Introduce yourself here newcomers!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Thorka » Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:45 pm

Hunter's name: Thorka
Server name: Moon Guard
Faction side: Horde!
Current Favorite Spec: Leaning towards Beast Mastery, though my primary spec is marksmanship.
Pet Owned the Longest: Jithunk, my starter-zone black boar.
How long I've been playing: Vanilla
Current Favorite Pet: Hargu - Mahamba the Water Spirit
Favorite thing to do in game: Look for odd or out of place things. My favorite is the eerie quest line stories, or sharks underwater, and easter eggs! My favorite has to be the ghosts of Lordaeron c: I also adore looking for rare pets and challenging myself, as well as immersing myself into the game.

Hey guys! I'm new here, and I figured I'd say hello instead of being a shy sprout. I haven't been on a forum in ages, so bear with me. xD;
I've been in WoW since vanilla, but only recently started playing it about a year back when my brother got me back into it. Since then, I've managed to drag my boyfriend and my best friend into it with me. (Kicking and screaming.) I just remade my hunter based on my orc I had forever ago, so I'm still in the 30s, but I'm working myself up there!
I'm new to my server too, which is actually pretty pleasant despite all the bad things I've heard about it. I'm a HUGE RPer, though my shyness often leaves me with a lack of it. Nevertheless, I've still given all my pets personalities and established my own hunter pretty well. My first rare I tamed was Takk the Leaper, though I've recently helped rehome Humar the Pridelord to my friend, and I managed to snag myself Mahamba the Water Spirit, with whom I've fallen in love with. I'm currently hunting down Pogeyan the Fire Spirit, whom I wish to rehome to my friend who I also helped tame Humar.
Feel free to PM or whisper me when I'm online or on the forums! I'd love to get to know you all better, especially if any of you guys RP or want to just chat! I'm pretty quiet in-game as far as communication goes, so don't be afraid to poke me for attention.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Castile » Thu Dec 13, 2012 10:04 pm

Hunter's name: Castile x 2!
Server name: Barthilas, Khaz Modan
Faction side: Horde/Alliance
Current Favorite Spec: BM
Pet Owned the Longest: Emerald, my clutchstrider mother tallstrider.
How long I've been playing: Vanilla
Current Favorite Pet: Chromie - Corehound version of Chromagnus
Favorite thing to do in game: Collect mounts and rare pets :) I also raid on my horde hunter and love to solo raids and challenge myself with hard to find pets.

I've been lurking around the forums for abit so thought I'd do one of these posts. I love the hunter community and my two gorgeous toons. My raider atm is Castile the Pandaren on Barthilas (Horde). Castile the space goat was my main but she currently lives a quiet life in my old casual guild on Khaz Modan.


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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Bhadra » Sun Dec 16, 2012 9:19 pm

Hunter's name: Naeira
Server name: Nesingwary
Faction side: Horde (although I also play Alliance)
Current Favorite Spec: Beastmaster for the pets! Followed by Marksman.
How long I've been playing: Vanilla/BC
Favorite thing to do in game: Make friends. Collect items and patterns. Run through old dungeons. Quest.

I'm an old player who left the game and has recently decided to return, starting from scratch. I just made a new account and chose the Nesingwary server because I've loved lurking through this community over the years (even when I wasn't playing WoW). I'm an altoholic who loves hunters and druids. I have at least 8 hunters planned right now. My first is Naeira, a female tauren who has yet to make a decision on a pet.

I'm a college student. Haven't decided what I want to do in life, but, for now, I'm just happy that it's winter vacation.

I hope to meet a lot of new friends and share my hunter stories.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Wadington » Sat Dec 22, 2012 8:16 pm

Hunter's name: Wadington
Server name: Nathrezim
Faction side: Horde
Current Favorite Spec: beastmastery
Current Favorite Pet: MachoGrubba - Giant green grub

Summary: I'm usually on my pc or watching tv. I'm a RTS fan especially of the command & conquer series (Before EA butchered it).
The hunter is by far my favourite class, I tried the other but I just could get a feel for them. always running old content trying to get that nice piece of transmog gear and raid set. Currently trying to get the dragon stalker set. Been thinking of doing a server transfer since nath is pretty much dead in raids and well everthing.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Valamar » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:04 am

Hunter's Name: Valamar
Server: Madoran
Faction: Alliance
Fav spec: MM, using BM due to MM's weakness
Fav pet: Tie between 3, Deth'tilac, Hydra, Skoll
Fav thing to do in WoW: Pvp
Started in Vanilla

