Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Dazar'alor Raider

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Magnakilro's Guide to Glory of the Dazar'alor Raider

Unread post by Magnakilro » Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:40 pm

Welcome once more to yet another raid achievement guide. Yet another mount in our sights! This time, we're going from Uldir's Crawg reward to a Pterrordax! Noteably, this is currently the only Pterrordax mount that alliance can obtain without Horde assistance (Kua'fon is a neutral mount from a horde questline).

The mount is called Dazar'alor Windreaver! The mount is essentially the Zandalar Empire rep reward mount but teal with the teal skin.

Let's get right into it friends!


1: Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah?: Complete the Champions of Light encounter after stealing 3 shiny coins from each type of enemy present in the fight.

There is a trashpile located near the battle location. Interacting with it will turn the player into a Saurid. As a Saurid, you get an extra action button to steal a coin off the target. Once you have the Coin debuff, bring it back to the trashpile to collect it.

You need 9 coins total: 3 from the boss herself, 3 from the healer adds, and 3 from the melee add.


2: Barrel of Monkeys: Get Grong to destroy 6 Barrels and then defeat him.

Note that as horde, this is our second boss...this is the third boss for Alliance. Not important since its the same fight either way.

Barrels can be found at the bottom of the stairs leading to the boss. Grab 6 and bring em on up to the fight area. You need to get Grong to cast his Slam ability onto the barrels to break them. Doing so will give grong a 20% increase to either Dmg done or dmg taken (forget which). This lasts 30 seconds and stacks.

Kill him after all 6 barrels are busted.


3: Hidden Dragon: Hatch the Cloud Serpent egg, then defeat the Jadefire Masters.

This is Boss #3 for Horde, boss #2 for Alliance.

Hidden on the battlefield is a green colored Jade Serpent egg (you may need to get close to see it). Someone needs to pick the egg up and hang onto it until the bosses transform themselves. The egg carrier must then get hit by the dragon breath ability from the monk. Once done, win the fight.

Unfortunately, this wouldn't be much of an achievement if there wasn't more to it! The egg carrier is essentially dead weight to the fight as casting any abilities will break the egg. Also, any avoidable fire damage done to the egg carrier will break it as well. Best time to grab the egg is after the Living Bombs are destroyed. Its also wise to kill the mage first so as to avoid the fire damage provided your group can handle the Monk getting stronger for having more hp than her partner.


4: Praise the Sunflower: Defeat Opulence after using the /praise emote on a Singing Sunflower while under the effects of Brilliant Aura.

This achievement is Personal. Only people who want it need to do it.

You MUST have at least one person with the Singing Sunflower pet in their collection for this achievement. You can get one by completing the Plants vs Zombies questline in Hillsbrad.

Now for the achievement: Do the fight as normal until you reach the Gems that buff you. One player NEEDS to pick up the Topaz buff. The Topaz stacks a buff on you if you stand away from everyone else. At 100 stacks, you gain Brilliant Aura...100% crit chance. You also get an aura that gives anyone else near you the Brilliant Aura buff. While you have Brilliant Aura, target a Singing Sunflower pet and do the /praise emote before the buff wears off. After that, finish off the boss.


5: Walk the Dinosaur: Defeat the Conclave of the Chosen without killing the entire first pack of raptors spawned from Gonk's Wrath.

Basically, when Gonk's Wrath is cast, he spawns a pack of raptors that fixate on random players. Every 20 seconds they switch targets. After the VERY FIRST cast of this ability in the entire fight, you need to make sure that at least 1 raptor from that first pack reaches the end of the encounter. Mark one to keep alive and do anything you can to avoid killing it while killing anything else the fight throws at you. CC's, slows, Death Grips etc can help.

For pet Collectors, this boss drops both the Child of Pa'ku and the Thunder Lizard Runt mini pets on all difficulties but LFR. On Mythic, you can also get the Spawn of Krag'wa minipet.


6: We Got Spirit, How About You? Defeat King Rastakhan without killing his Phantom adds.

The phantoms are the spirits of the adds you kill in p1 that he summons in p3. Your group needs to complete the encounter without killing any of the Phantoms. This means that their mechanics will be something your group must deal with for the entirety of p3 and p4.


7: I Got Next!: Defeat the Blingtron MK.2, then defeat Mekkatorque.

To do this one, you will need an engineer in your group with access to Blingtron 400 and Blingtron 5000. Summon both to fight before the encounter and pull the boss. They should fight each other and one should win. Shortly after, the Blingtron MK 2 will spawn. Kill it, kill boss.

Alternatively there is evidence supporting that you may just need to summon ONE Blingtron to bring into the fight and the add'll spawn anyway, as well as the add spawning if the Blingtrons finish their fight before the boss is pulled AND that Blingtron 6000 works too.

Either way, you need an engineer with access to Blingtron and the boss has to be pulled with Blingtron present.

Mount Collectors: On Normal difficulty and up, Mekkatorque can drop the GMOD mount. On LFR, Jaina drops it instead.


8: De Lurker Be'loa: Summon De Lurker Be'Loa during the Stormwall Blockade encounter, then complete it.

There is a fishing pool off the left side of the dock you use for the fight. Designate one mobile player to stay behind while everyone else heads to the ships to fight the Tidepriest duo. The players on the boat can do the fight normally, but make sure you don't kill the duo within two minutes. The dock guy needs a full two minutes to do his job.

The player left behind on the dock must click the fish school. This will cause you to channel a 2 minute long ability. This is broken if you die or move too far away. Upon completion, De Lurker Be'loa will spawn. While pulling, you will have to dodge Sea Swells and Waves. The Lurker can only be summoned in p1. You do not have to kill the lurker.

Once the Lurker is up, start up p2. Now you'll have to deal with the Lurker's mechanics for the remainder of the fight. He has a frontal cone knockback that knocks anyone hit into the water, and an ability that pulls you in to insta-kill you.

A rogue can stun him frequently, but a Warlock can fear it every 20 secs and trivialize this entirely.


9: Snow Fun Allowed: Build and Destroy a Frosty Snowmon during the Jaina encounter, then defeat Jaina.

This achievement starts in the first intermission where she has you in that big snowstorm. Designate 3 fast players to find the snowmounds hidden in the storm. 3 total. Step on a mound and you'll get a snowflake/orb thingy following you. Once all 3 are collected, enter p2. Now, the snow mound players must stack up together onto a barrel. This will create the Frosty Snowmon. After that, destroy the barrel you built the snowmon on and the resulting hit and explosion will melt it. Complete the encounter after doing this.

Mount collectors: On Mythic Difficulty, Jaina has a guarenteed chance to drop the Glacial Tidestorm mount (a water elemental). This chance will drastically decrease when the next expansion launches.


And there we have it! Nothing too challenging here it would seem! Enjoy your mount!
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