Introduce yourself here newcomers!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by ashdawn » Sun Apr 21, 2013 7:21 pm

Hunter's name: Ashdawn
Server name: Blackhand
Faction side: HORDE!!!
Current Favorite Spec: BM for sure.
Current Favorite Pet: Tonitrua - Spirit beast skoll. (however when I catch loque they will probs be equal.)

Summary: Hi, Im ashdawn. Im planning to one day get every spirit beast in the game! I enjoy RP walking sometimes with my pet at sunset. I a ilvl of 461 if thats important >.> I really dont get out much at all, I do go outside about monthly and spend my time playing FPS games, sand box games and of course, WoW. Ill share some of my story on why Im a hunter.

waaaaaaay back in 2009 at the end of an expantion i dont know, maybe vanilla my mum met a guy, after a while he moved in and he played WoW he also had 2 daughters. they would all level up this one toon who was level 41... and a hunter. when I found out about this I simply needed to do it as I was extremely interested in his white tiger. so there it was I made my very first toon! a nightelf hunter with white hair named PoshHunter... creative.

a few months passed and I mob grinded to level 13, I was really happy. a few weeks later I dinged 42 on the main. then things started to get pair shaped between them and they broke up. I cried... only because he took my beloved hunter :(. at the same time a new expansion came out, I found this cool new race called the bloodelf (I actually didnt know about the different factions lol) the next day he packed up his stuff and left. later in life, after playing other games I came up with my name because at the time pokemon diamond was coming out and I LOVED it. ash and dawn were the 2 people who I thought I could play as. ashdawn was born. anyway I got back in wow 3 days before MoP and got to level 20 in the 3 days :) naturally, ill let you guess what race and class I rolled.

thanks for reading this giant wall of text! :D

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by vriiska » Wed Apr 24, 2013 4:31 am

Hunter's Name: Vriiska..most of my toons are Homestuck inspired. >.>
Server: Steamwheedle Cartel - US
Faction: Burning Legi...Alliance
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery - Originally was Marksmanship, loved [Aimed Shot] at low lvls. ;D but it was the pets that sold me, BM was clear with its uniques & exotics.
Current Favorite Pet: Such a tough question...Gezzarak...Old Lich King rares, spirit beasts,.. Firelands spiders and my Madexx twins. but currently.....

Mana Wyrms...I was surprised they where added in, always loved them drifting about by the Nexus. Then one fateful evening I saw a hunter parade with Acroniss at Half Hill... I quickly hit up Petopia and scoured through the latest patch notes at the time... and before I knew it I was out in about Northrend attempting to tame Spirit of the North, making it a unique and fun experience! I checked Twilight's Run,scorning those cultists with a few of my arrows for a few days, but in the end I caught Acroniss in his cave and luckily due to the recent nature of the patch, I was able to snag other ones as well,Thicket, Chiaa and Manas/Sunwing!

Silk Worms...Chibee started the craze. hunters started sporting them in town, their creme colored, funky, derpy model was the talk in PuGs. I remembered in Townlong Steppes avoiding the vicious Spotted packs on my monk, as they slowly hobbled along to eat you, adding to their silly mannerisms. " In Pandaria grubs eats you!" My hunter was not leveled up yet.. but always curious, looked up to what I could find...I knew of the purple skin from WoWmodel viewer and was a bit bummed to learn that the purple one wasn't used at the time....being allured with darker themed dark Chibee
Then I heard of Bombyx being introduced... I rushed to the Wilds, fresh from paw'don village.. I was getting swarmed by Saurok, tossing out flares at every damn chewed up silkweed I saw. I finally tracked it down, still not use to the phasing out and derped about hitting him with Hunter's Mark.. but damn, was I in for a shock.. I could not tame it due to it being 90! ...and that was the 1st thing I did after I hit 90. I didn't even purchase flying yet, rode that taxi kite back to K-Wilds and tamed the Bombyx. >.>

Pet Owned the Longest: I had my starter draenei moth for the longest time, then opted with the oddly colored Thicket. Phobias is another old tame...He was Death Ravager when I was still a lowbie.
This post has a snap shot of my current Pet Roster.

