Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Uldir Raider

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Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Uldir Raider

Unread post by Magnakilro » Tue Sep 18, 2018 4:23 pm

And now we come to Uldir. 8 grumpy bosses each with a cheev to earn.

And what, pray tell, are we earning this time? The Bloodgorged Crawg! One of two crawg mounts in the game (the other, Underrot Crawg, is a rare drop off the final boss of Mythic Undserrot.).

Let's get right to it, shall we?


1: Elevator Music: Collect the 4 Orbs of Harmony during the Taloc encounter, then defeat him.

The orbs spawn in the elevator shaft and can only be collected while the Elevator is moving. A demon hunter can hop off and use Glide and Fel Rush to get around below and get the orbs on their own.

Warning: If you miss any, you hafta reset the instance.....collected orbs do NOT respawn on boss reset. This is also NOT hafta do em all in one go.


2: Parental Controls: Enter the secret code, then defeat MOTHER.

There are 2 clickable buttons under the vents that Purifying Flames come out of in each room. You need to press the buttons of the rooms in order.

The order is randomized....for Example: Press Room 3's buttons first...then 2's...then 1's.

If the buttons are blinking, you didn't do it right. If they turn black, you are good to go.


3: Thrash Mouth-All Stars: Defeat Fetid Devourer after everyone has been hit by Terrible Thrash.

Terrible Thrash occurs on every 4th melee hit the boss performs. This hit will strike the closest player to the current tank for 300% of a normal melee hit. Every player in the raid needs to take turns so that each one has taken this hit.

Use defensives.

Mages: Ice Block doesn't count.


4: What's in the Box?: Expose the Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron toy to the Projection of Yogg-Saron...then defeat Zek'voz.

You'll need phase 2 for this one as that's when Yogg-Saron happens. Use the Puzzle Box during this phase when the Projection is up and it'll cause Void Barrages to shoot at the raid. Dodge the purple swirlies to avoid much pain.


5: Now We Got Bad Blood: Defeat Vectis after getting Warmother Rakkali infected with a Plague Bomb.

Rakkali is a miniboss trash mob found right outside the entrance to Vectis's room. You need to keep her alive until phase 2, then stand her in the radius of one of the Plague Bombs. After she gets hit, kill her then finish the fight.


6: Edgelords: Defeat Zul without anyone stepping into the inner ring of the Oblivion Door.

You basically can't use the middle of the arena, only the edges. Ready those dispells FAST in p2 to avoid ppl jumping off the edge. Also remember his knockback when he does the p2 transition.


7: Existential Crisis: Defeat Mythrax without picking up any Existence Fragments that were spawned from you (the in-game text is wrong).

As stated above, the in-game description for this one is actually need to do the OPPOSITE of what it says. You need to do the entire encounter without touching any of the good orbs that are spawned from can only clear Annihilation with everyone else's orbs.


8: Double Dribble: Defeat G'huun without anyone moving if they are holding a Power Matrix.

If you are holding a ball, the only thing you are allowed to do is pass it to someone else. That's it. No moving.


Clear em all and enjoy your Crawg!

Hope this helps!
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