Unread post by Magnakilro » Fri Mar 05, 2010 4:22 pm

Hello oh wonderful ladies and gentlemen (and Rhyno....srsly....what the hell r u? jk XD). I am here to present to you possibly my last guide (unless I can figure out something else to help y'alls obtain and treasure and love and feel swell about) We sure accomplished a lot haven't we? Delving into troll empires for stripey cats, green raptors, and a sex addicted frog! We've journeyed thru the main qiraji stronghold to become friends with the local riding bugs. We've traveled to sholazar basin and tamed a King. and we've searched the storm peaks for the rarest beast of them all! Now its time for something a little different. I will give you an Ach by Ach guide to obtaining a Red Proto Drake!.

I'm sure you've seen them...flying around in sholazar, being trained in UK, or maybe other players are riding them.....these crimson scaled proto drakes are quite majestic. This mount (like TLPD) flies at the basic epic flight speed of 280%.

To get this beauty u need the achievement Glory of the Hero. This achievement requires you to get all heroic achs from all pre-ToC wrath dungeons. Some are hard (Watch Him Die, Less-rabi) some are easy (Make it Count, Hadronox Denied), some have become the normal way of doing it (Defenseless, Culling of Time, Dehydration) This guide will provide a strategy for each ach in this achievement!

Let's get started!

Utgarde Keep:
Ach(s): On the Rocks
Boss(es): Required: Prince Keleseth
Description: Kill Keleseth without destroying Frost Tombs
Strategy: There are two ways of doin this......either bring a lotta dps and zerg his @$$, or bring two healers....that way u'll still be fine if one of em becomes a freezey pop. DO NOT AoE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, unless adds are moved out of range of tombs. Dk's will hafta be careful due to the AoE nature of some of thier moves (I think some jump on thier own but idk) This is UK's only ach

Utgarde Pinnacle:
Achs: Incredible Hulk, Lodi Dodi we loves the Skadi, My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time, King's Bane
1: Incredible Hulk
Boss required: Svala Sorrowgrave
Description: Cause Svala to kill a Scourge Hulk with her Ritual of Sword ability
Strategy: Very simple. You get two chances per attempt. Scourge Hulks are posted in a few out of the way rooms. When the fight begins, pull one into Svala's room, and dps it down to around 9k. When she casts her ritual, the tank must take the hulk under the sword and stay there till the attack goes off. This should kill the hulk. Ach credit is earned if: 1: hulk dies from the attack directly, 2: hulk dies from the attack's DoT, 3: Hulk dies WHILE he has the DoT. DO NOT DoT THE HULK TILL THE SWORD ATTACK HITS HIM! Don't want him dying on u XD

2/3: Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi, My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time
Boss: Skadi the Ruthless and Grauf
Descriptions: Lodi: Kill Skadi within 3 mins of starting gauntlet. My Girl: Kill Grauf in one pass, then kill Skadi
Strategy: Easy squeezey. After starting the event, collect enough harpoons to kill Grauf (used to be 5, recent patch lowered it to 3). Now run back to where u killed the magnataur boss to reset the gauntlet (you keep harpoons) Post the harpooner at the guns be4 skadi respawns. Activate Gauntlet. When skadi flies within range, unload on him. When Grauf dies, kill skadi within the remainder of the 3 mins. 2 achs in 1 go! (if your lucky, Skadi will drop a blue proto drake mount)

4: King's Bane:
Boss: King Ymiron
Description: Kill Ymiron without triggering Bane:
Strategy: Easy. When you see him casting bane STOP attacking till it wears off. If dps is high enough, he'll never use it.

The Nexus:
Achs: Chaos Theory, Split Personality, Intense Cold
1: Split Personality
Boss: Grand Magus Telestra
Description: During the telestra fight, kill her split forms within 5 secs of each other for BOTH splits (you must let her split twice) then kill her
Strategy: this ach is hard cuz A: you won't no how u did till she dies and u get saved and B: the arcane and ice adds can screw u over. This ach requires this kill order: Frost, Arcane, Fire. Frost add is immune to death while channeling blizzard, hence why she's 1st. Arcane add polymorphs u and stops time. Fire add just hurts. now before u go in and kill the adds one by one, try lowering all 3 of thier hp's to like 10% then finish them in the proper order (Frost, arcane, fire). Do this for the other split then kill telestra.