How long I've been playing: A few years 1st toon was a rogue, a lull in raiding allowed me to level up my hunter to which has become a favorite toon of mine. A old friend also had a hunter and we helped each other as we both got hooked with taming rares, succumbing to that "Gotta Catch 'Em" all fever.

Favorite thing to do in game: Causal PvE/ Raiding, specifically achievements, transmog, mount runs etc.
In my mind I am still stuck in Cata' content due to a hiatus at that time. Recently my server was hit hard with exodus of people and guilds, these changes caused structured raiding to become difficult, eventually losing my interest to keep up the "ilvls" and started playing the game more at my pace and leveling up alts.. I love doing transmog runs and soloing content, switching between my alts. I always kept an eye here on Petopia lurking, till now looking for that next new tame.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Ewface » Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:02 am

Hunters name: Ewface
Server: Bronzebeard EU
Faction: Alliance
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery - I used to be survival and having bm as offspec to collect pets, but just like vriiska^ I couldn't resist the pets and now I really enjoy bm!
Current Favorite Pets: Elliot - Red Portent and my lates catches, Shawn - Arcturis, Loque and Skoll

Ello, I am Ewface the Worgen Hunter. No, not because my face is ugly :c (will explain that later)
I have only been playing WoW for about four months now, and I'm back after a three months break. I joined because two of my friends hadn't heard from me in years, and when I finally started to be more active on skype, my friends became really excited and wanted me to play WoW with them. I made a trial account and started a human hunter "It has a gun and a pet! Awesome" At first, I didn't really like the game and trial account made it even worse. I couldn't talk with people, I could only whisper a person if I had them on my friend list and so on. But my friends was the reason I started, they just made it fun! And when I brought the game more things opened up, I joined their guild and met such wonderful and crazy guys, everyone was so nice and helped me when I was a newbie, and oh all the fun we had it is just amazing!

Right now in game I'm either doing lfr,soloing content for transmog/mount or looking for new shiny pets! I'm also trying to get my little Worgen warrior to 90 but I'll do it slowly, annoying as hell to tank with so many people ninja pulling or using taunts. I just hit 60, outland dungeons will be fun with dks...

As for my name Ewface. My irl name is Ewelina, and one of my friends just randomly called me Ewface. Now everyone calls me that so yeah, that's my nickname :D

Thanks for reading and thanks to my friend for suggesting me to join Petopia!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Tofu » Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:14 am

Hunter's name: Nectarine
Server name: The Venture Co.
Faction side: Horde <:
Current Favorite Spec: Survival
Current Favorite Pet: Nanook, my Loque'nahak

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by HunterFTW » Mon May 20, 2013 2:28 pm

hi i have to many hunters at the that i am working on but.i joined wow back in cata after a few playing around on my sisters account back in lich king.then cata came out and i got all for my birth day.i tryed out a few classes before hunter such as druid and lock.i had fun on the lock then i tryed her to 85.then askmiter robot messed up my gear not sure it was me or that but i did not have the pataince to corect my gear i tryed an undead hunter.and as i lvled her and tamed pets i began to quickly bound with her.i tamed a few rares my first being poygan then Nuramoc then loque'nahak which sealed the deal.i ended up getting lost in the hunter class that i went hunting for rares and then made a worgen hunter then a blood elf before i new it i ended up makeing 2 for each race for gender out of my love for this class.hunter was my gave my perpose.

i play both factions and when i can and able to help other hunters get rares.but i have not done it as much unless its a to CRZ and no more sumons i stoped after i saw poor purple core hound while looking for a home for him that a pally comes along and kills it takes people hrs to answer i stoped camping for others unless its a request and they have there hunter parked in there spawn spots or zones.

