Farming Legion mounts - Mythic kara

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Farming Legion mounts - Mythic kara

#1 Unread post by Castile » Mon Sep 10, 2018 12:51 am

Just an FYI for those wondering - I did Mythic Kara last night for Midnight to see if it was doable and it's cake. I can stealth past most trash (Balance Druid) but the bit I did kill and the two bosses I did (you have to do Opera and ofcourse Attune) where pretty easy.

You can skip the other bosses too but DO clear the trash around attune cause I didn't and well....yeah they all come running in when you pull haha!!! I self healed once maybe cause I got stunned by pony but otherwise was fine. I'm in 342 Mythic dungeon/Normal raid gear so I'm assuming lower for tank classes and hunters with a tank pet would be super easy too. I didn't do Nightbane cause I got that back when it was current but I'd assume you could walk in and get it first shot now too since one per group was the drop rate. Good luck and happy farming :)

And no I didn't get the mount yet :lol:


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Re: Farming Legion mounts - Mythic kara

#2 Unread post by seclipse » Mon Sep 10, 2018 6:12 am

its pretty easy as a BM, nightbane still hits pretty hard but is easily soloable if ya dont stand in bad stuff ;). the rest of the instance was easy and i was never close to running out of time on the timer.
took me 2 lockouts to get the ember wyrm mount as its not a 100% drop but i believe a 20% base drop +20% for each person in the raid that qualifies for the mount so if you solo it, it may not drop.

actually got the smoldering ember wyrm this week but im still working on getting the huntsman mount.

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