Introduce yourself here newcomers!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Galalia » Sat May 12, 2012 12:28 pm

Hunter's Name: Galalia
Server Name: Wyrmrest Accord
Faction Side: Horde
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery
Current Favorite Pet: Loque'nahak

My first character on a paid account was a Night Elf Hunter named Galalia, I felt like starting up the tradition again. I achieved my first max-level Hunter in late Wrath (Nhani on Moon Guard) and managed to get two of my favorite pets (Loque and Sambas) by chance after discovering them while farming on other toons. I really don't feel much love for her, so that's why this new Hunter was born! I absolutely love farming Hunter pets, mounts and companion pets so I'm super excited that all of this stuff is going to be BoA in Mists!

IRL, I'm a 20 year old Game Art student. I don't have much time for WoW anymore because I'm in an accelerated program. Hopefully I can meet some awesome people and be apart of this community :3

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Neilaren » Fri May 18, 2012 11:50 pm

Oh, I'm a little fashionably late in doing this. Oh well. Hi. 8-)

Hunter's name: Neilaren
Server name: Shu'halo (Don't worry if you've never heard of it...)
Faction side: Horde
Race: Blood Elf
Signature Spec: Beast Mastery
Longest-Owned Pet: Terrato, Neilaren's domesticated Nether Ray
Favorite pet: Well, I rotate my three spirit beasts (Garurumon, Falcagon, and "Zarhym"), but my guild usually likes my Devilsaur, Greymon, either for the crit buff, or, well... Because he's Greymon! (also devilsaurs are just a-dork-able)

Um, I'm a big Digimon fan, I should put that out there first. All things about it. The shows (in various languages, really), any games I've managed to play. Call me a Digidork if you will, I am proud of it.

Usually in MMOs I end up playing the archery class. Starting up WoW was no different, but in some twist of fate, I love hunters for the pets, and not the archery. I have 2 hunters at 85 now, and countless more on their way. I usually get teased by guildmates about it. They just don't understand!
I'm really big on collecting things (ALL OF THE THINGS). Neilaren will probably never have more than 10 empty spaces in her bags (Void Storage accomplished nothing...) I hoard and I hoard. In real life I'm not really as bad, although paper tends to collect on my desk easily.

Um, more about me: I'm almost 25 and recently moved to a new state (so I'm temporarily jobless). Before, I was a "database-entry money-counter mail-handler event-staff documentation-writer etc." for a hospital's charitable foundation.
I have a degree in Interactive Media and Game Development -- Artistic workings. I lost a lot of my schoolwork in a hard drive crash, so I'm rebuilding, and also deciding just what niche I want to fill (I don't want to do 3D modeling...)
I like designing characters, drawing comics and cartoon-style, and composing music. I think my dream job would be "That person who comes up with the ideas and makes other people carry them out to her liking", since I'm not very good at making "finished" products. :oops:
And despite what everyone will say about it, as thankless a job as QA is, I will do it in a heartbeat. Ironically, MoP is the first beta I've been able to take part in, and I probably only got in because of Annual Pass. :(

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Catnip » Thu May 24, 2012 3:02 pm

Hunter's name: Sentac
Server name: Tarren Mill
Faction side: Horde, but i think ally toons look the best
Current Favorite Spec: Marksman
Current Favorite Pet: Shadow - Oily glitch wolf

Summary: I suck at writing long texts about myself so ill just do a short one :) - im 15 live in Denmark, don't play much wow after 4.3 since im waiting for MoP to come out. I have a great interest in pets both ingame and irl :)

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by thorvin » Mon Jun 11, 2012 3:18 pm

Hunter's name: Thorvin
Server name: Blackhand
Faction side & Guild: Alliance, Gwen Stefani
Current Favorite Spec: Survival
Current Favorite Pet: Underbite - Bronze Crawler

Been playing since a year before BC came out, and my favorite pet is still my crab I tamed at level 12. Thorvin was my first toon, and still the most progressed. Currently in Gwen Stefani, with H25 DS on farm.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by HawkseyesX » Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:57 am

now that ive finally been un-blacklisted, i can finally introduce myself!

Hunter: Hawkseyes
Realm: Draka
Faction: Alliance
Spec: Survival AND Beast mastery
Pet: Arrow my blue dragon hawk from sunwell

Im a collector, no more can be said :3 i have almost 50 mounts and 100 companions, i have a stable completely filled with all rares except for 2, my glitched ghost vulture (he still has the ghostly fog) and my dragonhawk arrow :)
I also just finished the netherwing drake rep. no more making my eyes bleed looking for eggs!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Aggannor » Mon Jul 02, 2012 3:29 am

Hunter: Aggannor
Race: Male Troll
Realm: Wildhammer
Favorite Speck: Beastmaster
Favorite Pet: None right now, but orange Zandalari Riding Raptor from MoP will probably claim that position.

