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(H) RP Guild Recruitment

Unread post by Ashaine » Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:43 pm

I'm currently opening up recruitment for the RP guild that I lead. So I thought I would drop a post here as this is not specifically a Petopian-only guild. We do, however, welcome any and all role-playing hunters! :D


The Eastern Kingdoms are overrun by the twin pestilence of the Scourge and the Alliance. In Lordaeron, the Forsaken and the Sin'dorei keep both adversaries tenuously in check. It is here that unexpected bonds of friendship are forged in the space between battles.

One Sin'dorei decided to dedicate himself to others to ensure their safety in the midst of conflict, and to create a refuge of acceptance and assistance - and a shelter from the greater, unspeakable threat to come.

You have found that refuge…

Welcome to the Dreadblade Assassins!


Dreadblade Assassins is a medium-heavy RP guild on the realm(s): Silver Hand, Farstriders, and Thorium Brotherhood. PvP is a secondary aspect. We strive to take a relaxed approach to the game and enjoy our time in Azeroth. We are NOT a raiding guild. While we may raid old school casually, current content and progression will never be our focus. The guild focus is 'role-play': to gather together with others and weave storyline, plot, encourage character development, and simply enjoy playing the game we all love. We work zealously to cull drama from our interactions and abide by the philosophy that quality is more important than quantity. We are helpful, kind, and welcome even the beginner player. As long as that player has a desire to role-play, we'll give as much advice as we can to make them comfortable with not just us, but the community as a whole.


We are currently seeking active role-players who see the game as an adventure and guild as family. We are creative, friendly, and patient. We focus on maintaining a fun environment in a mature setting. We are seeking similar people to join our ranks.

All applicants must be 18+ (Our guild chat and storylines may contain mature themes or violence at times. This is a rule to protect us and you).

All applicants must be able to tell us a bit about their character (background, personality, etc.) and maintain an active RP addon: My Roleplay, Total RP 2-3, XRP, flag RSP, etc. Our guild chat is IC and an OOC channel is provided. The guild is 10 years old and running strong! If interested, please visit our website: dreadbladeassassins.guildwork.com, send a missive in game to Faileas-Silver Hand for more information and to set up a meet & greet in game, or reply to this post.

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