BM DPS pet

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BM DPS pet

Unread post by Toq » Fri Jan 15, 2010 5:32 pm

Fresh to the forum and happy to have stumbled upon another resource.

With the new LFG function, I have taken the liberty to extensively test a number of the more popular DPS pets to find out actual data on what holds the title of our meanest friend:
  • - Wasp
    - Devilsaur
    - Chimera
    - Spirit Beast
    - Wolf
I do not have any numbers or spreadsheets, and I rarely entertain theorycrafting without physically going out and having a thorough go myself, but the last 2 months of hardcore experiences and meter results from actual heroic'ing (not dummy beating) are telling me that more often then not, each of the above pets peaks and troughs at roughly the same amount; even the 'Cunning' pet keeps up and sometimes surpasses its 'Ferocious' counterparts (and with Roar Of Recovery!).

So, as I like to keep my 5th stable spot open to test new idea (booted the wasp), does anyone have an other recommendations on what also seems to do a good job pulling its own weight? Perhaps there is a Tenacity pet that manages to keep pace?


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Re: BM DPS pet

Unread post by Ryno » Fri Jan 15, 2010 7:02 pm

I hear raptors do well. Could give them a twirl.


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Re: BM DPS pet

Unread post by Karathyriel » Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:00 am

I think it goas more about the lines of "Tame a ferocity pet for dps. Any on you like." The difference will be made by the abilities that has to fit to your style of playing. Why so many people use wolfs for raids is simply because the wolf boosts the hunters dps. And the better the hunter is equipped and played, the more benefit he will get from the wolfs ability.

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Re: BM DPS pet

Unread post by Gimlion » Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:46 pm

Basically any Ferocity pet does decent enough dps, but the tops are (in order from what i know): Devilsaur, Wolf, Cat, Raptor, Wasp, SB... With the newer changes to cunning pets, the following pets do pretty decent dps too: Chimaera, Wind Serpent, Sporebat. Granted, it's your $15 a mo. no one can MAKE you use a certain pet, so use what you like... Also on the subject of Wolves, their personal dps is not too close to the top, but what puts them up so high is that their Howl boosts overall dps enough to throw you slightly over the rest.


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Re: BM DPS pet

Unread post by Danielfboone » Sun Jan 17, 2010 4:58 pm

Raptor is the best currently, followed by the Devilsaur and then the Wolf. They're all very close though.

The Raptor does the most on it's own and gives the best total between the Hunter and pet. The Hunter himself will do the most damage with a Wolf as his pet. The differences are on the order of a half of a percentage point though, so take whatever one of the three that you prefer. Even a Spirit Beast will be within 2% of the Raptor.

I personally raid with my Shattered Hand Warhound from the Ramparts named Wulfric. I switch specs between MM and BM depending on the encounters since BM still gives me better damage output in the fights that require a lot of movement. Like Festergut for example.

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Re: BM DPS pet

Unread post by Sokujo » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:37 pm

I play on an RP server, so my preference is more on looks and likeability then pure numbers. Plus I am in an RP raiding guild who don't expect me to squeeze out as much DPS as I can.

So am BM spec and therefore my 3 ferocity pets are MC Corehound, Gondria Spirit Beast and my Wolf.

When I'm in a raid, For Bosses, I usually use my wolf. But I use my Corehound the most. They all do good dps.

I used to use a Devilsaur, but It gave me agro issues and I've never really liked raptors.


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