Heritage armor...

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Heritage armor...

Unread post by Kalasta » Fri Feb 14, 2020 6:56 am

I posted this ona larger WoW FB group. With all the interesting feedback I've received on this, might as well post this topic here too.

"With all the issues that Blizz has been going through in the past couple of years,(Activison influence largely suspected :evil: ) this delay of heritage armor is somewhat a minor one in comparison to other controversial statements/decisions that have happened as of late...What I'm referring to is, the remaining races yet to receive their heritage armor sets. Yeah, it's a minor annoyance at best, but hear me out.

If I'm not mistaken, there are still several races that have yet to receive theirs (Orcs, Humans, Forsaken, Trolls (The original Darkspear), Panderians, Draenei and NE). And considering this heritage armor thing was something they introduced in this expansion, how come they haven't done the remaining races yet? (current warfront sets not withstanding or course,unless those will end up and the default heritage armors for humans/orcs/forsaken/NE?) Do we have to wait until well into the next one to get them? To me that seems like a pretty unnecessary oversight..especially when they decided to do this withing current expansion content.

Considering this expansion at least lore and dungeon/raid-wise is pretty much done, and Shadowlands coming out in less than half a year or so (delays not withstanding) what's the delay? Especially considering all the newer races already having theirs...some automatically..And they had time to create that timeweaver set for pre-purchase for Shadowlands .but the remaining older (and not so older) ones...nothing...

Thoughts on this?" :?:
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