2: Chaos Theory
Boss: Anomalus
Description: Kill Anomalus without destroying Chaotic Rifts during the fight
Strategy: Much easier now that Anomalus doesn't summon as many rifts. Remember that you ARE allowed to destroy any rifts before fighting, just don't kill any during the fight. The trick here is to dps anomalus till he goes immune. Run down to a previous platform and kill adds to u can hit him again. Repeat till he dies.

3: Intense Cold
Boss: Keristrasza
Description: Kill Keri w/out letting Intense Cold reach beyond 2 stacks. This is an individual ach....u do not need the other groupies to keep thier own stacks down
Strategy: just bring any form of root breaking u can get (racial skills, class skills, items, trinkets, etc) and use em when she roots u. Just jump to drop the stacks back to 0

The Oculus
Achs: Experienced Drake Rider, Make it Count, Ruby Void, Amber Void, Emerald Void
All Achs require Ley-Guardian Eregos
1: Experienced Drake Rider
Description: in 3 separate Oc runs, kill Eregos while on the back of each drake.
Strat: easy....just do Oc runs till u've used all 3 drakes to kill Eregos (this is a personal skill ach....only u can get this one unless someone else in group is on thier last drake too)

2: Make it Count
Description: Kill Eregos within 20 mins of killing Drakos the Interrogator
Strategy: Very easy especially with good gear. MAKE SURE ALL PLANNING IS DONE BEFORE DRAKOS DIES. Basically go thru as normal...just don't waste time on drakes during the Construct/Varos Cloudstrider part

3/4: Ruby/Emerald Voids
Description: Kill Eregos without ruby drakes (ruby void) or emerald drakes (emerald void) in ur group
Strategy: Everyone picks up an Amber drake. When Eregos is reached make a Time-stop rotation. You must keep him stopped till he phase shifts. He becomes immune after the 3rd time stop, but u can use it again after phase shift. In other words....time 3 time stops so that he phase shifts during 3rd one....this will stop adds from bein summoned if dun right. Now...for actual damage.....Before fight starts designate a "tank". After tank is chosen, the other 4 drakes activate Temporal Rifts on eregos. Tank casts time stop then starts shooting till rifters have 10 shock charges. then "tank" opens rift and everyone else blows thier charges, giving tank 10 charges. Then the non-tanks open rifts again. Tank blows charges. Repeat till phase shift. After phase shift repeat the process till next shift. then repeat again till victory. 2 achs in 1!

5: Amber Void
Description: Kill Eregos without an amber drake on ur team.
Strat: Team should be 2 red 3 green or 3 red two green (depends on how well adds are handled). One red drake should be attacking eregos and casting Martyr on a greenie, the other red (or both other reds) should kill adds as the appear. Greens keep leeching poison and Nightmare Touch (lowers Eregos's dmg) up at all times and keep reds healed. Will take a bit to down him but shouldn't be hard.
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Re: Magnakilro's guide to the Red Proto Drake

Unread post by Magnakilro » Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:28 pm

Achs: Watch Him Die, Hadronox Denied, Gotta Go
1: Watch Him Die
Boss: Krik'thir the Gatewatcher
Description: Kill Krik'thir without killing Watchers Gashra, Narjil and Slithik
Strat: One of the hardest achs for the red proto. You must kill Krik'thir without the named adds dying. There are 3 strats for this.
I: Kill unnamed adds, then kill Krik'thir
II:Zerg the hell outta Krik'thir while all adds are up
III:OT drags adds back to entrance while everyone alls zergs the hell outta Krik'thir
The named adds can web wrap u. They each have thier own abilities (AoE poison, an enrage, and a web blind thingy) GL with this one.

2: Hadronox Denied
Boss: Hadronox
Description: Kill Hadronox before he stops the adds from coming into the room.
Strat: VERY VERY easy as a hunter or rogue. Send the hunter or rogue in alone to aggro the Crusher. They then cast FD or Vanish to drop aggro. All adds despawn as well as Hadro. Everyone then heads to the web that covers the room that has the hole to Anub'arak. When Hadro respawns, kill him before the adds become a nuisance.

3: Gotta Go!
Boss: Anub'arak
Description: Kill Anub in 4 minutes (formerly 2 mins)
Strat: Very simple, especially since the required time was doubled. Just requires adds to die fast. Ofc Anub needs to die fast too!