I can't stand standing beside a pet that is regarded "common" so that leads me into hunting rare pets (and mounts) pretty serious into raid progression and wow pvp, petopia has helped into getting many pets, first being the hydra pet, so i decided i would register and interact with the community and hopefully return some favours.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Lysia » Sat Dec 29, 2012 8:12 am

Hunter's name: Lysia
Server name: Frostwhisper
Faction side: HORDE :3
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery. Always loved it!
Current Favorite Pet: It's so difficult! I love them all so much D:

I'm currently in college studying animal biology, physiology and care. I adore various species of animals and I think it's why I love hunter so much :P
In-game I collect mounts (currently 181 in journal) and companion pets. I also have a thing for rare hunter pets and love unique ones! :3
I currently raid to get all da lootz and epix, and PvP for funzies!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Slapperfish » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:40 am

Fashionably late one this, but better fashionably late than fashionably never! :mrgreen:

Hunter's name: Jezpalimu
Server name: Kilrogg
Faction side: Horde
Current Favorite Spec: BM
Pet Owned the Longest: Turok, my Lashtail Raptor, if you count retaming. Hector, my spirit wolf, if you don't.
How long I've been playing: Vanilla
Current Favorite Pet: Turok/Jormy
Favorite thing to do in game: Dailies, tinkering with Engineering, looking for new things to add to my stables, and using Beast Lore on Druids just to see how they react.

Self-proclaimed forum comedian, at your service! Here in the forums, I specialize in humorous posts, pictures, stories, and overall making people laugh. Of course, when I DO make actual, non-humorous posts, they're almost always filled with interesting and/or helpful info. :)

But ingame, I'm your typical, friendly neighborhood Beastmaster who won't go anywhere without my lucky hat. I've been playing since Vanilla, with my hunter being my first and oldest character, back in the days when the quests were quests, the druids were priests with a "beast mode", and getting to that next level was an achievement of its own.
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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Ghast » Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:12 am

Hunter's name: Emylghast, but not for long. All my toons end in "ghast" in every MMO, I don't know exactly how it started but it's been my online identity for as long as I can remember, and I couldn't come up with a prefix for my hunter at the time, and now people think it's a form of Emily and that my hunter/myself are female. Which isn't the case. Plus my future wife's name is Emily and she teases me about it. ;_;
Server name: Firetree
Faction side: Horde
Current Favorite Spec: BM
Current Favorite Pet: My Terrorpene, Torkoal. 5ever.

TL;DR, I don't even main a hunter but spend most of my free time obsessing over pets on my hunter alt. I'm so lazy that I've spent since MoP launch coming up with my new stablemates but didn't actually get around to leveling my hunter up until last week. Main is a bear, and until Shamans can tank, it's staying that way; I don't have much fun if I'm not tanking, gameplay wise.

Aaaand.. Hi I've lurked for years since before I even had a hunter. <3

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Aamu » Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:03 pm

As you might or might not have seen, I've posted a couple of things already and just found out about this topic... but I agree with Slapperfish on that. :)

Hunter's name: Aamu (my main hunter, that is)
Server name: Aerie Peak
Faction side:FOR GILNEAS! I mean, the Alliance.
Current Favorite Spec: Definitely Beast Mastery!
Pet Owned the Longest: My starter pet of course (Lloyd the dog)... but the pet I've been carrying around the longest is probably Paisley the wolf. He's one of those wolves from Hellfire Ramparts, and I've got him since lvl 60 (I had to do it all on my own because dungeon groups always killed the wolves, and after dying five times, using countless scrolls and traps, I finally had the bugger and never let him go).
How long I've been playing: Not sure... maybe two years?
Current Favorite Pet: Hmmm... all the pets I've got in my team (and stables, actually)! But the pet that's usually walking by my side nowadays is my white frost saber, Echuir.
Favorite thing to do in game: Running around (especially in Northrend), hunting pets, doing battlegrounds and dungeons. Oh, and exploring!