one of my guilds knowing about my hunter love has been recomending that i should join a all hunter guild but i am always BM and theres not realy any on my severs that i know of but it hit me that sense i am so into hunters and there pets that i should join here i am.
hi fellow hunters.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Tawny779 » Fri May 31, 2013 6:13 pm

well, guess it's my turn. Greeting from the land of trolls and scammers, otherwise known as Alleria! I'm Tawny779, also known by my toon's name "Tawnzy", but "Tawn" works just fine as well. I'm an up-and-coming Night Elf Hunter (spelled I just bought the game about two weeks ago.) I've advanced far enough in those two weeks to have learned the art of taming exotic pets, and am currently chasing down Loque in the Sholozar Basin! I'd have to say that currently my favorite pets are my Wintersaber and Loque, and I'm loving the Beast Master spec.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Vixxa » Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:30 pm

Hunter's name: Vixxa
Server name: Draenor EU
Faction side: Horde! :D
Current Favorite Spec: BM
Current Favorite Pet: My Scorpion.

Hey everyone, Just started playing wow for about a week. Seems like everyone here has been playing for years aha, Ah well guess im the noob around here! :P So yeah, I watched my mate play a few times and decided to buy the game. First toon i made was a Human Priest but that soon got boring so i thought i would try a Hunter, Best choice i've ever made! Im only level 31 atm but im trying to level quicky. Been loving PvP and the PvE so far. Cant wait to get to 69 and start taming exotics!

Nice to meet you all!

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Doc Privas » Mon Jun 17, 2013 5:36 am

Not new at all, but haven't posted since ages! I took a really long WoW-pause. Now I'm back :D

Hunter's name: Chohar
Server Name: Argent Dawn EU
Faction side: Horde/Tauren
Current Favorite Spec: Survival
Current Favorite Pet: My "Northrend" black worg I tamed in Elwynn at level 10 <3

Hey! I'm from Switzerland and I usually play on the new Italian realms (Well of Eternity EU), since Switzerland has 3 official language and I live in the Italian speaking part of it... but I got a bit bored of it so I rerolled on a RP realm (Argent Dawn EU) without any heirlooms - and it's really refreshing! And plus stop in Crossroads or Ratchet to watch RP is just amazing. Can't wait to start my own IC stories!
The only disturbing thing is GOLDSHIRE. Wow, there are some weird people around there, lol.

Cya! /moo

Cloudstrider - Highmountain Tauren Hunter
Argent Dawn EU

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Vexxan » Mon Jun 17, 2013 2:08 pm

Hunters Name: Vexxan
Server Name: Lightbringer
Faction Side: ALLIANCE!!!
Favorite Spec: BM always has always will be.
Favorite pet: I Have so many favorite pets but if i have to choose one its probably Grimmjow my blue sabre cat.
Longest Pet Owned: Blessing my loque :3
How long i have been playing: 5-6 Years (Somewhere in there lol)
Favorite Pet Family: Cats or Spirit Beasts
Favorite thing to do in game: LFR (I know im crazy xD) and soloing pretty much everything I can do and collecting pets, mini pets, and mounts. I also enjoy achievements and xmog too Oh and ima altaholic :3

Summary: Hello everyone im Vex! I have been playing wow for a long time and I don't think im ever going to stop :lol: I have always loved hunters I have tried other classes and yes they are fun but none can come up to the level of fun a can bring my hunters has been my main for all of the time I have played wow. I am a huge altaholic and most of the time I cant make up my mind on what I want to play xD. I really like to raid since I have been a raidleader b4 and I love the aspect of a big group of people going in and putting their minds together to beat down a huge monster and progress into better things. I Can be really random at times or so my friends and family say :lol: its good to meet you all and thanks for listening to me ramble :3
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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Nevish » Sun Jun 23, 2013 3:41 pm

Hunter's name: Nevish
Server name: Eonar
Faction side: ALLIANCE!
Current Favorite Spec: I'm a BM loyalist at heart, but my second spec is always flexing towards the flavour of the month.
Current Favorite Pet: Ick, my maggot.

