Epic stories of my past tames

Relate your epic tames and show off your pets.
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Epic stories of my past tames

Unread post by Winterborn » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:50 am

So, to start this off, I never really thought about being obsessed with spirit beasts or rare beasts, back in my old days of playing, it was a few weeks into cataclysm when I returned to wow, I saw that my hunter was so shabby at a level 65,so as usual power leveled myself to the max level, and so then I found Petopia and I am like "my mother got Loque during lich king" though her scream woke me up on a school night when she got her loque.

So, I went off to scholzar Basin and camped roughly around two weeks until the npc scanner went off about Loque AND king Krush up, so, the first thing I went for was loque whom I named after a story I read and wish I remembered where I found it, his faithful name is Sinh, then I went for king, he was abit frustrating but manages to get him and named him Hulkysmash because he keeps stepping on you... Alot.

Fast forward about a year I had this epic camping on Loque moment with a friend while waiting for someone to get out of a LFR to come tame it, we flagged ourselves pvp so, the alliance would kill the cat and kill us as the same time while we waited for the busy hunter, low and be hold we camped the cat for a good 50 minutes and he finally arrived and tamed his prize after me and my friend froze and sat on the cat for nearly and hour lol.

So that is all my epic tame stories, and the hilarious Almoat an hour camp for a fellow hunter to get his loque.

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