I'm going on an adventure!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Denariya » Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:40 am

Hunter's name: Denariya / Main's name: Tzila
Server name: Doomhammer
Faction side: Both, my hunter is the only active Alliance atm.
Current Favorite Spec: Non-hunter: Shadow - As for hunter, BM, but Survival is growing on me for sure.
Pet Owned the Longest: Either it's Qiki or Aya, bad memory.
How long I've been playing: March last year, patch 4.3.
Current Favorite Pet: Aya. I mean I spent hours waiting for her, and it didn't help that non-lvl90-hunters danced around me all the time.
Favorite thing to do in game: Testing my capabilities by soloing dungeons/raids, camping rares, battle pets, fly around, having silly discussions with my guild and /afk in Org/SW. Oh, and "How far up can I dismount from without dying" <- I blame the fact that my first main was a rogue.

Joined because I visit the forums frequently, and given that I spend much time on my hunter nowadays I thought "why not". As far as I've seen it's a really nice community too. :D

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by pawprintedheart » Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:36 pm

Hunter's name: Shrieke
Server name: Uther (considering a change)
Faction side: FOR THE HORDE!!!
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery
Current Favorite Pet: Korr - my Shadowclaw. Why? I have no idea, he's just one of *those* pets who would have it no other way.

Summary: I'm a reformed lurker. I'm a casual player who enjoys exploring WoW and wandering with the pets. I've played several hunter alts (through the low levels), but I've never been a 'gamer' and WoW was the first game (outside of Pokemon) that I'd ever played--so I originally took the advice from my brother and his friends 'not to play a hunter'. After fiddling for the past year (two? hard to believe it might be almost two years!), I finally decided I didn't really care for that advice. :-p Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed soloing my shadow priests, but...

Frankly, I missed the pets. lol! ESPECIALLY after I found this site and saw just how many are out there!!! What I've really been wanting to find was a more casual, laid-back guild, who is pet-centered. So far, I've had no luck on my current server and so have been poking around the forums here. Now I'm just trying to con myself into biting the bullet and paying for a realm change for the hunter I've been leveling. (And I'm a slow leveler, so the start of re-starting a new hunter again makes me sad. Especially since I just got my new one into the 40s--though it was much faster leveling than my priests). But I love the idea of the Petopian guild. Choices, choices....

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Rozzana » Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:00 pm

Hunter's name: Rozzana
Faction side: The Horde ^^
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery~!
Current Favorite Pet: Nahak [Loque'nahak]
Pet Owned the Longest: Skoll, he's stayed the longest in my stables ^^
Favorite Pet Family: Devilsaurs~! Although I love quite a few families, devilsaurs have this demanding of respect~!

Summary: I've actually been using Petopia for years now, but I've decided to finally make an account~ The community seems great and everyone is really helpful~! I used to be a major PvPer, but now I'm more casual...although I'm considering becoming a raider eventually. I absolutely love spirit beast, the cat family, cranes, foxes, devilsaurs, moths, waterstriders, dragonhawks, dogs, turtles, ravagers, Serpents, hyenas, and wind Serpents... gah I could go on.. X3...
But I have the most history with wind serpents and cats.. ^^;;;
Although Spiders....bother me... >~>....the lava ones are the only ones I can grow fond of....
I'm excited to be a part of the community and it's nice to meet you all~!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Ashflippers » Tue Jan 29, 2013 1:05 am

Hunter's name: Hurf
Server name: Burning Leigon
Faction side: Horde
Current Favorite Spec: BM
Pet Owned the Longest: Nancy (Spider)
How long I've been playing: Vanilla
Current Favorite Pet: Ashflippers (Crocolisk), my rather obvious namesake.
Favorite thing to do in game: Questing, leveling, and poaching lowbies unfortunate enough to cross paths with me. :)

Oh look, another forum lurker. Although I've mostly played melee-oriented characters since Vanilla, Petopia is actually what spurned my current love of Hunters and the "variety" they often bring to the table. As much as I love bashing someone's head in with a hammer transmogrified to look like a chitinous meat tenderizer, having a Crocolisk go for someone's throat while pumping gunshells into their bloodstream can sometimes be the more entertaining option. :D

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Isobelle » Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:16 pm

Hunter's name: Isobelle
Server name: Whisperwind
Faction side: Horde
Current Favorite Spec: BM
Pet Owned the Longest: Echeyakee
How long I've been playing: I had a night elf hunter in vanilla and left before BC. I started playing again recently with a new hunter.
Current Favorite Pet: Squiggles (my Loque)
Favorite thing to do in game: rare pet hunting has become a bit of an obsession. My stable is bursting! I love rare cats! (I'm a cat person out side the game too)