I started playing (if my memory serves me right) a bit before Sunwell patch, but didn't "learn" the game before Wrath. I enjoy doing (non-PvP) achievements, raiding and soloing every now and then. I'm also quite bad with computers, so if I post something, it will probably be wall of text without any pictures.

Also, as Catnip, I suck at writing about myself or long texts.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Haulins » Tue Jul 24, 2012 8:39 pm

Hunter's name: Haulins/Rhukmini
Server name: Moon Guard
Faction side: Alliance/Horde
Current Favorite Spec: Beastmastery
Current Favorite Pet: Eustace - Mastiff/Serik - Scorpid

Summary: Hello! I started playing WoW back in 2005 and I've been quietly sneaking around Petopia ever since. I've never been able to keep a Hunter till the Worgens came out in Cataclysm and even then he, Haulins, was just suppose to be a bank alt, but something just clicked. Now I'm an official crazy pet collector! I can't wait to fill Rhukmini's, my on-again-off-again Orc-ling, stable full of awesome! Its been exciting to search out the different varieties, see what works and doesn't work with the character, and then name them. I really like picking out the new guy's name that fits his personality (which may/may not sound strange to say about inaminate/pixelated things but I'm odd like that :D )

I'd also like to thank Jessibelle of MG for running into me when I tamed Loque'nahak (a.k.a. Hannibal) for being so kind, generous, and informative, and being there to witness my first really big, long sought-after tame! In a sort of 'paying it forward' way, if you happen to see me online, am free, and you need help, feel free to whisper me - even if its just camping a spot while you go repair :)

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Sei » Fri Aug 03, 2012 2:00 am

Hey guys.
It's been a while since I've been here. Had a ton of computer problems and no money to get it fixed. Just wanted to say hello again now that I'm back online and surfing the world of the web :)

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Sar » Thu Aug 23, 2012 8:57 am

Hunter's name: Judgë
Server name: Kilrogg (EU)
Faction side: Horde (Female Undead)
Current Favorite Spec: Beastmastery
Current Favorite Pet: Souleater the Loquenahak

Been posting for a few days, but thought I'd be better giving some info on my hunter :D

Been 85 for all of 3-4 days now, and have picked up most of the pets I wanted (Loque primarily, but also the below)

Favourite Pets:

Souleater the Loquenahak - My favourite, and my current (and likely future in Mists) main pet.

Sheldon the Terrorpene - My main tanking pet, when I'm soloing raid content etc. <3
Frankie the Black Devilsaur - Dopey as hell but funnier still
Arachnacite the Purple Shale Spider - Another tanking favourite, and cute as hell for a spider

I've also picked up:
Madexx, King Krush, Sambas, Jadefang, A polar bear, Noms the purple Zuldrak Raptor, and an undead eagle from Icecrown that suits my undead hunter perfectly.

I also have a few random tames in my stables atm, but none terribly special.

I want to get before Mists:


I get those and I'll be a happy hunter :P
Social Media: YouTube | Twitter | Nerd Rooted

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Lampray » Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:33 pm

Hunter's name: Lampray
Server name: Skullcrusher
Faction side: Horde!
Current Favorite Spec: BM but I mostly play surv
Current Favorite Pet: Ouch, my lone hunter

I've been doing a lot of lurking recently. Just decided I want to be apart of the community :p To me, the best part about playing a hunter is collecting the pets. I have a menagerie of rare and unusual pets, I just wish I had more pet slots :x. I love to raid and am on 8/8Hm farm. I am also huge mount and pet collector. I just like collecting stuff!

If there are any other Skullcrusher people here I would be more than happy to help you get hunter pets!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Jurz » Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:16 pm

Hunter's name: Jurzee, but once I transfer from my father's account onto my own my hunter Tokomon will eventually become my main :)
Server: Usually Scyers. Usually
Faction: HORDE!
Current Favorite Spec: Has been and always will be BM :)
Current Favorite Pet: I have so many favorites, but I'd have to say my number one pet has been and always will be my tan wolf, Suzee :)

Every once in a great while I've lurked around here in my free time. I've played WoW since vanilla with my father and my first character Jurzee and her first pet Suzee. I'm not sure what else to say about myself XD I could go on and on about myself but I feel as if that would be a waste haha

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by LizTheZard » Wed Sep 05, 2012 10:27 pm

Hunter's name: Kelora
Server name: Velen
Faction side: I'm may switch to Horde but for now i'm a proud night elf ^^
Current Favorite Spec: I can't choose between BM or MM ._.
Current Favorite Pet: My bear and my cat. I'm lvl85 and had my bear since lvl10. His name is Sinister or his nickname Sin. Then i have Sambas renamed Sadeeki meaning 'Faithfully loyal' Which is a play on the loot he drops.

