Adding a few replaced / alt skins to the database

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Adding a few replaced / alt skins to the database

Unread post by Wain » Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:27 pm

The introduction of the Ivory Cloud Serpent in Patch 8.3 means that the designers are willing to restore old / alt versions of skins for use in the current game. The pinkish-white skin used for this cloud serpent was actually an early version of the white skin. It was removed and replaced with the icy-blue one that appeared in Pandaria, and has only been restored for 8.3. I have a strong suspicion (though no proof) it returned because we kept images of it on Warcraft Mounts, and had it listed in as an unused and missing cloud serpent colour.

This has made me decide to add a few missing / alt colours of beasts to Petopia (as unused skins). I've had them listed in the forum thread for some time, but now they're up on the main site. They are: the original green and blue direhorns, the original blue Zandalari devilsaur, the original blue axebeak, and the grey crane found in the alt folder.

Hopefully some of these could be restored to the game. I'm a little disappointed the old green and blue direhorns didn't appear in Zandalar. They're quite different, and a lot brighter than the ones they eventually settled on. I also love the alternative blue axebeak, though I suspect in that case it was removed because it looked too much like Toucan Sam.
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