I found this forum recently and wanted to introduce myself :) Thank you for all of the fantastic information and its good to know that there are lots of us out there!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by arielpf » Mon Feb 04, 2013 11:58 pm

Hunter's name: Celainda
Server name: Mok'Nathal
Faction side: Alliance!
Current Favorite Spec: BM
Pet Owned the Longest: Okay the cat. Yes, I named a pet Okay. ._.
How long I've been playing: ... Like 3 months...
Current Favorite Pet: Kuro the black lion <3
Favorite thing to do in game: Running on fences? xD

Hello everyone. I am Ariel and it's nice meet you all. I joined the forums because my girlfriend told me I should.. So yeah xD. That's all I have to say ._. (I am awful at introductions).

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Eternallylostx » Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:06 am

I'm with slapper, better fashionably late then fashionably never :lol:

Hunter's name: Prussïa // Lasgif
Server name: Mok'nathal
Faction side: Double Agent. xD
Current Favorite Spec: Holy // Beast Mastery
Pet Owned the Longest: Hermm.... Loque'nahak I believe.
How long I've been playing: since early/mid WotLK
Current Favorite Pet: Violet(Purple shale spider) and Frostbite(Loque'nahak)~!
Favorite thing to do in game: PvP, healing, and old raids.

Hello all~ I've been here since Sept '12 already, so I don't think I've posted on this particular thread yet. Anyways, my main is Lasgif, the pandaren, former night elf, I've been playing her and enjoying BM hunters since '08, and I liek dragons. Dragons are cool.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Tammy TwilightRose » Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:55 am

Hunter's name: Twilightrose
Server name: Skullcrusher
Faction side: Glory to the Alliance!
Current Favorite Spec: Marksman
Current Favorite Pet: Prisma - Royal blue flutter.

Summary: I'm Rose as most call me and I love to pvp but lack the requirements to do big player stuff. I love to explore and hunt rares. I'm willing to try anything, no matter how long it takes! I joined near the end of Cata so I still have tons to learn. I'm also an altoholic so I have heals, tank and DPS to help out, both Alliance and horde. I also like to listen to NPCs and view cut scenes ingame if I haven't seen em before. and I'm always willing to help!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Acrysa » Wed Feb 27, 2013 11:01 pm

Hunter's name: Acrysa
Server name: Quel'dorei
Faction side: Horde, of course c:
Current Favorite Spec: I've always loved BM but I like SV too. And MM.
Pet Owned the Longest: I can't really say for sure. Probably Sherman the Turtle
How long I've been playing: Vanilla but I've only been playing a hunter since Cata
Current Favorite Pet: Wilson the Rhino c:
Favorite thing to do in game: Mostly dungeons and raids and soloing old content.

Hi, I'm a long time lurker and first time poster. I recently got back into WoW and playing my hunter so I'm a bit behind the game right now. I like to do dungeons and raids and I love running older content and seeing what I can solo.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Preycheirus » Fri Apr 05, 2013 2:09 pm

Hunter's name: Archadez
Server name: Bronzebeard
Faction side: Alliance, a worgen male
Current Favorite Spec: Survival, but I do like bm.. but just for the pets!
Current Favorite Pet: Vivaldi the red dragonhawk

Hey, I've been playing wow since Cataclysm, and my first class to chose was the hunter :3 Archadez is a worgen male, former draenei female. Even though Archadez is no longer my main I still love playing on my hunter! My friends call me Prey because of my main, Preycheirus my worgen warrior. It has become a trend to me to name my characters something with Prey or Cheirus, so expect a name change anytime soon. xD

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by FourLetterWurdz » Sun Apr 07, 2013 5:35 pm

Hunter's name: Luxiora
Server name: Sargeras
Faction side: Alliance! (I have a secret love for the horde)
Current Favorite Spec: Current? BM. All time? Marks.
Current Favorite Pet: Loque. Always and forever. Mostly because I love Amur leopards. Their gorgeous. D:

Hello! I made my hunter somewhere in Burning Crusade. I got her geared up pretty fast, absolutely loving the play style. Come wrath, she became my main and has been since. I have been playing since Vanilla, though! I currently have three, soon to be 4, hunters. Two alliance on Sargeras, two horde on Illidan. I don't raid anymore - I quit mid firelands. I've been enjoying casual play style and doing whatever. I've been a long, long time lurker of these forums. I figure with me not raiding and having more time to myself, I'd make an account and join the ranks!

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