Forum RP (New story) Legion invasion.

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Forum RP (New story) Legion invasion.

Unread post by Aweena » Sat Oct 08, 2016 3:42 am

Legion invasions:

The Legion is here and we all fight to survive, Azeroth shakes in fear king Magni walks the earth as a new type of earthen 'the speaker' they call him.

These are the rumors going around major cities and armies are being prepared, Dalaran has opened it's doors to the horde once more and the kirin tor is calling to all join the fight to save home and families.

((OOC: So i am a little bored made it a very short description making it very flexible, you can be a simple farmer in Westfall or even a peon in Durotar or the mighty adventurer that rides off to protect home and family, the noble knight, the evil cultist working against the world or a mercenary out for gold and ritches.

Basically the world is under attack and you regularly have to flee for your life or fight off demons and cultists.

Start out by making the following:

Companions if any:
Coward or brave:
Age: (Example Adult, young or elderly)

((Starting out with my newest char and fascination lets see if i can learn to play a male char))

Name: Kaylan Bloodheart
Occupation: Dragonhawk breeder
Companions if any: Dawnwing a young dragonhawk hatchling
Personality: Friendly and outgoing most of the time.
Coward or brave: brave
Age: Adult
Zone: Eversong woods
Race: Blood elf

Kaylan looked up as he heard the large boom coming from Fairbreeze village, "What was that" he muttered as he got up from the nest he was tending too and started running towards the village.

As he crested a hill he saw the large infernal that had landed in the village square stomping around trying to hit the villagers who had not yet gotten away. Blinking in confusion he looked around for the demons owner, he was so sure it had to be a warlock pet running rampant, but he found no one that would fit the type of person to own it.

Sneaking closer and pulling his bow off his shoulder Kaylan muttered to him self "Nice and slow, now hit it in the eyes, or at least draw it out of the village" shivering in fear and anticipation Kaylan lifted his bow and readied for a shot.

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