Gold Challenge Modes, Need some Assistance

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Gold Challenge Modes, Need some Assistance

Unread post by Lazurianis » Thu Jul 25, 2013 7:52 am

Hello and thank you everyone for taking time to read this forum post,

As the title stated, I am looking for help, on Gold Challenge Mode, (going for the transmog gear :P)

Any whom, I have frantically gearing out my Hunter the past three days, so far so good, he's jumped from 410 ilvl to 456 (with two Malevolent PVP Pieces on which I intend on replacing.)

However, I am concerned, even at my ilvl I am only pulling 30-40k DPS single target and roughly 60k Bursting, with 60k AOE DPS (approximately) in BM, I am trying SV, and I like the spec, a lot, but I am not comfortable in it so I am only pulling half the DPS I am in BM.

A lot of people are telling me to just get into full 463 ilvl gear at the least (because the Challenge Mode setting scales your gear ilvl down).

I have been watching a lot of Challenge Mode videos on people getting Gold, and I see a lot of people use Invisibility Potions & Shroud of Concealment every chance they get.

As a BM Hunter, what kind of DPS should I be pulling in Challenge Modes, what type of group set-up do you think I am going to need to maximize DPS and get the Gold achievement? What are some tips and tricks that you recommend? Any additional information that I should know? I am a nervous wreck because I want the transmog gear but I also am not sure what I should be pulling in order to get this done right, because I know for a fact, to get a Gold Medal, you need a lot of Team Work.

(Bear in mind, I have been playing Hunter since vanilla, so I know how to play Hunter, I just want to know how to maximize my DPS.)

Thank you very much for any added help,

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Re: Gold Challenge Modes, Need some Assistance

Unread post by Morven » Tue Jul 30, 2013 7:28 pm

It's worth remembering that PVP gear no longer has drawbacks for PVE, so you can keep the Malevolent gear until you get better.

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