Summary: I've been a long time lurker! Hunter friendly spaces seem to be dwindling so I've come here to bask with other like-minded players in the warm glow of our...hunterness. Heh. I haven't had access to the game in a few months due to upsets with moving across country, so I hope I can park here in the meantime to get my fix. I've been playing WoW since the launch of WotLK. Nevish has been my first and main toon since the day I first picked up the game. If I had a choice I'd have an army of Loque'nahaks to cuddle and boop their noses and tell them what good ethereal murdering machines they are.

It's very nice to meet you all.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Nocturne » Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:14 pm

Hunter's name: Aiolos
Server name: Nesingwary - US
Faction side: Horde - Blood Elf
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery - Forever Beast Master spec. ^^
Current Favorite Pet: Nocturne the black Dragonhawk

Summary: Hello. I've recently started to play WoW again after over a year of break. Got the MoP expansion and love exploring and questing on Pandaria. I first started playing this game back in October 2005. Played quite a few different classes but my favorite was always the hunter. In game I enjoy collecting mounts and pets. One of the mounts I really want to get is the Raven Lord. Have done over 100+ runs but no Raven Lord yet. Darn rng. x___x
Recently moved to Nesingwary server. Hope to have a great time here. Thank you! :)

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Kuzu » Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:37 am

Hunter's name: Bhisu
Server name: WA
Faction side: Horde
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Master
Current Favorite Pet: Crane. That is, until I get my Core Hound, or by lucky chance a purple Armored Stone Quilen.

Summary: I enjoy my hunter, and have learned what not to do by seeing others mistakes, though sometimes I will mistakenly jump off somewhere w/o dismissing, though I greatly improved on that. At first I wanted him to be nothing but cranes as pets, every color, mount, battle pet and all, but I might change that as I get higher in level. Um..what else, what else...... I try to help out when I can, and even though the majority of my alts are Horde, I don't hate the Alliance. There are some really nice places in ally areas. The starting area for one. That's what got me hooked to this game. The environment, the ambient sounds, ect.

Oh, Im also into OSTs, and love C64 and ones of that era the most.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Shannu » Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:33 am

Hunters' names: Shannu [Alliance] | Sarja [Horde]
Server name: Malygos [main] | Moon Guard [Alt]
Faction side: I play both Alliance and Horde equally. >_>
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery, most of the time.
Current Favorite Pet: Torkoal/Tartaruga (Terropene), that awesome flaming turtle stays on my hunters full-time and is my go-to tanking pet <3

Summary: I have played WoW since vanilla; hunters were the second class I ever made, priest being the first. It has taken me since Cata to get a hunter up to max level, but I do quite enjoy the class as that is all I played exclusively through that expac, and now in MoP. Both my hunters are Panda, formerly Night Elf and Goblin, they could be twins with the way I do their transmogs. I am lazily a casual player that has dalliances in raiding, but not so much these days. I basically like to waste time hunting for pets I don't own, gear for new transmog sets and messing around with guildies, friends, and random strangers killing stuff where I can. I'm not very social on most forums as I like to lurk about and read the threads.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Koru#2654 » Fri Aug 16, 2013 9:17 am

Hunter's name: Esmeralda - Harajuku.
Server name: Balnazzar (EU) - Laughing Skull (EU)
Faction side: Double agent.
Current Favorite Spec: Beastmastery.
Current Favorite Pet: Chromehound - Loque'nahak.

