Funky Serpent Lighting

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Funky Serpent Lighting

Unread post by Varethyn » Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:06 pm

While I was at the bank in Oribos someone with Huolon had approached, only he looked very odd. Half black, half gold. I thought it was a graphics bug at first until the other hunter moved away and revealed him in his thundering black glory. I thusly set out to grab what cloud serpents I have available to me to see what would happen!

(Please ignore my photo-bombing ponies. The other hunter was active so I didn't have time to get a clean shot.)

Being on a high-pop realm Huolon and Nalak are constantly camped for their mounts and I currently don't know anyone willing to make an alt to put into Pandaria Chromie Time, so they are out as are the ivory cloud serpent and Rajani warserpent as I do not have N'lyeth. Meaning the only ones available to me are onyx, red and thundering red. If anyone has access to the others I'd be curious to see if they're affected in any way!

Heavenly serpents, at least the heavenly black, do not appear to have any strange effects that I noticed.

First up, the black as I wanted to replicate Huolon. Of note: the one I went for is the black with dark sheen as it is the only one available to me at the time of posting. It would seem that normal vs thundering has no impact as my once-black serpent took on the same broken golden effect.


Interestingly it seems to affect them most from the serpent's right side, as flipping them around had little effect beyond a pretty golden trim.


Testing with a red serpent made it look like it was glowing from the inside. Pretty!


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Re: Funky Serpent Lighting

Unread post by Talihawk » Wed Jan 13, 2021 9:43 pm

Wow How neat!!

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