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Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Shadowlands Hero

Unread post by Magnakilro » Mon Jan 11, 2021 5:47 pm

Yup. You know the drill by now. Mounts have achievements that need gettin' did and I know how to get them did!

So our new reward this time around? the Voracious Gorger mount...the light blue Anima Gorger as a mount. There IS another, darker colored Gorger mount (Loyal Gorger) you can get in Revendreth via a secret questline that takes a week to complete. Said questline is activated by looting an Impressionable Gorger Spawn (or something like that) from the spawned rare elite mob Worldedge Gorger. Once you loot the item, its used immediately...just head to Endmire at that point to start the questline!

Look at that...a mini guide in a guide. I'm generous! (now let's see some karma happen in my next Nathria run, eh rng? I'll take a weapon)

Right...achievements. Like the past two expansions, you MUST do this on Mythic difficulty or it won't count. Like past versions of this particular meta-achievement, you only need to worry about the at-launch 5-man dungeons (of which there are 8)...any that happen after are of no relevance.



Necrotic Wake:

1: Bountiful Harvest: Allow Amarth to consume a Grisly Colossus corpse with Final Harvest, then kill him.

Pretty much on the direct opposite corner of the battlefield from where you entered it, you can find a Grisly Curio amidst the plants. Click it to spawn the Grisly Colossus add. This CAN be done before pull, allowing you to weaken the add before the encounter. Once weakened enough, pull Amarth and finish off the add.

After the first add wave spawns, move Amarth to the Colossus's corpse. If close enough, he'll consume it when he uses Final Harvest. Once he's consumed the colossus, Amarth's hp will be fully restored, and all of his abilities hit harder. On top of this, he and his adds now restore 1% of their hp every 4 seconds. Good luck!


2: Surgeon's Supplies: Destroy 2 barrels of Spare Parts, then kill Stitchflesh.

There are two barrels in the room that, when moused over, are labelled 'Barrel of Spare Parts' or something like that. During the battle, you need to bait an Abomination add's Meathook into hitting the barrels. Once both are destroyed, finish the fight. The barrels spawn Spare Parts adds when busted.


3: Ready For Raiding VII: Kill Nalthor without taking damage from Comet Storm, Blizzard, or the AoE effect of Frozen Binds. This is a personal cheev.

An achievement line that's become as much of a main-stay as the Glory of's themselves. Comet Storm just move as soon as he starts casting it and keep moving till it also occurs on the lower level if you get sent there. Blizzard is a moving AoE on the lower level. Frost Bind is a root that explodes when need to not get hit by the explosion (rooted player is safe from failing this bit of the cheev)

Mount collectors: Nalthor has a chance to drop the Marrowfang mount...the flayedwing Amarth rides. Two of the lost anima Shards for the Shard Labor achievement (required for Silverwind Larion mount) are in this dungeon too.


Mists of Tirna Scithe

1: Hooked on Hydroponics: Kill an Overgrown Hydra, then kill Ingra Maloch.

You'll need a Night Fae player for this achievement. Right before the boss's area, there's a wall of vines to the left that a Fae player can remove, revealing a grove with mushrooms that boost stamina (toughshrooms) or dps stats (Statshrooms). There will also be some Hydra Seeds. We need one of those.

Upon clicking a seed, you'll start carrying it. Carry it to the battlefield and plop it onto the ground. Once the seed is in place, pull Maloch.

Your next job is to make this seed a hydra. To do that, you need to get the seed hit by Oulfarron's Tears of the Forest ability a bunch of times. Stand on the seed so it gets caught in the crossfire. After enough hits, it becomes an Overgrown Hydra. Kill it, kill Maloch.


2: Someone Could Trip on These!: Find all 6 of Mistcaller's toys.

This achievement is personal, so everyone needs to click the toys. You CAN do it after you defeat Tred'ova so that other folks leave and you can do your thing at your leisure. You MUST at least defeat Mistcaller though. The 6 toys you need are scattered throughout the maze area.


3: Hunger For Knowledge: Kill an Enlightened Spinemaw Gorger, then kill Tred'ova.

You need to pull one of the Spinemaw Gorger trash mobs into the Tred'ova fight with you. During the fight, kite it over the cocoon of Lakali...the Gorger will eat from it. When it finishes, it'll become Enlightened and gains 100% increased hp. Kill it then kill boss.



1: Full Gores Meal: Feed Globgrog a full course meal, then kill him.

