Learning curve for healing in wow

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Learning curve for healing in wow

Unread post by AdamSavage » Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:49 am

I'm just wondering what the overall learning curve for healing is in wow. I first tried healing out on my shaman, then wanted to try my druid for heals. I quickly liked that as I was already famlair with druid healing, as I had expermented with it in Wrath. I then made a monk chose healing and found I liked that more. I've been steadlily healing for about 2-3 months now and I've gotten much better at it, but I struggle with anything that is high damage like Higher Mythic +... I did a plus 12 and that was just a overall big fail.. We had 22 deaths but still managed to beat the timer.. It was likely the worst dungeon to have a +12 on. It was Arcway.

I did +8 Darkheart Thicket with a 929 druid tank, and that still had about 12 deaths. It got better about halfway through as I reliezed I had to keep ppl above 90% most of the time, which was very intense, and really hard on my mana.. We had one death because I ran out of mana and I couldn't heal anyone.

I do use heal bot, but it might not be set up properly and I'm trying to get my monk set up for mythic plus healing only. I don't have much intrest in raiding right now, aside form LFR to get better gear. Suggestions ? I am being too hard on myself ? Jumping into the fire too quickly ? I thinking I should tone it down to no higher than Mythic +6, to avoid the 2 Affixes untill I have that down and then try one level higher ?
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Re: Learning curve for healing in wow

Unread post by TygerDarkstorm » Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:28 pm

I have not healed much in Legion, but I've been a healer since Wrath. I use VuhDo over Healbot, but I don't think choice of addon is all that important. I've always felt that healing is kind of an art; it's something that you get a feel for and that you only learn to do really well after lots of trial, error, and practice. My late husband played a pally tank when I was new and getting started and he basically ran me through the grindstone and put me through every situation you could just about think of to put my skills to the test.

If possible, it's always a good idea to make buddies with a tank; the tank controls the flow of the dungeon so they can help guide you while you get things sorted out. They can also then put you in challenge mode, ie. running dungeons like a gauntlet that don't have to be done that way.

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