Pets die way too often for non-BM hunters

Anything related to Hunter pets.
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Re: Pets die way too often for non-BM hunters

Unread post by honlittle » Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:16 am

Hello hunters...strangley (as i m MM) whenever i encountered all the 10 man icc boss my pet has always outlived me. Maybe i have uncheck the growl box of my pet so he might not be the centre of attractions even for 1 seconds. Hope this helps.

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Re: Pets die way too often for non-BM hunters

Unread post by Saturo » Mon Jan 18, 2010 5:18 am

Your pet shouldn't draw aggro, even with growl on. If he does, the tank sucks.

The discussion here was aoe and healers not healing the pet.

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Re: Pets die way too often for non-BM hunters

Unread post by kairii » Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:39 am

your pet dies .... tanks are failing or healers need some help : /
ill admit im lucky healers on my realm pay attention to pets since they are dps to and NEVER have growl on unless you farming in raids or HC's never have it on ... as a hunter your main job is to dps not tanking nor is it your pets job if your pet has arggo spam cower or call him back to your side the tanks SHOULD beable to hold arggo even if growl is on gear is so easy to get now days im sure they can get some threat ... unless its a warr >.>
healer wise druids and priests seem to heal pets just fine :s palas i have to remind that he's there shammies ... well i raid with one and my pet still lives so i guess their chain heals catches my pet :x or it looks at grid XD

when doing HC's i tend to take a healer or a tank from my guild i can trust like i said 'unless its a warr' since ICC me and warrs are on bad terms they can hold arggo againts me and i spam my MD and FD! and ofc either ill die or my pet will die : / druids pala and dk's can handle me and pet but warrs >.> they just fanny about D:
i did ToGC10 and the lord himself nabdemon ... came at me 7 times during the fight : / but we have to have pala on potals since they do nice dps while tanking

but i really hope you tanks get some arggo and you healers get some addons if they have to your pet shouldnt be dying i am MM he still lives my friend is SV his doesnt die :s

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