If you look in the slime surrounding the battlefield, you can see a slime chilling in it named 'Appetizer'. Kite Globgrog to it to get him to consume it. A new slime, Entree, will spawn. Kite Glob to it. Finally, a slime called 'Appetizer' will spawn. Get Glob to eat it, then kill him.


2: Going Viral: Destroy two Volatile Plague Bombs, then kill Ickus

Start off by clearing all platforms of trash mobs (leave boss unpulled). On the platform closest to the entrance to the area on the right, there's a Volatile Substance someone can pick up. Once clicked, you'll get an extra button to throw it. Throw it into the nearby cauldron. This will turn the contents of the cauldron purple, and spawns a new Volatile Substance on the edge of it. Someone else grabs it and quickly runs it to the next cauldron...repeat this process till all 4 cauldrons are purple....then pull the boss. The fight is exactly the same excite the Plague Bomb adds are now Volatile Plague Bombs. Kill two of em, then kill boss.


3: Riding With My Slimes: Kill all bosses in one run of Plaguefall while effected by Plaguefallen.

This achievement is personal.

When you stand in the slime located all over the dungeon (such as surrounding Globgrog's platform or between Ickus's platforms), you'll gain stacks of a DoT called Concentrated Plague that does 1% of your hp per tick per stack. At 10 stacks, you'll become Plaguefallen for 2 minutes, becoming a slime dude like Globgrog, suffering a 45% movement speed reduction and 10% Haste reduction. You must have this debuff active when a boss dies or it won't count. You do NOT need the debuff the entire run (that'd be impossible as you can't refresh it till it falls off.) You DON'T need the debuff while burning the boss need it only when you kill the boss. That's it.

Globgrog and Ickus are easy enough as you have slime everywhere to get the debuff when you need it. Domina should have some readily available slime too. Stradama is the hard part though...the slime in her room is NOT the same as the slime that causes Plaguefallen...the slime you need is the pool the group lands in after dropping down. This means you have to kill Stradama within 2 minutes. One way to make this easier is to bring a Warlock and set a portal near boss...summon anyone going for the Plaguefallen debuff. Once the ppl got their debuff, they accept the summon to avoid the lengthy run. Dps HARD to beat her in time.

WARNING! If you are a Troll, your 'Da Voodoo Shuffle' racial shaves 30 seconds off the Plaguefallen does the Gladiator's Relentless Brooch trinket. Trolls will hafta work around the reduction (or race change but that's not the most alluring strat)...trink just straight up don't use it.


Halls of Atonement:

1: Picking Up The Pieces: Kill Halkias after he reabsorbs the 3 Shards of Halkias.

All you need to do for this one is kite Halkias to each of the three platforms that the Shard of Halkias enemies occupied when you encountered them. There'll be a little anima explosion visual on Halkias when he reaches each platform. Once Halkias has visitted all 3, kill him.


2: Breaking Bad: Have Echelon shatter 18 Undying Stonefiends with a single Stone-Shattering Leap.

You need to let him summon 3 sets of adds (he summons 6 at a time). Stack em up and mow em down...then aim a Stone-Shattering Leap at them. Until then, aim the leaps away from the adds.


3: Nobody Puts Denathrius in A Corner: Kill Lord Chamberlain while 3 statues are in corners of the room.

Anything that looks like a corner counts. Dps him down to 40% and get through his little attack combo there.... then stack in a corner till he throws a statue into it, then do another corner, and another. He CAN throw statues that are already in corners so pay attention!


De Other Side:

1: Couple's Therapy: Defeat the Manastorms while after having let every cast of Shadowfury damage Millificent, and every cast of Echo Finger Laser X-Treme cast damage Millhouse.

Basically gotta aim these abilities at the active boss so they get caught in it.


2: Highly Communicable: Kill every boss while someone in the group has the Corrupted Blood debuff.

Corrupted Blood is cast by Hakkar. It spreads to anyone standing in the red circle surrounding the infected player. Use this info to bring the debuff with you for the entire rest of the run.


3: Thinking With...: Collect the 5 orbs floating above Dealer Xy'exa, then kill her.

Look up to find the orbs. Stand under one and use a Displacement Trap to launch up and nab it. Collect all 5, then finish fight.