Summary: Well my name is Lizzie and i've been playing since W.o.W started :3 Kelora has been my main since then too. I'm really big into the W.o.W lore and have read almost all the books and know most of the story by heart. I love to RP but sadly i don't have the cash to switch to a RP realm and even if i did i'd have NO IDEA which one to switch to since i've been playing on Velen since the beginning I base my character off of me in many ways actually lol. In real life i actually work with animals and have veterinary training which is one of the biggest reasons i chose hunter in the first place. Well uh i have no idea what else to post about myself but if any of you wants you can add me on facebook i guess just search Lizzie Drägon ^^' Happy hunting!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by kiwiwi » Tue Sep 18, 2012 12:08 am

Hunter's Name: Jazmien
Server: Ragnaros EU
Faction: Alliance
Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery
Favorite Pet: Skarr (Diamond) and Loque'nahak (Frida) I also like: Deth'tilac (Purpilla), actually I love all of my stable :D
Favorite Pet Type: Cats
Pet Owned the Longest: Diamond
Playing Since: I started on free server in vanilla, and I joined to Blizz in Burning Crusade
Favorite thing to do in game: pve, pvp with my friends and my guild, hunting/taming rare pets :) collecting achievements, companions

Hunter is my favourite class since I played wow, and in MOP I'd like to leveling up my hunter first.
Nice to join to you guys and Petopia too :)


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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Oona » Thu Sep 27, 2012 1:37 am

Hunter's Name: Oona
Server: Baelgun US
Faction: alliance
Current Favorite Spec: BM,
Current Favorite Pet: Laguna,the Water Strider
Pet Owned the Longest: Serpentine,The Hydra
How long I've been playing: Since around 2005.Recently retired from the game.
Favorite thing to do in game: Used to raid and try to tame hard to catch or rare pets.

Originally started by playing a male NE hunter,then a female troll hunter and then when BC was released I created Oona a female Draenei hunter,which became my main all the way through BC,WotLK and finally until Cataclysm.
Quit raiding and not been a big fan of PvP or Arena games decided there was no justification to keep on paying a monthly fee,especially in this economy.For that reason I don't play anymore.However just recently been playing the trial version of the game to check the Pandaren starting zone.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Whiskeyjack » Tue Oct 16, 2012 7:43 am

Hunter's name: Torachi, male blood elf
Server name: Nagrand
Faction side: Horde, though in some aspects I sometimes prefer Alliance
Current Favorite Spec: BM, have been BM since BC, except for the start of Wrath when Surv was FOTM
Current Favorite Pet: Valerian (Arcturis) and Sakurazuka (Ban'thalos)
Pet Owned the Longest: Hige (pronounced hee-gay) a yellow maned lion caught in the Barrens before the Cataclysm.
How long I've been playing: Casually three months before BC was released, came back again just after 2.4, on and off since 3.1
Favourite thing to do in game: Levelling, random dungeons, pet hunting

Summary: A tauren hunter was my first ever character, back when I was still but a nublet and equipped nature resist leather without knowing what it really did. After BC I levelled a night elf hunter, eventually began raiding on him, and the rest is pretty much history. I switched to a druid being my main for a while, and in some senses it still is, but my recent forays into pet hunting have rekindled my love for the class.

IRL, I'm a student in my last year of university, I live in a cozy apartment with my bf in Melbourne, Australia, and I hark from Singapore. I also draw stuff good.

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Apprentice Hunter
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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by MadHatterBunny » Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:25 pm

Hunter's name: Myrina
Server name: Fizzcrank
Faction side: Horde :D
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery
Current Favorite Pet: Baldr - Loque'nahak Spirit Leopard; I love all my pets

Summary: My first hunter is a NE hunter on Exodar. Myrina was made a few years later on Fizzcrank. She's one of my Horde hunters. :) I have a worgen hunter on the same server. Hunters are my favorite class in the game. I love animals and the class fits me so well. I play other classes too. I have some druids, shamans, mages, etc, but hunters have been my favorite.

Irl, I'm out of community college trying to decide what to do with my life. I love to many things and it's hard for me to pick something to major in. I may end up teaching. Not sure what I'm going to do.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Ithilior » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:34 am

Hunter's name: Ithilior (Ith or Lior for short)
Server name: Cenarian Circle
Faction side: Alliance
Current Favorite Spec: BM
Current Favorite Pet: Arcturis (Spirit Beast)
Pet Owned the Longest: Ouroboros (Serpent)
How long I've been playing: Since Beta
Favorite thing to do in game: Tame Rare Pets and Pet Battles

So, uh... Hi there! I've always had a thing for hunters since waaay back in Beta. From pet collecting to solo'ing things with my faithful Pal. Ive known about Petopia for a great while(and lurked a bit in the forums), but after a break from wow (Like a few months) and a new Expansion dropping, I've finally worked up the courage to join up... So heres to hoping I can bring you all some entertainment or at least contribute in some way, eh?