An'kahet, the Old Kingdom
Achs: Respect Your Elders, Volunteer Work, Volazj's Quick Demise (before a recent patch, you also needed The Party's Over (kill Teldaram with 4 or less party members) but this ach was removed)
1: Respect Your Elders:
Boss: Elder Nadox
Description: Kill Nadox without killing An'kahar Guardians
Strat: very easy now that he summons less guardians (he summons 1 now I believe). When a guardian is summoned, an OT must drag it to the opposite side of the hallway. When baby adds appear, drag them to MT so they lose shields and can be killed. Easy. Do NOT kite the boss as he will enrage if dragged too far.

2: Volunteer Work
Boss: Jedoga Shadowseeker
Description: Kill Jedoga without stopping any of her volunteers from bein sacrificed
Strat: Very easy now that she does it once (I think). Just ignore the add when she's sacrificing.

3: Volazj's Quick Demise
Boss: Herald Volazj
Description: Kill Volazj in 2 mins
Strat: Pretty tough. This whole ach rides on how quickly ur group gets thru the insanity phases. Clear em quick and u'll get this ach no prob.

Violet Hold
Achs: Defenseless, A-Void-Dance, Dehydration, Lockdown
All of these achs require luck with bosses

1: Defenseless:
Boss: Cyanigosa
Description: Complete entire VH run without using defense crystals and w/out door getting dmged. Impossible if doing Dehydration...or just plain fighting Ichoron (Defense crystal are a big part of the "normal" Ichoron kill strat now)

2: A-Void-Dance
Boss: Zuramat the Obliterator
Description: kill Zuramat without killing Void Sentries
Strat: Very easy just SINGLE TARGET nuke him down and ignore adds. Hardest part of the ach is getting the required boss to come out.

3: Dehydration
Boss: Ichoron
Description: Kill Ichoron without any Water Globules merging
Strat: When she splits, use a defense crystal. Make sure its timed right or u may hit it too early (not all adds were there when it went off) or too late (some adds merged). This ach will bar u from Defenseless. Hardest part of ach is getting the right boss.

4: Lockdown
Boss: All except Cyanigosa
Description: Kill all VH prisoners (will take at least 3 separate attempts)
Strat: Just run VH until u've killed each prisoner. Prisoners: Erekem(arrakoa), Xevozz (ethereal), Moragg (beholder), Lavanthor (core hound), Ichoron (water revenant), and Zuramat the Obliterator (voidwalker-ish dude)

Culling of Stratholme
Achs: Culling of Time, Zombiefest
1: Culling of Time
Boss: Infinite Corrupter
Description: Kill the Infinite Corrupter
Strat: This ach is the CoS timed run. The timer starts when the 1st scourge wave appears. You have 25 mins to find, engage, AND KILL the Corrupter (unlike 45 min Baron run in "present" Strat where timer stops when Baron is engaged). Try not to waste time on zombies. Do NOT loot till rest period between Meathook and next wave. Slightly easier now that Arthas no longer runs all the way to Town Hall. During the Infinite dragon part, at the hallway....kill the ranged ones 1st. At the gauntlet.....pull a few packs of elites, not 1. DO NOT STOP TO REST WITH ARTHAS. Keep moving. Kill the corrupter before time expires to earn the ach. The corrupter also drops a Bronze Drake mount.

2: Zombiefest:
Boss: none but Salramm the Fleshcrafter has some importance
Description: kill 100 Risen Zombies in 1 min.
Strat: Very easy. Go thru instance as normal till Salramm spawns. Drag him into Town Hall. Hold him there till all dead risen zombies respawn (Salramm's death stops them from respawning). Go thru as normal till gauntlet. IGNORE ARTHAS! Send an AoE back to the 1st area. He rounds up zombies and kills em while everyone else kills gauntlet zombies. Easy. Hardest part is gettin ppl that wanna skip on drake mount.

Drak'tharon Keep
Achs: Consumption Junction, Oh Novos!, Better Off Dred

1: Consumption Junction
Boss: Trollgore
Description: Kill Trollgore before he gets 10 stacks of Consume
Strat: When he uses consume...he gains 1 stack for each add, pet, minion and player within his LoS. There are 2 ways to earn this ach. 1: if u gots a lotta dps zerg him to hell. 2: Tank positions him behind a pole, healer stays outta LoS while healing tank. Dps runs in, dps's a bit then hides before consume hits them. 1 dps should be killin adds. If dun right...he should only get 1 stack each time till death.