Spires of Ascension:

1: Goliath Offline: Activate and defeat 3 Shattered Defenders, then kill Oryphrion

Clear ALL trash in the area so you have clear access to all 3 defenders. Pull boss. Aim Oryphrion's Empyreal Ordnance at a Shattered Defender to spawn a blue field under it. When the boss goes to recharge anima, all blue swirlies become orbs that you soak to keep the boss from soaking it. The one under the Defender gets absorbed by the Defender immediately, making it attackable. Kill it within 30 seconds, then repeat for the remaining two. If the 30 seconds pass, the add deactivates but can be re-activated again, retaining all damage done so far.


2: ExSPEARiental: Hit Devos with 5 Spears of Duty, then kill her.

Spears of duty spawn from each of the five pairs of Kyrian fighting each other above you. One the friendly Kyrian of a pair eventually dies, they leave a spear floating where they once were. This can only occur in p1.

Stall p1 until 3 spears have spawned, then push her to p2. In p2, have someone jump off the platform to get a wing buff that'll allow you to reach the spears. Upon reaching one, you throw it just like the Archon's spear that's NORMALLY used for this fight. You hafta do the spears one at a time....after throwing the spear you drop and hafta jump off again. Repeat until Devos was hit three times, then send her back to p1. Back in p1, wait for 2 Spears of Duty to appear, then re-enter p2. Then repeat the process of jumping off, grabbing and throwing spears till the last two hit Devos...then kill her.

Wind direction is important to getting spears.


3: I Can See My House From Here: Collect the 5 orbs within 60 seconds of each other.

After Devos dies, 5 orbs spawn in the skies above the map. The group needs to work together to gather them all as quickly as possible. A pair of wings spawns on the edge of devos's it to get launched off the platform and right into the first orb (unavoidable.). After some time after launch, you'll get wings and start slow-falling. The orb grabbers need to go after their chosen orbs. Once all 5 are clicked fast enough, you good.

Mount collectors: 3 of the missing shards for the Shard Labor achievement (needed for the Silverwind Larion mount) are in this dungeon


Theater of Pain:

1: Three Choose One: Kill each boss in the Affront of Challengers last.

The Affront of Challengers is a Council boss consisting of Dessia the Decapitator, paceran the Virulent, and Sathel the Accursed. In three separate lockouts, you must kill this boss...but choosing a different one to be the last alive each time.


2: Fresh Meat!: Get Gorechop to tenderize 2 hunks of meat with Tenderizing Smash, then kill him.

Meat can be seen on the ground in the battlefield. Stand him on top of it till he's hit it with Tenderizing Smash twice....then do the same to the other meat hunk. Kill boss.


3: Royal Rumble: /Challenge and kill 2 Ghostly Contenders, then kill Mordretha.

Burn her to 50%, which is when she does the ghost stuff. Target a contender in the crowd and do the /challenge emote to aggro him. Defeat, then do it again. Defeat the second one then defeat boss.


Sanguine Depths:

1: Residue Evil: Kill 8 Forlorn Captives with Residue, then kill Executor Tarvold

The Captives are in cages around the battlefield. You need to bring Fleeting Manifestation adds to those cages and kill them so that their Residue left behind bleeds into the prison and kills the captive. The catch: You need to let the Manifestation reach 80+ energy to make the residue big enough (or...let the add blow itself up at 100 energy)

Kill all 8, kill boss.


2: I Only Have Eyes For You: Kill Duraka the Unbreakable.

Duraka is a friendly Stoneborn in Stoneform in one of the two rooms to the right at the start of the Kaal gauntlet. Clear the gauntlet until Kaal's in position for her boss fight. In the room proceeding her fight, search around/under the tables for a gem eye. Grab it and run it to Duraka, and use it on him (you have 10 mins to do so). The other gem eye you need is right next door to Duraka's room. Remove the trash mobs, grab the gem, give it to Duraka. With both eyes inserted, Duraka attacks. Kill him for chieve.


3: Kaal'ed Shot: Defeat Kaal while you are affected by Slammed!

This can be tricky. Its also Personal.

During Kaal's gauntlet, after crossing the bridge...there are clickable anima containers. Click one to get the Shadow Ball'll start taking damage over time from here on.

Once you've reached the boss fight area, look the side of the platform, you should see an empty anima container hanging by a chain.

What needs to happen is you need call to cast Gloom Squall towards that container, and allow it to send you towards it...clicking it to cast Slam Dunk on it. Doing this right gets you the needed debuff. Finish fight from there.

You only get 1 chance per run.

Good Luck and enjoy your Gorger!


Edit: Specified number of Shard Labor shards in Necrotic Wake...added mention of the shards hiding in Spires of Ascension as well.
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