Summary: I'm Chloe, 22 and a Brit, ikr eww. I have 2 hunters as you can see, one is a lvl 80 twink, the other is on its way to lvl 90. I've been playing since I was about 16 >.< My boyfriend also plays, its probably why we never fight haha. I'm more of a PvEr but I do enjoy a bit of PvP. I used to be very active but I have some rare condition with my spine so I spend most of my time on WoW, despite that I would like to work with animals and have children :3

*Waves to everyone*


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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Iowawolf » Sun Oct 06, 2013 8:25 am

Hunters Name: Shadowhowl
Hunters Race: Worgen
Realm: Blackwater Raiders
Current Spec: Beast Mastery
Faction: Alliance
Favorite Pets I Own: Arcturis, White Devilsaur, Omen, Shattered Hand War Hound, Fangor
Pet I Want To Tame The Most: Loque

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Kintsugi » Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:43 am

Hunter name: Senga (at least, that's the one I'm focusing on right now)
Race: Dwarf
Server: Elune
Favorite spec: Beast Mastery
Faction: Alliance
Favorite pets: Duskcoat, Crystalback, Acroniss, Grovepaw, Toxx, Hissperak, I have to choose? And ZORN! Even tho he looks like every other green tarantula XD
Pets I want but am not looking forward to taming: All the Pandaria rares, and a spirit beast, due to cross-realm crowding and the idea of tracking Patrannache and Bombyx >.<

In summary, I'm a pet addict. I have more hunters than is probably sane. Senga, who is my main right now, is just a fraction away from 60, and I'm excited that in 9 more levels I can start hunting for exotics. Her stables theme is "all rares, one of each family" unless that family doesn't have a rare that I like, or doesn't have one at all, like direhorns. So far, all but my turtle Ghamoora are rares :)

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Darkynhalvos » Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:52 pm

Not really new, but never did one of these intros.

Hunter: Darkynhalvos
Race: Night Elf
Server: Whisperwind (US)
Favorite spec: BM, though I occasionally use SV on certain raid fights.
Faction: Alliance
Favorite pets: Loque (took me 18 months during Wrath to find him), Terrorpene (primary tank pet, he tanked in the WHU all-hunter raids last expack), Bjarn (main tank pet during Wrath), Savage (was first on server to tame this guy), King Krush ( total of 20 months during Wrath to find him, he was with me on my first Lich King kill).
Played since: November 2007, had my own account since February 2008.

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by swordoath » Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:27 pm

I return!

Hey there folks, I'm back from a long time ago. Money, time and other factors forced me away from WoW for a while, which turned into a good few years as interest waned a bit. In the past week though, I've reopened my account because I'm super excited for the next expansion. So, I suppose I'll redo this here ...

Hunter's name: Zerbebuth
Server name: Eonar
Faction side: Horde
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery
Current Favorite Pet: Ramotith (white lion), Gotengo (Loque)

Credit for awesome signature to the awesome Vephriel

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Snope » Wed Dec 18, 2013 3:50 am

Hello again... again. I was actually on this forum quite some time ago under the name Pokerfase... and that was my second account. I forget what the original account is. I recently got back into the game... although I may phase out of it again. Who knows? I honestly thought I was done with the game, but here I am.

I actually don't play my Hunter much anymore... although I may decide to promote my positively emo-tastic Draenei Hunter alt to level 90 with the next expansion. Nowadays, my main is a Gnome Monk. I'm also currently working on a Pandaren Shaman (because I want to smash peoples' faces in with element-infused iron-clad beer mugs) and a Blood Elf Warlock (because Dark Apotheosis is awesome.) However, I have like 7 others I could work on too, so that could change.

Hunter's name: Snope
Server name: Vek'nilash
Faction side: She's Horde, but I play as both factions. I suffer from a bit of Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. >:P
Current Favorite Spec: Probably Survival. They have arrows strapped with dynamite!
Current Favorite Pet: ...I forget which pets my Hunter even has. But her main pet was an Emperor Cobra named Kai (because The Karate Kid is Kewl!)

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Re: Introduce yourself here newcomers!

Unread post by Doubleagent » Sun Dec 29, 2013 10:26 pm

Hunter's name: Tripleagent
Server name: Mannoroth
Faction side: Neutral
Current Favorite Spec: Beast Mastery (Can't change it)
Current Favorite Pet: Will probably be Guardian of Elders when I can get high enough to tame it.
How long I've been playing: May 2009
Favorite thing to do in game: Farm Reputation on my main, pick herbs on neutrals, pet battles

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