Just tamed Banny! And yet...

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Just tamed Banny! And yet...

Unread post by Varethyn » Fri Jul 01, 2011 7:01 am

I feel god-awful.

I'd logged in on top of him almost (12:50-ish server time) so of course my heart skipped several beats and I refused to breath right. Several other hunters were trying to get him too, including one who used to be in the same guild as me. The ex-guildie almost pulled off a flawless non-tree tame but then a mage stupidly broke his trap and both hunter and mage proceeded to be killed. I was able to snag the owl from on the tree but at that point I wasn't aware of the mage. It wasn't until the General congratulations went out that I found out.

I'm so happy to finally tame Banny, but once I learned what that mage did I was devistated. I did whisper the ex-guildie about it and he simply said I'd "ninja'd" the bird because of the mage. I feel like I don't deserve this tame.

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Re: Just tamed Banny! And yet...

Unread post by KutiePi » Fri Jul 01, 2011 8:16 am

If the hunter had been understanding about it, yea maybe you'd be justified a little bit for feeling bad but really? Accusing you of stealing it?

Reason why you shouldn't feel bad and deserve him.

1. Common rule of thumb is, if you die no matter what reason the pet is up for grabs. If other hunters/players want to be courteous to you and let you go again awesome if not you have no claim to it. (Technically you never did but you know what I mean).

2. You, personally, did not know or see what had happened. Sure you could have asked and all these things before taming but then you'd risk not being able to get the pet and then you and your ex-guildie might have just lost it to someone else anyways.

Yes it was unfortunate for your ex-guildie even though he pulled off this perfect non-tree tame and assholes like the mage should be quartered but you didn't do it on purpose and there's no way you could just give him the pet. It's over and done with, the bird will respawn and the world goes on. So relax and enjoy your new pet, your friend will get his own eventually, everyone who wants one will if they try hard enough. -pat pat- Good on you for having such strong morals tho.

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