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Garguntoter » Mon Nov 12, 2012 1:31 am

Hunter's name: Garguntoter, Hi, me name is Gar and I tote a gun
Server name: Undermine
Faction side: Alliance but I have some Horde as well
Current Favorite Spec: BM got to get the exotics :headbang:
Current Favorite Pet: I have 3 because I canna choose, Chiindi my ghost hydra, Brachypelma my lava tarantula and one of my
newest pets Gerris who is Glimmer the water strider's first name.
Pet Owned the Longest: Brachypelma
How long I've been playing: Started playing December 27, 2007
Favorite thing to do in game: Look for unusual stuff, be it hunter pets, companion pets or just weird stuff to take up space in my bank like

I have way to many hunters because I really want to tame every pet "skin" to put in my stable, started making alts that specialize in collecting pet families, going to have to make a couple new ones for just the new basilisks alone. Really wish Blizz would just double our stable. :lol:

I have taken some time off to try other mmos and I still play DDO for a break so I don't get WoWed out but usually only takes a couple of days or a week to recharge. I am really digging the battle pets, been a companion pet hunter almost from the get go, my friend who introduced me to the game took me to Westfall and told me how to get the chicken and it was down hill from there so I was really stoked by the introduction of the battle pets and now have 402 unique and of the 241 wild pets I have caught 180 are rare, 54 uncommon, 4 common and 3 poor, whoosh glad I am not OCD, did I type that out-loud? :shock:

Well if there are any other hunters out there that are on any of my servers (Undermine, Skywall, Blackwater Raiders, Vek'nilash, Hydraxis, Feathermoon, Azjol-Nerub or Shu'Halo that like to just run around looking for crazy stuff just let me know, don't have a hunter on Feathermoon yet but I still have 7 or 8 character slots left on my account. Good luck to everyone and happy hunting

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Bowno » Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:41 am

Hunter's name: Raspadia (Subject to change)
Server name: Moon Guard
Faction side: I play both sides, but hunter is now Horde
Current Favorite Spec: BM since vanilla!
Current Favorite Pet: Grimtotem Spirit Guide :3
Pet Owned the Longest: Grimtotem Spirit Guide ;P
How long I've been playing: Beta
Favorite thing to do in game: World PVP, RP, a bit of Raiding.

Summary: Hi guys! I'm a LONG TIME lurker. I've been using Petopia for a loooong long time now. Love the site. The forums are interesting to lurk too. I've finally decided to make an account here! I promise I'll try not to troll ;P Haha. Anywho, like I said. I'm a fan of the site.
Lets see here. My hunter started out as a NE. She was my first ever toon. I consider her my main even though I play her the least (well, almost.) She's gone through a few changes since I've 'grown up'. A few faction changes and race changes with another race change in her future. Honestly, I miss her being a Night Elf, but I suppose it's time to move on!
I mostly play my druid (one of them at least. I've about 6 of them. 5 are feral. Don't ask how it happened. I'm not even sure!) by the name of Üshi. She's who I consider to be my 'hard mode' character. She is always flagged and I rarely use mounts on her (unless for RP), which makes me appear oh so appealing to pvpers of the opposite faction xD

Anywho! I'm a big fan of RP. I've been doing it for quite a while now. Like most people, I started out pretty fail. I feel I've learned though from my mistakes. Often I go back and laugh at some of my old MRPs.. Or even cringe at them. I wouldn't say I'm a pro, but I'm far from a beginner now.

That's about it for me! I hope I can get to know all of you better! I might not play the same way or see the same way as the other hunters around here, but I do enjoy the hunter community. :3

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Reanbell » Sat Dec 08, 2012 5:00 pm

Hunter's name: Katayna
Server name: Velen
Faction side: Horde!
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery, I've always loved it tbh.
Current Favorite Pet: My baby Loque'nahak.

So uh.. let'see... hi there! Been thinking about joining the forums for a while and finally decided to go ahead and do it. xD Um, I first got into WoW when I played with my boyfriend about two years ago. We just started playing again recently and I'm having so much fun! I tamed my first rare pet Loque'nahak a few weeks ago and I was so proud. Now I'm on the search for Gondria.
What else what else.. well I like anime and some Kpop lol. I'm very quiet and dont like to bother people in game, so I usually keep to myself if Im not playing with my boyfriend at the time.

But uh... YEAH. I'm bad at this but nice to meet everyone! :3

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