2: Oh Novos
Boss: Novos the Summoner
Description: Kill Novos without letting the zombies, wights, and skeletons reach his floor
Strat: Just stand at top of steps and AoE till phase 2.....then finish off anything left on steps, then run down and kill Novos

3: Better Off Dred
Boss: King Dred
Description: While fighting Dred, kill 6 of the raptors in his pen, then kill Dred.
Strat: There are 7 raptors in his pen. They do NOT respawn if killed. Pull Dred 1st. He will call raptors over from time to time but u can pull em urself too. Just focus fire the raptors (not Dred) till 6 have died, then kill the King.

Achs: Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?, Less-rabi, What the Eck?, Share the Love
1: Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?
Boss: Sladran
Description: Kill Sladran without anyone getting snake wrapped
Strat: this one requires a little luck. Just nuke the boss and hope for the best.

2: Less-rabi
Boss: Moorabi
Description: Kill Moorabi w/out lettin him transform
Strat: Very hard ach. 2 ways to do this. 1: bring lotsa dps, do slow dps till 50%....interrupt his cast...then nuke him. 2: bring an ele shammy with 5/5 reverbation. DPS Moorabi to 50%...shammy interrupts cast with Wind Shear, and does nothing but spam wind shear till 'rabi dies. This ach is luck based as a quake or lag can screw u over

3: What the Eck
Bosses: Eck the Ferocious and Gal'darah
Description: Kill Gal'darah while covered in Eck's eck residue
Strat: Kill Moorabi to unlock Eck's shrine. While fighting Eck, let him hit you with Eck Spit. This will cover you in Eck Residue (harmless debuff...does not persist thru death). Now kill Gal'darah in 1 try and ur dun.

4: Share the Love
Boss: Gal'darah
Description: Let Gal'darah impale ur entire party (except pets) before you kill him
Strat: This requires luck and an OT. Dps Gal'darah till he goes rhino then STOP TILL EVERYONE IS IMPALED. He casts 2 impales, changes back, summons ghost rhino, then goes rhino again and repeats. His impale NEVER HITS HIS CURRENT TANK. His impale is randomly targetted. If the OT is impaled, the MT must let him/her get aggro. When MT is impaled he can take back Gal. Once everyone has gotten a free ride on his horn, kill Gal'darah.
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Re: Magnakilro's guide to the Red Proto Drake

Unread post by Magnakilro » Fri Mar 05, 2010 5:44 pm

Halls of Stone
Achs: Good Grief, Brann Spankin' New, Abuse the Ooze

1: Good Grief
Boss: Maiden of Grief
Description: kill MoG in 1 minute
Strat: Easier then it sounds. Best way to do this is to just stand in void zone (does DoT to u but stops her stun) and nuke her to hell

2: Brann Spankin' New
Boss: Tribunal of the Ages
Description: Complete the TotA encounter w/out Brann gettin hit once.
Strat: Just AoE at the entrance. 'Tis all. Also stay outta Eye Beams in phase 3.

3: Abuse the Ooze
Boss: Sjonnir the Ironshaper
Description: Kill 5 Iron Sludges, then kill Sjonnir
Strat: Do slow dps till Malformed Oozes spawn. STOP ALL DPS ON SJONNIR AT THIS POINT. Let the oozes combine into Iron Sludges, then kill it. Once 5 have died, kill Sjonnir

Halls of Lightning
Achs: Lightning Struck, Shatter Resistant, Timely Death

1: Lightning Struck
Boss: General Bjarngrim
Description: Kill Bjarngrim while he has Temporary Electrical Charge activated
Strat: Just pull him while he's electrified, then kill as normal.

2: Shatter Resistant
Boss: Volkhan
Description: Kill Volkhan before he can shatter more the 4 Constructs.
Strat: Just nuke Volkhan and ignore adds. Easy. He only shatters dead adds

3: Timely Death
Boss: Loken
Description: kill Loken in 2 mins
Strat: Easy. Just nuke him and don't worry about his Lightning Nova. Remember to stay near him to lower the dmg from his DoT

And there you have it! While doing these ach's it is possible to get 3 other mounts too! Blue proto drake from roic Skadi the Ruthless, Blue Drake from a bag in eregos's loot cache (only if done as random roic), and Bronze drake from CoS Timed run.

I hope you get ur red proto's!

This may be my last guide btw....hopefully I may find something else to write a guide about, but atm....nothing comes to mind. I sure had a lotta fun helpin u all out tho ^_^. I'm happy my guides have helped you obtain these rare treasures ^_^
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