How would you feel about a "Spirit Beast Tamer" NPC?

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How would you feel about a "Spirit Beast Tamer" NPC?

Unread post by Myzou » Sun May 12, 2019 10:01 pm

Essentially, most people know that most rare pets out there can be easily obtained through a couple hours of effort. That's not too much of an issue. Even some of the outliers like Aotona or Humar with longer respawns can be easier to obtain nowadays because most people aren't hunting them as they don't give much in the form of uniqueness. However, spirit beasts are not this simple, some still require weeks or months of camping.

Whereas spirit beasts are still one of the best pets you can use as Beast Mastery, and still maintain some of the most unique looks out of the pets we can tame.

However, one of the things that makes them so hard to tame on top of CRZ is that a good chunk of the hunters out there hunting them are either trying to tame them on their alts or even taming doubles for when they use Animal Companion.


So I had an idea: What if they introduced an NPC in Trueshot Lodge (or maybe Stormwind/Orgrimmar) that specialized in summoning Spirit Beasts? Maybe even repurpose Wain in the Trueshot Lodge, since he's a shaman, who would have a connection to spirits.

What would this NPC do, you ask? Simple.

If you've tamed a spirit beast on ANY hunter on your account, this NPC would be able to summon the NPC, (that only you can see, similar to Hati in the new questline) that you can then tame.

This would work for any hunter on your account as well, so if you have an alt you want Loque'nahak on, and you've tamed him on your main, simply go to the NPC and ask the NPC to summon him.


This isn't a simple "appearance collection" as most people might fear - story wise, the NPC would do a ritual to summon the NPC, as it would be as I said, essentially a shaman-esque NPC that summons the spirit beast to them, using your character's bond to do so.

The level range of the NPC would still be the same, so you couldn't go there at like 70 and tame Bullvinkel or something.

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Re: How would you feel about a "Spirit Beast Tamer" NPC?

Unread post by Teigan » Mon May 13, 2019 12:31 am

No...I don't like the idea of account-wide pets.

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